SOCOM Team Delivers Unit 13 To PS Vita Launch Lineup

Zipper Interactive is bringing the full weight of its shooter expertise to bear on the PlayStation Vita early next year with Unit 13, a competitive and cooperative third-person shooter custom made for Sony's touchy handheld.

In Unit 13 players will choose one of six special operatives to tackle 36 varied missions across nine locales. As they complete missions they'll unlock more challenging "High-Value Target" scenarios which will be shareable with others through the Vita's Streetpass-ish Near feature. The game is geared at always keeping the player connected to other competitors around the world, constantly updating them on their position on the global leaderboards, delivering Daily Challenge content to keep things fresh once the smoke has cleared.

On the co-op side of things, players will be able to connect and chat via the Vita's built-in microphone, vying for position on the global, regional, and friend mission leaderboards.

While it doesn't sound like my cup of tea, Unit 13 should give shooter fans something to do with their hands once the Vita launches in North America in February.

Deploying at Vita Launch: Zipper's Unit 13 [PlayStation Blog]


    Graphics and lighting look pretty amazing for a handheld. Better than a lot of PS3 and 360 launch titles.

      Looking at this made me think how good a Dead Space game would be on Vita.

    From nowhere and even though it looks generic as hell, it just sound quite interesting.

    Graphics don't look about as good as games like Rainbow Six Vegas, a bit worse but not much. That's pretty impressive for a handheld, especially a launch title.

    I just hope it stays like the previous PSP titles rather than making it more "accessible" like SOCOM 4.

    Oh how I remember when SOCOM used to be a fun tactical shooter.

    Now it's become another generic run and gun game

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