Sony PlayStation 3D Display Review: The Perfect Small TV For Rich Gamers

Sony PlayStation 3D Display Review: The Perfect Small TV For Rich Gamers

Online console gaming is the status quo, but nothing will ever usurp the joys of throwing your controller in disgust, cursing and punching your friends in the arm during couch multiplayer. Sony has a magical, magical reinvention of offline competition.

What Is It?

An expensive 24-inch 3D HDTV that lets two people see two different images on the same TV. Whoa!

Who’s it For?

Anyone with a) a love for same-room multiplayer; b) deep-ish pockets in need for a stellar TV for a small space.


It’s a Sony television — it looks beautiful. It’s black, shiny (though not distractingly so), and will look handsome wherever you stick it. But why the hell are all of the control buttons unlabelled and crammed in the back?

Using It

It’s a TV — a TV with a gorgeous, bright, 1080p picture. Turn it on, watch shows, movies or, ideally, play PS3 games in 3D. The lightweight active shutter glasses sync quickly and easily, and are both comfortable and expectedly dorky looking.

The Best Part

SimulView is the reason to buy this set — you and a friend will be looking at the same TV and be seeing two different images. No screenlooking, no cheating, no cramped splitscreens — just a nice picture and 1v1 grappling.

Tragic Flaw

Only a small handful of PS3 titles support SimulView, the chief quality of a 24-inch TV that costs $700 in Australia.

This Is Weird…

Though rare, I was occasionally able to see traces of my frenemy’s screen during SimulView mode. An annoying distraction.

Test Notes

• That glossy screen is sure shiny. Nearby lights could be a problem — position accordingly.
• Extended SimulView sessions caused some eye stream for me and my gaming partner — sensitive sockets, beware.
• Non-SimulView 3D viewing was great — no ghosting detected.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re a gamer who can afford it, the 3D display makes for an absolutely fantastic secondary or small room TV. In that case, yes. If you don’t own a PS3, don’t bother.

Sony PlayStation 3D Display

• Resolution: 1080p
• Glasses: Active Shutter, two included
• Size: 24 inches
• Input: 2x HDMI, Component
• Price: $700

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  • “Though rare, I was occasionally able to see traces of my frenemy’s screen during SimulView mode. An annoying distraction.”

    An annoying distraction? That sounds like a major flaw for what I considered to be the main selling point for this TV.

    • Sounds like the ghosting you can get on some 3d tv/video just in this case its a completely different image being seen and not just the ofset image meant for the other eye.
      Thats a big problem and really should not be there.

  • why would they make a tv for split screen 3d only 24 inches? thats 12 inches each. you would need to sit ridiculously close. you could buy this or go to dicksmith and get a sony bravia 40 inch for the same price.

      • No, each player sees the full screen. Instead of using the 3D tech to display two almost-identical pictures to get the 3D effect, it’s showing two completely different pictures. One player sees one and the second player sees the other. It’s actually an excellent use for 3D TVs, seeing as there’s very little 3D media worth watching.

  • Another gimmick – Can a real console Manufacturer please stand up? And deliver a decent, non bloody gimmicky system??????

  • The TV is perfect for a bedroom or something similar, it’s not meant to be the main TV in the household. The price is expensive, but it does include 2 pairs of glasses which could cost between $120-$200 for a pair.

    This TV isn’t for me, but the tech inside does, so whether or not it’s Sony, but I would welcome a larger TV that does allow the SimulView tech and in still compatible with those PS3 games (Resistance 3 / Motorstorm, are 2 I know off the top of my head)

  • This has always seemed so ridiculous. If the target market is “bedroom or small second gaming screen” why would you be playing multiplayer on it? “I really wanna play COD with one other person but someone else is using the main TV” doesn’t seem like it would be a scenario that occurs all that often, or that would necessitate shelling out so much money.

  • OK, so if anyone is like me and saw the gamestop bundle with this display and wanted to see a review and came across this garbage i’ll state what i know and i hope i find ot more. I’m in america so the info as far as i know only apply there. The DISPLAY, yes not a TV, started out 500 w/HDMI Cable 1(one) pair of glasses and motor storm. But Gamestop has a bundle which is The display and uncharted 3 along with motor storm for 399. Im doing it, i’ll make the order fri when i get the money for the xbox i bought :-s

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