Square Enix Working On New RPG

It's not Final Fantasy, nor is it Dragon Quest. As mentioned in an upcoming issue of Famitsu, the Tokyo-based game company is working on a new action role-playing game. The game currently does not have a title.

While info has leaked from Famitsu, the full article has yet to hit newsstands.

Helming the game will be Ryutaro Ichimura, who produced several Dragon Quest games, including Dragon Quest IX, Dragon Quest Swords and kiddy arcade game Dragon Quest Battle Road.

Square Enix will develop the game, an action role-playing game, internally — on the Epic Unreal Engine. This isn't a first for Square Enix, who also did The Last Remnant (above, pictured) on Unreal.

According to the leak, Famitsu has images of the game's protagonist. And the game's character design looks as though it's aimed at Western players.

Currently, the core staff working on the game consists of 35 individuals. Square Enix plans on running help wanted ads to assemble a bigger team.

Ichimura apparently told Famitsu that two years were spent circling the globe, surveying players, assembling art and solidifying the basis of the game. Not sure why two years is required. They could have just played Mass Effect or The Elder Scrolls and called it a day.

If this leak turns out to be true, expect confirmation later this week. In the meantime, Kotaku is following up with Square Enix.

【スクエニ】新大プロジェクト発表!完全新規ARPG始動! [オタク.com]


    I'm all for new IP an whatnot, but can Squenix please just focus on finishing ONE title before working on another twenty? Anybody remember that Versus game? Vaporware methinks.

      On top of that, proper development is supposed to start on Kingdom Hearts 3 once development on Versus XIII wraps up. At this rate, we'll have another 20 spinoff KH titles before they even start development on KH3.

    My only suggestion to Square-Enix is focus more on the gameplay side of things. I gave up trying to play Final Fantasy XIII purely because it was an semi-interactive movie and hardly a game at all.

    Nier 2. Calling it.

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