Steam Forums Apparently Hacked

Last night, the forums for Valve's Steam service were apparently hacked. Redirects for a hacking website,, appeared on the Steam Users' Forums, offering "hacking tutorials and tools, porn, free giveaways and much more".

It's not clear who hacked the forums, but is denying responsibility, writing this on its own site: "Fkn0wned Forum is currently unavailable In lights of someone crediting us for the recent breaches of steam forums, the board is offline. Fkn0wned is not responsible."

Some users reported getting email spam apparently from after the hack, and the forums are, at the time of posting, offline.

The Steam User's Forums and the Steam service account passwords are separate, but some users might use the same handles and passwords across both. If that pertains to you, it might be a good idea to change your Steam account password. And pronto.

Kotaku is following up with Valve and will update this post should the company comment.

Steam Apparently Hacked [Gog] Looks Like [NeoGaf] Official Steam Forums Hacked [Reddit — Thanks Kurina!]


    Nice of Steam to warn me.... They just said their forums were down for maintenance.

      Is your account name/password and forum name/password the same?

        i think you missed the point the fact was it has been hacked and we have to find out from a 3rd party source and not from steam.

    Well you're safe unless you're the kind of knob that uses exactly the same login details for:
    a. The Steam Forums
    b. Your Steam Account
    c. Your Linked Email Account

      "the kind of knob"? Really? I think there's only one sort of person who qualifies for that name...

      Now, now. I'm sure the term "simpleton" would have sufficed.

    Doesnt really matter about password/username changes, hackers gona get anyway if they really want too... ever heard of keystroke logging...

    We'll Gmail tells me (for the first time) I've had 3 access attempts to my linked account from the US over the last two days which coincides nicely with this.

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