Super Mario 64 And Ocarina Of Time Run Great On The Kindle Fire

Don't ask me how well it controls or even if it's worth the time to put these games onto your Kindle Fire. But I will say it's friggin awesome. Take Mario Kart 64 on the train?

Why the hell not.

Android devices have been running emulators for a while now and it was just a matter of time before the Android powered Kindle Fire would get its time to shine. Check out the gameplay video below, maybe you'll want to mod your tablet after you see how it runs.


    I cant wait for the Kindle Fire. Besides the reading of books I will be using it for old school snes emulation. Not so interested in the N64 side of things but great to see what it is capable of.

      Doesn't ship to Australia. So you'll need a relative or a forwarding company and even then you lose out on Amazon Prime.

    Is it wrong I got a boner from this? Well played!

    The second video is 404ing and this article is new.

    Play Mario 64 on a train? Get the DS version and have proper controls?

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