Surprise, Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer!

That's right, Dragon Age is going multiplayer. The role-playing franchise is, according to an insider, going beyond singleplayer for the first time, and warriors won't simply face off against each other in combat.

Apparently, dragons will also be playable in Dragon Age multiplayer, giving players the chance to go head-to-head with foes in fire-breathing, swooping-through-the-air dragon form.

The insider wasn't sure if Dragon Age multiplayer was going to be part of a full, stand-alone title (ala Dragon Age 3) or available separately as a downloadable game. It is apparently being developed on DICE's Frostbite 2 game engine (used for Battlefield 3), and even early-on the game apparently looks stunning.

The multiplayer is supposedly an arena-based affair and features player versus environment (PvE) elements as well as player versus player (PvP), as well as humans fighting dragons. Details on what PvE battles entail are scant.

The first Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Origins, was a single-player role-playing game released in 2009. A sequel, Dragon Age II, was released earlier this year. It was also a single-player role-playing game.

Kotaku is following up with EA and will update this post should the company comment.


    I always thought Dragon Age would be better with 4-player co-op. They just need to tweak the settings in order for more flexability. At least for the console versions, currently you can have 2 sets with 6 ready abilities when you could easily have 4/12 abilities ready on the fly.

    Multiplayer a la Neverwinter Nights or even Baldur's Gate 2 would be awesome.

    I doubt that'll be what they're doing though. Expect a terrible tacked on horde mode thing like the warty crap they're bolting onto the side of Mass Effect. EA buying Bioware was the worst thing that could have happened short of Actiblizzion buying them.

      Yup, I played through Baldurs 1 and 2 and the expansions with my mate and the same set of characters. Was excellent, and after playing DA 1 I couldn't help but feel that I could have the same experience in a modern game if only they had added multiplayer.

      Hell, It might even make DA2 a little bit less shit.

    I have high hopes for Dragon Age 3, BioWare have a point to prove I think and multiplayer as long as it's done well could be a nice addition.

    Origins is one of my favourite games. II was alright. I fear for III.

    Is there any source for this apart from a random anonymous insider?

    Sounds... interesting though.

    Man... Fistbeard's gonna lose it...

    As long as its not a pile of shit like II, then I'm in.

    Definately waiting for reviews before buying the next one.

    I have a more open mind about this than the ME3 multiplayer. There was no chance of me pre-ordering anyway after DA2 anyway, so I'll wait for reviews.

    Not a fan of the series, but for the fans of it I hope it's more of a co-op thing rather than a pvp style multiplayer.

    The world needs more decent co-op games and less unnecessary tacked on sub-par multiplayer.

    Agree with above comments. DA2 was horrible (in comparison to Origins). DA3 is definately not a pre-order title for me. Will be waiting for reviews, but so far not particularly interested in mutliplayer - unless its co-op.

    Why do you mean three? Two hasn't happened yet!

    DA:O with co-op might be enough to tempt me to use Origin, which I guess indicates I should see a shrink.

      Yeah, I need to get gooder at english.

    This is getting ugly... I think I just reached the point where I hope Bioware *doesn't* make a new Jade Empire game... at this rate it'd be some kind of online mulitplayer only co-op horde mode shooter with a pre-order bonus of an exclusive map set in Tien's Landing...

    Hope they actually hire a map designer for more than a week next time around. The same half a dozen generic maps over and over was utterly disgraceful.

    omg this is awesome and exactly what dragon age needs. i just could not be arsed plowing through all the content i never finished it, now i will with friends

    omg this is awesome and exactly what dragon age needs. i just could not be arsed plowing through all the content i never finished it, now i will with friends

    Oh, Bioware, why???

    Start thinking about ditching the DA franchise for a DA: Fantasy Warfare FPS and you'll probably be cursed up to ruin.

    Unless it allows coding of Persistent Worlds, then it's just a supposed crowd pleaser. EA takes over Bioware, suddenly release schedules are pushed forward and everything has multi-player. I'm worried that this is just the roduct of questionable market research and impatient investment capital.

    ME3 and DA3 is the deal breaker for me, if it sucked im done with bioware games

    Im still traumatize a bit with DA2

    so in other news, DA3 will not support 'freezing' the game to issue commands to control all your units.

    Wait.... Dragon Age running on the Frostbite engine? Oh no..... please don't make me interested in this series again after that POS DAII....

    If they do this I'd be interested in what sort of combat system the game uses. If they change it to be more actiony then that would be awesome. If they keep it the way it is, minus the pause button obviously, with a skill bar and you having to mash hotkeys then I can't really see the point as you may as well go play an mmo.

      If they made it more actiony, I probably wouldn't buy it, but at least it would be an honest move and cater to an audience that actually exists. DA2 was the biggest waste of my gaming time this year.

    *Face Palm*

    If its like Diablo or old school Baldur's Gate - then it could be really good. If it's just a Horde or arena type mode, it may be good, but I'm more hopeful that the single player game is improved.

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