Taiwanese Animation Offers WTF Take On Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The folks at Next Media Animation — who've become infamous for presenting bizarre CGI takes on the news — speculate on what the teaser for Rockstar Games' just announced upcoming sequel will look like. Honestly, while it apes some of the visual signifiers of the GTA games, the silent clip makes close to no sense whatsoever. Does the kid fantasise about going on a Nerf crime spree, only to play Angry Birds instead? Who can tell? Anyway, the real trailer for GTA V comes out on Wednesday. And NMA will probably try to spoof that, too.

grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer! [Next Media Animation]


    Too violent for me

    I'd play that!
    Take them bullies down!

    errr..... it looked like the older kids rescued the protagonist from the bullies and then gave him a mission to get a ride+weapon and waste the preppy kid and steal his trike and then bring it back to them for an 'angry birds' reward.

    Who says crime doesn't pay? Although I am a bit disappointed with all the shameless product placements in the New GTA

    So uh just slightly off topic, must admit the main reason i checked this site today was to see if Uncharted 3 had broken street date:P.

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