Take The Black In The First Screens From The Game Of Thrones Action RPG

A Lannister always pays his debts. Incest kills the little children. Whichever Game of Thrones catchphrases you prefer, it's hard to not get excited about Cyanide Studios' upcoming action role-playing game, especially after seeing the first screens.

In development for years at Cyanide and due to be published in early 2012 by Atlus for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Game of Thrones has a lot more going for it than association with one of the most popular fantasy television series of all time.

For one, it's got an original story written under the supervision of author George. R.R. Martin, featuring a pair of original characters, both veterans of Robert's Rebellion, whose actions will help shape the future of the Seven Kingdoms.


    Go watch the first season if you haven't already. Awesome show.

    This game is coming.

      Or read the novels. The tv program still looks like a made-for-tv production with the framing too close and the lighting too cheap.

        Who woulda thunk it. People are bitching about TV budgets despite HBO being one of the most well-funded networks in the world. You're the type of person GRRM was bitching about at the Google Talk Seminar. People used to draw the line between television and motion pictures. They used to take into account that the explosions or car races were never going to be as well-shot or action-packed as the big screen. But now entitled viewers like you expect that despite shooting limitations and a budget a fraction of a blockbuster's but with several times the cast and footage.

    Brace yourselves, the comparitive videos of the game playing on different systems to show which one has better graphics and therefore is a better game are coming.

    Cannot wait for this, I'm just about to finish Clash of Kings, and I'll start on Storm of Swords tomorrow I think.

    Hey, the wall looks right.

      It seems this one is actually affiliated with the HBO production (unlike the RTS), as the character model for Lord Commander Mormont is very obviously based on the actor James Cosmo in the show. Plus the stand-in game cover iron throne is a picture of the show prop.

    Will definitely keep an eye on this. I'm a newly converted fan of the books.

    I've read the first 2 books in the series and have been blown away by how well they draw you in. If my eyes didn't tire so easily even with my reading glasses I'd probably not come up for air.

    Now I just have to get my hands on the TV series and give that a shot.

    Looking forward to seeing how the games develop as they get closer to release.

    I'm glad I read all four books before watching Season 1. The TV adaptation has some pretty spots but in my opinion reeked of insufficient production dollars - I kept getting the feeling that the population of Westeros was below 100.

    Sadly, I don't think GRRM will ever be able to finish the series now, it took him 10 years to finish the 5th one and it turned out to be rather dull. My opinion of course, but if you read his blog you'll see for yourself. I hope he returns to Wordstar with a passion again.

      GRRM was talking about that in the Google Talks Seminar. How they really had to stretch the budget. The scene where Robert, Renly, Barristan and Lancel Lannister were at the hunt and there was only them stomping through the woods with a spear looked cheap. When in the books, there's like hundreds of retainers, squires, tents, horses etc. They only had an hour to shoot the scene and had run out of their horse budget so yeah.

    Weeaboos are losing their shit that Atlus is publishing this game which is a bit weird. I mean, sure, Persona 5 would be nice but they don't seem to see that jRPGs aren't as popular as they once were and that companies, y'know, need to make money to survive.

    ok, *THIS* actually looks like it could be a sweet game... Here's hoping they live up to the glorious amount of expectations I'm throwing at them right now.

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