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    Live via satellite, direct from the Gold Coast, it's TABTOL!

    Heeeeere's Batguy!

    Looks like we have a new leader! First time at the top, Pixel?

    TAY November 11, 2011: 3108 comments
    1: Pixel the Ferret Viking 202 posts (6.5%, 4177 words)
    2: Trjn 194 posts (6.2%, 6910 words)
    3: Strange 192 posts (6.2%, 6132 words)
    4: Harli 182 posts (5.9%, 13643 words)
    5: Bish 159 posts (5.1%, 4102 words)
    6: Blaghman 141 posts (4.5%, 4422 words)
    7: Effluvium Boy 134 posts (4.3%, 1483 words)
    8: Rize 113 posts (3.6%, 2295 words)
    9: Virus__ 105 posts (3.4%, 2146 words)
    10: Steve-O The Deve-O 86 posts (2.8%, 3321 words)
    11: Dr What? 81 posts (2.6%, 2023 words)
    12: Shane 76 posts (2.4%, 2223 words)
    13: Noobheadshot 70 posts (2.3%, 1668 words)
    14: Tech Knight 68 posts (2.2%, 1332 words)
    15: PuppyLicks 67 posts (2.2%, 1539 words)
    16: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 64 posts (2.1%, 2138 words)
    17: Sughly 63 posts (2.0%, 1032 words)
    18: Di11enger 61 posts (2.0%, 1933 words)
    19: James Mac 53 posts (1.7%, 1126 words)
    20: Tigerion 52 posts (1.7%, 2462 words)
    21: NegativeZero 50 posts (1.6%, 3506 words)
    21: Chuloopa 50 posts (1.6%, 1742 words)
    23: gingerchris86 39 posts (1.3%, 745 words)
    23: DAN! 39 posts (1.3%, 770 words)
    25: Aidan 38 posts (1.2%, 1539 words)
    25: Ruffleberg 38 posts (1.2%, 800 words)
    27: Jo 37 posts (1.2%, 1519 words)
    28: Splicer 35 posts (1.1%, 522 words)
    29: fled 34 posts (1.1%, 1139 words)
    30: Zap 33 posts (1.1%, 1657 words)
    31: f4ction 32 posts (1.0%, 649 words)
    31: lambomann007 32 posts (1.0%, 590 words)
    31: Gorzilla 32 posts (1.0%, 1109 words)
    34: Dire Wolf 28 posts (0.9%, 2380 words)
    35: NotoriousR 25 posts (0.8%, 920 words)
    36: dawdle! 24 posts (0.8%, 485 words)
    37: FatShady 23 posts (0.7%, 983 words)
    37: The Cracks 23 posts (0.7%, 395 words)
    39: jamesmacusedmyhandle 22 posts (0.7%, 505 words)
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    43: Matthew K 17 posts (0.5%, 1564 words)
    44: Batguy 15 posts (0.5%, 1742 words)
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    46: Blood Apathy 13 posts (0.4%, 451 words)
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    48: Lucifer9783 12 posts (0.4%, 206 words)
    49: Cakesmith 11 posts (0.4%, 264 words)
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    49: welbot 11 posts (0.4%, 299 words)
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    53: Grandmaster B-Funk 10 posts (0.3%, 623 words)
    53: SUPER NERD! 10 posts (0.3%, 144 words)
    55: TheLastQuestion 8 posts (0.3%, 175 words)
    55: Hogan 8 posts (0.3%, 337 words)
    55: Phoenix 8 posts (0.3%, 73 words)
    58: D.C. 7 posts (0.2%, 384 words)
    59: #35 6 posts (0.2%, 128 words)
    59: Blue Scr3en Of Death 6 posts (0.2%, 55 words)
    59: syvRaen 6 posts (0.2%, 246 words)
    62: Silver 5 posts (0.2%, 22 words)
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    65: Neil Williams 3 posts (0.1%, 122 words)
    65: Mark Serrels 3 posts (0.1%, 20 words)
    65: Ben White 3 posts (0.1%, 17 words)
    68: Burning Not Tanning 2 posts (0.1%, 5 words)
    68: Powalen 2 posts (0.1%, 103 words)
    68: Whiplash 2 posts (0.1%, 42 words)
    68: Zumba Fitness and Train Simulator fan 2 posts (0.1%, 48 words)
    68: Joshy206 2 posts (0.1%, 34 words)
    68: Morkai 2 posts (0.1%, 21 words)
    74: deedy 1 posts (0.0%, 35 words)
    74: Blue Noodles Of Death 1 posts (0.0%, 7 words)
    74: Edward 1 posts (0.0%, 42 words)
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    74: dawdle! (dressed up as The Dark Child Annie) 1 posts (0.0%, 121 words)
    74: AmbroseIV 1 posts (0.0%, 3 words)

    Post #1: Batguy at 08:32 07/11
    Post #1000: Shane at 13:54 08/11
    Post #2000: Bish at 09:17 10/11
    Post #3000: Bish at 16:00 11/11
    Post #3108: Virus__ at 22:53 13/11

    John Deaks speaking.

      Wait, Bish got post 2,000 AND 3,000 he must be the messiah!

        He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy!

          Was totally waiting for the Monty Python reference <3

        He's just Bishing all over the place now

      I am okay with falling 4 places to grasp two of the thousand milestone posts talking about Pokemon and Professor Layton.

      21: Chuloopa 50 posts (1.6%, 1742 words)

      Oh how the mighty have fallen..

      And Harli.. wtf?? how so many words!??! lol

      I refuse to believe I only made 13 posts. I am such an annoyingly talkative person. To think I have been quite in any medium minds my blow.

      I thought I'd always be sitting around the 10th mark and I was quite happy with that. I got a bit of a shock seeing that third place, until I remembered about feeling obligated to respond to Effluvium Boy and Doc What?'s responses to me on previous pages.
      This week I'll be back to 10th or less though, got to do some housework or Shiggy, Pez and Gentleman What? won't be able to stay on Saturday night.

        Also, Batguy, are you really on the Gold Coast? How long for? That's awfully close to us.

          I am, been staying with friends, did Surfer's yesterday, doing the Dreamworld thing today.

          Didn't make plans to visit or have a meat before I left because I thought it was much further from Brisbane than it actually is. And since we've been here our schedule has been mapped out for us such that we haven't really had time to go anywhere else :(

          We were seriously trying to find a time to arrange a visit with you but it just hasn't happened and we leave early tomorrow. Maybe next time :(

            Aww. :(
            Have fun at Dreamworld, say hello to the tigers for me!

      Man, still not back in the top 10.

      I thought I'd posted more

      Well just scrapped into the top 20 for the first time

      Where are these posts. I dont see them...

    Good SKYRIM! everybody!

      Happy Skyrim to you too Hugo!

      I feel like I spent the weekend with you.
      Every time I had some time to play Skyrim (and a huge thank-you to my parents for taking both kids off my hands yesterday afternoon is in order!) it popped up on my 360 that you were playing too. It's kind of cool knowing that other people are in the same world you are.

        I remeber one time the notification came up and I thought, "I might go and see Strange", then I remebered it wasn't that kind of game and I was :( but then a dragon came and I was :)
        True story.

    Dr What Weekend Update

    So I bought a cheap(ish) 500GB HDD so I could restore my old PS3 THEN do a PS3 - PS3 transfer so I could get all my saves and stuff back. Started the restore while I started making curry!

    the next day I began the transfer (2.5 hours? Sweet!) and set about doing last minute tidy up stuff. Anonymous Pessimist was the first to arrive a few hours later. PS3 still hadn't finished the transfer. Says it has another 30 mins. That's cool. The Bish turned up after getting lost!

    We ate hotdogs and some Neo Geo games were played before Dawdle and Crab Jiffy joined us. About now the PS3 said it was at 98% with 3 minutes to go. It would say this for the next 3 or so hours...

    Anyway, more Neo Geo was played as I began to cook my Indian banquet. Shiggy arrived and my dog took an instant dislike to him. Not sure why. I think it's dem shifty eyes. We feasted on vegetable and chicken pakoras. The vegetable didn't go down to well, but I had to deep fry a few more batches of chicken!

    Moar games were played before Dawdle and CJ had to leave us. We hooked up the 60GB PS3 and played some Sonic Generations. Then we had some Chicken Tikka Masala with rice and bread. I was pretty sure Pez had taken WAY too much, but he ate it all, then went back for seconds. Not sure where he puts it.

    Much beer was consumed throught the day and we watched some Harvey Birdman and Black Dynamite!

    Oh, and although every one knew I collected anime and manga, no one was quite prepared for the scope of that collection.

    Shiggy took some pics. (Although not of the anime bookshelf or the artbooks)!/shiggyninty/media/grid

    We finished up around 1am and all in all, I think everyone had a good time.

    The next day, the PS3 had finished it's transfer, but a lot of files were corrupt :(

      Damn. Forgot the / to end the bold after "curry"!

      oh well.... At least people will see it... :P


    Good morning everyone! Hope your weekends were uniformly and completely excellent!

    I've been playing Demon's Souls, and after struggling with the parry/riposte combo and having limited success, I've decided it's a much better strategy to just not get anywhere near enemies and Soul Arrow them from a great distance.

    It feels a bit like cheating, but it made the first boss battle in the castle so easy!

    I find myself progressing in inches, too nervous to play for very long, and kidding myself into thinking that short bursts protect my character better :P

      Yeah I'm playing Dark Souls with the same level of success. Trying to practice parrying safely, it seems like whenever I try to parry I end up dying hahaha

        Man, I didn't even try in Dark Souls.
        I remember how rubbish I was at it in Demons' Souls, and just went back to my turtle strategy of shield n' spear.

      I never bother parrying because I'm to uncoordinated to make it work. Just keep your shield up, step backwards instead of blocking, rolling or dodging wherever you can to save Stamina and wait for an opening.
      Soul Arrow is great and make things fairly easy to begin with but you'll need to develop your melee skills for the rest of the game.
      Inches of progress is the way it goes in these games, sounds like you're doing well.

        And enjoying it too - thanks! :)

          See that was my cunning plan: buy it for you so you feel obligated to play and enjoy it. :P

      I've spent about 30 hours with Dark Souls (never played DeS as I don't have a PS3 - I so would've), and I have a complicated relationship with it.

      I love it but I hate it.

      Also, I can't help but wish there was a game that combined the combat and sense of terror from Dark Souls with the lose-yourself world and endless quests of Elder Scrolls.

      I think I would enjoy Dark Souls a lot more if the pacing was a little less relentless. Even Resident Evil had the typewriter rooms with the soothing music, and Dead Space had the merchant areas where you were *usually* safe. Sure, you've got Firelink Shrine but I'm not there very often and am usually out in the wilderness on my own surrounded by very aggressive and tough bastards who really hate my guts.

      Still, I keep going back to it :)

        The immediate area round bonfires, merchants (at least in my experience) is usually safe - at least by the time you reach teh bonfire/merchant.

    Morning everyone. I hope everyone starts the week fresh.

    Morning people. Hope you all had a better weekend than I did.

    Morning Everyone. Hope none of you are as broke as i am now.

      Does it count if I'm out of actual money and the only food I have at home is ingredients for BLT sandwiches, but this is all according to plan and it's the day before pay day?

        Its all part of the plan...

        don't think it really counts considering you planned it but ok...your officially slightly more broke than i

    Morning all. Weekend went well, excluding the part where Optus decided my phone account is now a 2GB data cap, and charged me $63 for the 340MB I went over...
    How's Skyrim going for all? All I can say is, I hate Frost trolls.

      Oh man, Frost Trolls pissed me off when I started. I ran into one pretty early on (I like to explore before getting into the missions) and got hammered so bad. Now if I see a Frost Troll I will shout them off mountains and to their demise (really, I kite them like crazy to do this if I'm not at a cliff).

        Yeah, the first one I came across was going up to High Hrothgar. Shield bash and fearing it saved me. Glad I went Nord...

    Morning all.

    Finished Call of Duty on the weekend... it sure is Smurfy.

    Also, Skyrim like a beast.

    Question, for anyone whose read the ME3 spoilers... is there space combat in the game (no need to spoil anything, just a yes or no).

    Three exams over the next three days D: I don't think I even had that during the HSC... (and now that I'm a lazy Uni student it's even worse). Very glad at the moment that Skyward Sword isn't due out until next week now. It's hard enough getting the motivation to study without caving in to buy Skyrim or Uncharted, let alone Zelda...

    Anyway, Good Morning!

    My current PS3 setup.

    From left to right:
    new US PS3 slim, PS3 fat that won't read blu-rays, 60GB launch PS3 and my sister's PS3 that she let me borrow to play uncharted 3 on. (60GB kept freezing with U3 for some reason.)

      You know that just makes you look like a filthy pirate.

        Out of curiosity, how does that make me look like a "Filthy pirate"?

        I mean, if I took a picture of my eye patch, tri-corner hat or even my peg leg, then yes. But PS3's?

        I know hooking up VHS machines (1 to play, 1 to record) was a way to pirate videos, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't work for PS3 games.

          Multiple consoles, possibly with different versions of flashed firmware, possibly one kept pristine for PSN updates.

          For the record, I'm not saying you're a pirate!

            I had 2 PS3s One for regular gaming (80GB upped to 500GB) and a launch 60GB model that plays PS2 games but is getting a bit long in the tooth. the 500GB stopped reading discs so I got a slim. The other slim was lent to me so I could play Uncharted 3 (as the 60GB kept freezing) while waiting for my new machine to arrive. hence 4 PS3s.

            I don't pirate games. I don't even buy preowned.

            the "Filthy pirate" comment sounded pretty accusatory.

              My apologies. I didn't mean to be accusatory. Was just being flippant.

    To all my fellow Skyrimmers (man that sounds dodgy), has anyone else noticed the slight inconsistency in the difficulty of some enemies?
    For example, I can tear apart a dragon in less then a minute, yet a mage or bandit leader can kick my arse half way across Tamriel in 2 seconds flat.
    WTF?, is anyone else having this problem, or am I just Skyrimming (yep, still sounds dodgy) wrong.

      Yep, my companions are able to fight dragons with me but as soon as a Summoners Apprentice gets in range they insta-die.

      Yeah the dragons do seem pretty easy so far :(
      But dem mages man. Fought a fire mage capable of one shotting me, though I was probably in an area a bit to high level for me.

      I'm accidentally awesome against humans. 1h and shield and Unrelenting Force, they have a hard time standing up. So satisfying backhanding like mad with a shield. Helps that I pumped up my stamina for it.

        I missed the part where I was supposed to explain that it's "accidentally" because I didn't plan to be aggressive, and ended up being able to launch people with a yell and a shield.

      difficulty is set to auto adjust, probably a bit overzealous when it decides "oh, you killed a dragon, try this for size...."

      Change it to normal.

    I'm with Vodafone, who are, to say the least, majorly s***! If I went over my 2 gb cap by 340 mb, I would have had to pay $170. Don't think that will ever happen though, at least not with speeds of 10 - 20 kb per second. And yes, frost trolls suck. I majorly underestimated them first time I encountered one :P

      Meant to be a reply to rize...

        Earliest reply break ever? \o/

        Yeah, they're more of a hassle than the dragons so far...

        i feel your pain brother
        *pats Blackhawk on the shoulder for a bit too long*

        i am with Vodafone as well, and they promised me that i had a 5GB data plan with the phone i got... next month i got a bill for $350 for "uncovered data expenses"... turns out the retard i was talking to on the phone said "yeah sure sure we can do that" and turns out that the "offer" was not covering data... unfortunately for them i kicked up a stink, they reviewed the tapes, found out they were at fault and compensated me rather handsomely.... THANKS PEOPLE! :P

      Your better off with a proper broadband account, than prepaid/capped internet! I pay $88 per month for 200GB/20Mbit connection with no excess usage fees! (Telstra)

        i'm pretty sure he was using his phone as a buffer till his internetz got installed properly... also $88?!? you're getting riiiipped off dude... internode or TPG will have unlimited for at least under $70, i'm with TPG and pay $49 for unlimited

    So Skyrim's pretty awesome. I love using Unrelenting Force to shout people off cliffs and send giants flying through the air as payback for one shotting me.

    What's everyone playing as? I decided to make a Nord. Currently I'm running around in heavy armour with a war axe in one hand and a fire spell in the other. Every now and then I'll switch it up a bit and duel wield axes or dualcast my fire spell if I want to burn something down really fast.

      I am not so great at choosing characters. After nearly 20 hours of play with my hybrid Cat I had spread my skills too thin and made a mess of it. So I re-rolled an Orc warrior instead, two hand is so much fun.
      Though mages do seem cool....

        I know what you mean with the skills. At the moment I've kept my magic, health and stamina at around the same level and have yet to spend a single perk point. I just don't want to lock myself into a certain role and combat style.

          No need to brain out, its a Level-60 based game, but it doesnt cap out at Level-60, so eat your heart out and do what you want when you want:D

            Oh good! I was wondering about that. i was bit wary after having had to play through at least half of Fallout 3 without getting any experience, due to the level cap. I want my Skyrim character to be like my Morrowind character in the end, all stats levelled to the max. I need to make sure I can do as much as possible in one playthrough.

              I have heard that there is a soft cap at 50 and a hard cap at 75 so you could still level every skill but you only have so many perks.

        I'm a Nord with a sword and shield.

        I haven't seen my first dragon yet...
        I got told to head to Whiterun, but I went wandering instead.

        I've cleared one dungoen, and am currently getting killed in fort greymoor.

        I was trying to grind money with the wood cutting job in the first town, but Hod(?), the mill owner, seems to have dissapeared... and he wont come back.

          If you go to Whiterun and do the main quest thing you unlock the Shouts and dragons appear around the world. I would recommend just doing that first.

            But... but, mountains and caves and stuffs.

            Also, how do I get horses and houses... and gold
            *rubs hands like Gollum*

              Houses.... do the quest in Whiterun :) the Jarl lets you buy a house in town.
              And there is a stables outside of town.
              Don't get me wrong, I am not going to do any more story line than that but it is worth it to do that much.

                I wouldn't bother getting the horse from Whiterun. It runs really slow and hardly has any health. Mine got killed by a bear about 5 minutes after I bought it.

                You 're not going to do any more storyline than that...ever?!
                I heard it's actually a pretty compelling story. I'll probably do my usual alternate between a bunch of exploring, then a main quest. And when it's getting close to the end of the main story do everything else and go everywhere else. Possibly followed by getting sidetracked by a different game and never finishing it. :P

                  Oh I will do the story but slowly, doing every other quest in a town before moving on.
                  Not like Oblivion where I did not even go to the Priory until I was level 30 and leader of the Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, Dark Brotherhood. and done most of the quests in every town.

      I'm playing as a Redguard with heavy armour and a dual-handed warhammer. The only spells I use (not counting shouts) are Heal and 'whateveritscalledthatbuffsmyarmour'. I spent most of yesterday increasing my smithing and heavy armour, the latter of which involved me standing around getting arrows in my face while I healed for a while.

      Every piece of armour that can have a double-handed bonus enchantment has it. I think I've got like a 90% bonus from my armour alone.

        I saw a piece about Redgaurd dual wielding... it looked pretty damn awesome.

          Dual Wielding is pretty fun but not that effective really. Though maybe daggers would be fast enough to be worth it.

            This guy had what looked to be Katanas.

              Oh it looks awesome! But it is slower than just 1-hand, less damage than a 2-hand, cannot block or bash and the power attack uses tons of stamina.
              Tis my limited experience anyway.

            I played a dual wielding light armour redguard, you really need perks for it to be effective though, changed to sword/shield

      Damn, I must be doing something wrong. My unrelenting force just tends to make them stumble for a second :(
      Still, I cannot really complain about the frost form, line em up in a row and multiple icicle enemies for the win.

        Have you finished the Greybeard quests? Doing them upgrades your unrelenting force.

          Mmm, I went to High Hrothgar and got upgraded once, if you do some more stuff for them do they upgrade it again?

            After you get them that horn they want they'll upgrade unrelenting force again.

              Perhaps I should consider doing more of the main quest, but I loves mining and smithing.
              I think I am more of a blacksmith then I am Dragonborn.

        You gota learn the three words of each shout, to make them more powerful. (then if you have all 3 words of a shout you need to charge the shout until all words are said for maximum power)

    I beat Uncharted 3 yesterday. Good game, the desert sequence was good but it wasn't as good as Uncharted 2. There was less of the parts that made Uncharted 2 awesome (the exploring and sense of adventure) and more of the bits they never seemed to get right (shooting lots of dudes, especially with snipers and RPGs raining down while a dude in armour with a shotgun tries to turn your face into finely shredded meats).

    Going from Arkham City's excellent combat to this definitely felt like a let down.

      I agree man,

      Uncharted 2 just had so many moments were my jaw hit the floor. I mean UC3 had a couple of moments like that but I just found UC2 an overall better game. Not to say I didn't like UC3, I LOVED UC3

        The way I see it, Uncharted 3 has many cinematic moments(!) where you run towards the camera or have that Indy moment where you're in a fist fight and suddenly you're up against a huge dude (who you can only punch for some reason?).

        Uncharted 2 was a straight up cinematic experience. It didn't feel like they were trying to force it with cheap moments, they just had a rock solid game.

      Online UC3 shenanigan time??

        I do quite enjoy shenanigans...

    I'm sleepy ...

    shouldn't have stayed up playing LoL with some of the Kotaku peeps ...

    oh wait, we won ...

    WORTH IT!!!

    Morning all. Sup & all that shit?

    I posted This on TAY yesterday, and I said i'd repost it. How epic are these kids!

    So after a short period of inactivity I revisited this odd concept on the weekend called 'Exercise', and now I'm sore all over. It's all for the greater good I'm sure (getting fit, losing weight etc.) but right now if just feels like pain banking.
    Why just have pain only when you work out when you can take that pain with you, everywhere you go, for DAYS!

      being healthy is REALLY painful

      it gets better dude, I started going to the gym a few months back, because I was bored and feeling restless after coming home from work every night, so now I just head down around 730-8pm and run myself ragged on the treadmill for a half hour, and by the time I'm home, I drop off to sleep almost instantly :P

    Morning all! Weekend actually didnt include too much gaming, did include lots of driving......i am not sure how i feel about this. But did get to see Puppylicks and drink in the open air. THIS is always a good thing.

    So, that MW3 multiplayer.

    I like it. It's basically MW2 multiplayer with a number of really useful changes that have mostly sped up gameplay. I'm gradually getting used to the maps. People aren't even quickscoping very much anymore.

    Then people found out how to glitch their clan tags. Because you're just not cool unless you spell out BABY with the x-box button images to show that you're elite enough to google how to do it online.

    It wouldn't bother me, but I just assume anyone with a modded clantag is probably using other hacks or exploits that affect the outcome of the game - also, games where people have modded clan tags are usually a lot more laggy than regular games.

    It was really annoying to have a run of good games and then suddenly getting matched with people who are blatantly cheating. One in particular stood out because he was a level 18 who spawned with a weapon you don't unlock until level 60 and was able to insta-kill people with a single shot regardless of where he hit them.

    So, once again, the sheer number of people playing has resulted in people finding and abusing exploits only a week into the life of the game. Thankfully Infinity Ward are a lot more proactive about banning people and patching stuff, but it's still annoying when it happens.

      I hear you on all that.

      I saw some "modded" clantags yesterday and when given the option of who to shoot always went for them.

      I really like it. Even as "MW 2.5" it's really good. Best iteration of CoD in my opinion. All the small tweaks really add up.

      Loving Kill Confirmed. I thought it'd be a gimmick but it's actually great.

      Kill confirmed and team defender......I call them the "camper busters" best game modes ever. Really spice things up. All in all the new kill streaks, new weapons and general tweaks have made this actually a really worth while game. Despite everyone saying it was just "new skins" on everything.

    *faceplants keyboard*
    hrmphfg mmf, hfm mmmf hhm hrmpf hrmmfmfm*

    *morning all, how are we all going today?

      I agree. I feel dead. Went to bed too late as usual :(

      am i ever feeling the same of what - golly gosh... just seriously CBFed

    Good morning, TAY.


    Today? Tomorrow? WHO KNOWS?!

      My ozgameshop order for AC:R shipped last Friday! POST BREAK.

      Maybe it'll get here by Christmas...

        They emailed me to say they've posted Halo: Anniversary.

        Grenade, shoot shoot, melee, reload...repeat.

        It's gonna be legen... wait for it.


          ALSO... CAPS

            As much as I love Halo I can't help but see Anniversary as a soulless cash-in. I'm going to wait awhile and pick it up when there's another drought... which at this rate will probably be sometime in April.

      I've been ordered by husband not to buy anything else until Christmas. I have a suspicion this means he's pre-ordered Assassin's Creed Revelations for me for Christmas. I hope it's the version with the Encyclopedia. If he hasn't ordered it for me and I miss out because he told me not to buy stuff then he's in trouble. :P

        aww, exciting!

        (I have the encyclopedia version ordered, it looks awesome)

        If you buy the encyclopaedia separate, it come with the "Carte Blanche" extra art stuff.

          Yeah, I considered ordering that a while ago. But with postage it's a bit pricey.

            It's like $70 with shipping...

            May as well just buy the game from EB (since you get the $60 game + artbook + extra stuff) and you even get it all 2 weeks earlier :P

              yeah, but it's a decent back up should any one not get the encyclopaedia with the game for some reason.

              Also, extra art.

              I have mine pre-ordered \o/ I guess I should finish AssBro...

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