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    Morning all!


      Also good morning :)

        This comment makes more sense if you can see the pending TABTOL post below. It exists. It's right there. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SEE IT?? T_T

        That what happens when you say "First!" around here, you should know better. :P


    Also TABTOL:

    TAY October 28, 2011: 3444 comments
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    Post #1: PuppyLicks at 08:37 24/10
    Post #1000: FatShady at 10:51 25/10
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    Post #3444: lambomann007 at 07:14 31/10

      I claim a victory for puns everywhere!

      Jumped from 42 to 15.

      *wipes away a proud tear*


    Will attempt a write up later. Or someone else will.

      A link might be helpful...

        LOLOL omg I didn't even know the ramen ones were being taken. Animal Kaiser! these are awesome.




      I met up with What?, dawdle, Crabjiffy/bawble!, Anonymous Pessimist, Bish and the man himself - Steve-O The Deve-O - at Galaxy World. Then played "lets-stop-at-every-bar-we-walk-past-on-the-way-to-ramen". It was excellent. Along the way we picked up the very awesome Effluvium Boy, who shocked us (or just me) with his confession that night.

      Then stuff happened err,, it was awesome,, we did stuff, GOOD TIMES WERE HAD.

      I got home at 6am the next morning. Steve-O beat me in DotA *shakes fist*

      I watched him troll people in minecraft, fell asleep, Bish, Dr What? and Effluvium Boy were posting in TAY (new record?) and good times were had.

      Thank you so much to everybody who showed up. I was anxious that the turn out would be dismal and a crappy time would be had by our interstate guest, the Deve-O, but you guys made it an amazing night. So thank you, thank you, thank you, and I hope to see you guys and EVERYBODY else who didn't show this Saturday!

        Shocking confession?
        You mean being crap at games?
        ... or drinking my own wee when I was young?

          Handle Fail :/

            Okay I completely forgot about the own wee thing. rofl, thanks for the reminder ;P

            yeah it was the games thing I was referring to...

    On the weekend I vaguely remembered having bought something online on Friday while I was at the height of my sickness. Upon further investigations of my emails it appeared I had bought myself a red lipstick. I have no idea why. I haven't even worn red lipstick since I was about 22. :P

      Lipstick is a great toy for kids. It's tasty AND decorative, so if you don't want it, you should definitely give it to your two-year-old.

      Also, are you feeling better?

        Hahaha, eek!
        Also, yes I am feeling vaguely human this morning for the first time since Wednesday. I'm even wondering if I can lock the little man in his room so I can finally play some Dark Souls. :p

          It's not 'locking him in', it's... 'quarantining him' to prevent further spread of illness.
          Trust me, I'm not a doctor, but I hear you can buy those white coats and stethoscopes online.

    Good morning TAY.

    I am in the process of planning a massive giveaway, and think I might do it in the following manner:



    Digital Tablet
    PS3 game pack (includes Prototype, GOW collection, others)
    ...and much more

    How to enter

    To enter, it’s very simple.

    Buy a copy of my book, The Lesser Evil ( I have some copies to sell ($10 posted to anywhere in Aus, and SIGNED). Email me: shaneATshanewsmithDOTCOM

    If you’ve bought a copy, you’ll have an entry. (If you didn’t buy it from me, you’ll have to send me a screencap of the receipt or a photo of you with the book, or something)

    How to get more than one entry

    * Every copy you get will get you an extra entry.
    * Every review you post online will get you an extra entry.
    * If you have attempted to send me extra money, you get an extra entry (this will not apply to future orders).

    Still in the planning stages, but don’t miss out. These prizes are worth hundreds.
    Buy my book now. And review it.

    Thanks all,

    PS: Feel free to report this post if you feel it is overly commercial in nature. Not looking to offend anyone.

      The only thing I'd want to win would be a pre-order for your second book....

      Sounds like a pretty cool thing.

      How is the draw being handled? Random generator? Pretty girl/guy/dog plucking a ball out of a bag? Fight to the death?

        Do you come with the car?

          Only if you buy it first hand. Otherwise, there's a $10 fee.

        I'm thinking random number generator, because that's easy. Though I guess I could get my wife to press the button, thereby fulfilling the pretty girl requirement also. :)

      I finished it this morning, so thanks so ruining my birthday. Unless you can tell me that the second one is being sent out to me right away. I don't do well with waiting.

      And as far as the reviews go do that have to be positive to enter the contest? Not saying I would post anything negative, just curious.

      Also you might want to make it a "game of skill" as anything that is random draw can have all sorts of legal implications. So just have a question "Which character did you think was the best and why" that people need to enter with and choose the best. Choosing the best can be done with your lovely wife pressing a button but legally it is not a game of chance.

        Some good suggestions there. Thanks!
        Game of 'skill' sounds interesting and good for feedback too!

        Words need not be positive, but I might accidentally overlook a hostile and scathing one-star review when compiling entries :P

        This is still in the pie-in-the-sky-idea phase, so suggestions like this are much appreciated.

        As for Volume 2... hopefully soon? The whole thing is with my publisher now, and we're on their timetable, which is unknown to me. (First indication was that vol 2 would be out in October, but clearly that hasn't happened)

    Okay ... I'm taking bets on the inevitable street date break of Uncharted 3. Wednesday? Tuesday? TODAY?!?

      To be perfectly honest, I'm good until waiting for Thursday.
      I did that Harvey Norman pre-order thing, and if it breaks Wednesday afternoon, I'm going to have to suffer traffic and the school rush and all that.
      I still have Dark Souls to keep me company.

        Half of me wants Uncharted 3 now, but I would prefer it doesn't break street date, as I've taken half of thursday and all of friday off.

        Also, there's three people in the office. Normally there's more than a half dozen. Maybe I should've stayed home today. I am bored. So so bored.

          Don't worry, I'll entertain you!

        Oh and some stores don't even have stock yet. I have a good friend who works at my nearest EB, said they don't have any copies yet and they're likely to arrive on Tuesday.

      I just need something with a good story to wash the bad Battlefield 3 taste outta my mouth.

    In one day, Movember starts.
    In one day, the Melbourne Cup begins.
    In one day, NaNoWriMo begins.
    In six days, I enter my third decade of life.
    In eight days, the last book in the 'Inheritence cycle' is released.
    In eleven days, 'Skyrim' is released.
    In eleven days, 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' is released.
    In 18 days, 'Batman: Arkham City' is released on PC.
    In 22 days, 'Serious Sam 3: BFE' is released.

    November: Best. Month. Ever.

      You forgot Uncharted 3 :(

      Also, who's doing Movember? Last time I tried, I looked like a hipster. I'm never going to do that again.

        Also, you forgot to remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot...

        Yeah, if you mentioned Uncharted and one more thing, you'd have 11 items in your November list.


        Seriously, Uncharted totally deserves a place in that list.

      NaNoWriMo and Skyrim are going to be competing fiercely for my attention this year.

        what is this NaNoWriMo thing? I've seen Trjn mention it on twitter, I'm guessing it's some kind of writing competition?

    I just spent 3 days trying to get Battlefield 3 to work on my laptop.
    After uninstalling, re-installating and recieving ATI.MOM errors.
    Turns out I was using the wrong drivers all along..

    God bless Auto Detect and install..
    On another note.. I'm actually enjoying the Campaign

    I still cant get Kinect voice to work for aussies :'(

      Say mate at the end of everything. Pretty sure thats how the Aussie Kinect voice works.

    If anyone could break street date for Uncharted 3 today that would be highly appreciated. Cheers

    Something really weird happened yesterday morning, I woke up really hungover (no that's not the weird part, that is business as usual) and flicked on the TV, to try and help distract me from the various icky feelings I had.
    Anywho, I was rapidly channel flicking untill I came to sbs, it was then that I stopped, mesmerized. For about 2 hours I watched this show, not understanding a thing, yet unable to look away.
    My name is Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian and I am addicted to PopAsia.

      Is this like EuroVision or something?
      We had a decent discussion on how amazing Eurovision is last night.
      In summary: Pretty amazing.

      PopAsia? Seriously?! There's a channel for this stuff?! Oh gods. Nobody tell Blaghman.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Arkham City is amazing (thanks again Splicer). If I had to find any flaw with it it would be that characters have a tendancy to talk over each other and that gets a bit annoying. Also there seems to be a lack of Catwoman missions, though I haven't beaten the game yet so I guess there could be a bunch of Catwoman gameplay coming up. In any case there needs to be more Catwoman. In fact they should make an entire game where you play as Catwoman. It's strange because I've never been a fan of Catwoman but for some reason I just really like her in this game.

      The Catwoman stuff comes at the very beginning and end of the game. There really isn't much.

      It also really isn't that enjoyable to use her out in the open. Navigating around Arkham City with a whip and by pouncing up buildings is a lot slower and more awkward than doing it by gliding around as the goddamn Batman.

      there was a catwoman game, I believe it was on PS2, but it was based off that terrible Halle Berry movie... so I suppose it's best not mentioned...


    Noteable November starts tomorrow!

    Noteable November is an idea that most posters here will simply count as another regular day, but the idea is to promote and support high quality notable notes and contributions on stories, with the aim of raising, deepening, widening, and embiggening discourse on articles!

    Ie: Less one line replies of “lol ” and an extremely large number of detailed and thoughtful posts instead.

    I feel that by doing this (which many people do already) and focusing on putting more meaning into the contributions, we can raise the community comments by and large beyond fanboyism and trolling.

    I mentioned it last week, but I'll be kicking it off tomorrow! Even if I'm the only one involved, hopefully it might have a positive change on article comments.

    Feel free to join in if you like!


        Still funny the second time round!

        Sorry, couldn't resist. I feel dirty now. :(

          No, seriously, still funny. I'd likely do the same (just not in NOTABLE NOVEMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)


        /parent guilt mode: engage

        No, I'm not mad at you, my friend...just...*sigh*...disappointed. Just disappointed.

      Easy way to do it: revamp TABTOL so that it counts words, not posts.

      BATGUY! Is possible?????

      I've started this notable month off with the following commentary:

      I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions!

    Fun times were had on the weekend.

    Finally finished the Riddler Sidequest in Arkham City. The 400th challenge I did was some random combat challenge. The 401st one I did (which I was trying to make my 400th, just for the hell of it) was the riddle: Can you see where the madness began?

    So Riddler's now my bitch. I also managed to end a combo with a combo batarang that took so long to get to the target in slow motion that my combo meter reset. Booyeah.

    Played some Dark Souls, realised that magic users are incredibly ineffective early on in that game. Seriously, charges instead of mana? What were they smoking?

    This was a problem that required a more patient man than I to solve, so I started a new character. A Ranger called "Ginger Ninja" who I realised, in hindsight should have been called "The Ranga".

    Got past the dragon and enabled the shortcut to the bonfire in Undead Burg in less time than it took my magic using character to get to the Undead Burg.

    Shame I screwed up the name.

    Also went to the NaNoWriMo KOP, ran into a friend who had moved to Canberra and hung out with her for most of the day, as well as catching up with my other writer buddies.

    There was a scavenger hunt around the Roma St Parklands. My team was the second to arrive but we apparently got one of the clues wrong. I maintain that we were technically correct, which is the best kind of correct. Unfortunately, moral victories don't put Coffee Club vouchers in my back pocket.

    Finished DE:HR last night. Gotta say apart from those goddamn boss fights, it's one of the most satisfying game experiences I've played. Was so much fun from beginning to end.

      Yeah, the boss fight were incredibly frustrating.

      Also whenever I see DE:HR, I think Dues Ex: Human Resources.

    On another note, attempting to do a group recording for the Avatar Let's Play was an abysmal failure.

    I'm going to try doing the first few episodes by myself tonight, just so that they're out of the way before NaNo.

      Why was it a failure? Because my awesome voice could not be heard? I was told I sound like a less clueless Lewis from the Yogscast... surely that's a good thing.

      Trjn I have tomorrow off (hoorah for gambling resulting in public holidays!) so I can help out tonight or tomorrow if need be.

        The recording was just plain bad. Awkward pauses throughout, very little of interest being said.

        I might give it one more shot for a group recording, but methinks just to get this whole thing over with I might fly solo.

          Recording my messages doesn't seem like such a bad idea now, eh, eh??

            And playing the part of Bish this evening... Microsoft Sam!

    So War of the worlds review... for those who didnt see me post earlier it is not released in AUS yet.

    I have put a couple of hours into it i guess and while the first thing to stand out was a slightly less than idea control/annimation set up, the next more important thing that stands out is that it is HARD.

    It is almost frustrating at times because you just die way too easily. But thne i realised, I am surrounded by hugely overpowered aliens and by all accounts i too should be dead. If i make it out, it should be because i was smart AND lucky... this is the only way this game should have been. It is actually making me really feel for the dude going through all this knowing that he is so close to death constantly.

    There is a decent check point system so you dont have to go back too far which helps.

    I'd still love the controls be better because sometimes this only adds to the frustration but overall im enjoying it...

    It is punishingly hard at times and I will only be able to play it in small doses, but I don't mind it.

    It actually feels like a game i'll be proud to say I finished, simply because of how hard it is!

    Ill keep you updated.


    So how was everyone's weekend?

    Mine involved me working Saturday and doing housework Sunday. Twas totally awesome* I did get some time to LoL (because you can ALWAYS find time to LoL) and got 20/1/something with fiddles in a normal game.

    *Note: awesome may not actually be awesome

      My weekend was very bromantic. Spent a good chunk of time playing Borderlands co-op.

        Oh man, I love borderlands co-op.

        Me and my mates were supposed to do 4 players co-op all the way through but we haven't played it in week. :(

          *in a week

          Dammit coffee hurry up and work!

            My wife's Canadian family just sent us over a big tin of Tim Hortons coffee. I just can't stomach the swill they sell over here after tasting that sweet nectar.

      I played......the Tropico 4 demo.

      For about 30 mins.

      That was it for the weekend. HELP ME!

        WOW! Tropico 4 is so good/bad it created a tear in the very fabric of time and caused you to skip to Monday? D:

        Bad luck.

        On a more serious note, is it any good?

          I wish - it's more I only had 30 mins of game time for the entire weekend. Stupid being a responsible adult and doing house work.

          I found it pretty polished and pretty fun, I might end up buying it.

          Standard "town management" sim, good mechanics, good graphics, good sound files and a lot of comedy. I'd recommend it.

      My weekend was full of having colds and flus and completing essays :(

      We had a meats, it was excellent.

        :D I hope there's a write up incoming on this delicious meat.

        Also is there a QLD meat happening in november, I have heard rumors but nothing definate.

    Huzzah I lived another 365 days

    Also pancakes :D

      Congratulation on surviving another 365 days.

      Also pancakes are great, wish I had some.

      Happy birthday to you once a further .25 of a day has passed!

      Happy Birthday! I hope a giant pancake doesn't fall on you today, avenging the deaths of his midget brethren. :P

      If you make it another 365 days you might be eligible to win a coupon that can be redeemed for stuff!

      Good luck with that.

      It's my burfday and I'll TAY if I want to
      TAY if I want to, TAY if I want to
      You will TAY too when it happens to you

      Thanks for the messages guys *warm feelings*

    How was everyones weekends? I spent a fair bit playing Battlefield 3. I played about 30mins of the campagin before jumping back into the multi. I suck at recon...

    I'm hoping Uncharted 3 doesn't break street date. I still have Batman to finish. I think it will though.

    Mark got your pre-written street date break article ready? You should do up a generic template where all you have to do is change the title of the game and who's selling it heh.

      My weekend was good, I dont remember what I did, but it was good...

    Morning everyone.
    It's monday morning, so you know what that means, it means it's time for another Meshuggah Monday Morning!

    This fine morning I offer you one of Meshuggah's best works, their epic 'I'. A blasting opus that is so long the youtube vids I found of it had to be split into two parts.

    PART 1:
    PART 2:

    Enjoy :D

    I'm not sure how many of you remember my little post in last week's TAY about my mate breaking it off with his abusive, controlling, pustulant, Don Vito-esque ex-partner. But this weekend, we had him around at our place and it was as though the last three years of tip-toeing around her obvious disgustingness and mistreatment of him had completely been forgotten.

    I have my bro back, and I couldn't be happier. Arkham City and Battlefield 3 couldn't give me what I needed this weekend - I needed to shoot some skags and bandits, while divvying up phat lewts.

      Also you two made out a little, right?

      Pulling away you both realise you've got a rash from each other scratchy beards. You share an awkward laugh, and settle into each other's arms for an evening of phat loots.

      Or, whatever, s'just what I do with pals.

        @lambomann007 - I've got it for the 360

        @Dan! - HOW DID YOU KNOW!? Although mine is a soft, attractive down, his is quite scratchy.

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