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    Sorry, no TABTOL today. Somebody changed the site design and broke my scripts! I'll try to get it back by tomorrow.


      That was the highlight of every Monday!

      Tee he he

        When did you get my job?

        And Batguy - undisputed first post king.

          Oooh, nice with the title thingies.

          I'm an good editor.

            RE: Tabtol

            RE: Ben White
            Howdy thar

            RE: Title name thingies
            My new goal in life is to get one that says: "Hot Stuff"

      Will give you some more time to update the scripts to base it on word count for notable November

    Is it Friday yet? I'm beginning to get inordinately excited about Skyrim. If I listened to the theme music I think my head might explode.

      I was taunting Pyrean at work last night by playing it several times. Then I realised I was taunting myself just as much.

      SKYRIM \O/

      *head explodes**

        I am nervous that it will be a crappy console port with console GUI... Stop living in the past using 5yr old tech and BUY A PC!!

      I missed out on getting the limited edition copy of the game, so I miss out on all the extra goodies.
      I guess I'll comfort myself with a BIG FREAKIN' RPG.

        I just wanted the map. but I didn't want to wait for an overseas order and I didn't want to pay stupid amounts of money so I'm just going to go into K-Mart on Friday. I think I'm kind of nuts. WHAT IF THEY DON'T HAVE ANY?! I'm freaking out a tiny bit.

          I meant what if they don't have any copies of the game. I've come to terms with my loss regarding the map.

            I'm still weighing up my choices with where I'm getting it. Can grab it from Steam, considering I've missed all the good physical stuff, but it's now actually slightly cheaper to grab a retail copy.
            Might do what you're doing, and if I miss out, grab it on Steam

              If I was getting it on PC I'd get it from Game online.
              It's $88 for the game, the map and two novels, delivered free on release day.

                ...HOW DID I MISS THAT?!?

                Cheers for the heads up, think I'll chase that up today!

                I went for that one, though I really want the notebook that EB is giving out. I'm hoping to talk one of my firends into giving me his.

              You could also get it from GreenManGaming, it's $53AUD atm I believe.

                Nice price. I don't think I'll ever be able to buy a digital-only copy of a retail-released game though. I like to be able to have a tangible product for my money wherever possible. Or I'm just old and set in my ways.

      I have to try and finish Arkham City before Friday so I can devote my whole weekend to SKYRIM \o/

      I'm almost done but I keep getting sidetracked by Riddler objectives.

    Morning all! Hope your weekend was good.

    I was bored friday night and decided to resume my playthrough of GTA4 that I had put down years ago and never played again. I find myself now asking why I stopped in the first place.
    The city just sucks you in and is so full of life, I forgot how much character Liberty City has, it's the sort of environment that you can just bask in. And after visiting NY last year it gets me all nostalgic in parts.

    Last week I was simply curious, but now I am VERY interested in how GTAV is turning out.

      I did this as well!

      Got about halfway through the game a few years back and never bothered finishing, started again a few weeks ago and I'm loving it.

    Well, Skyrim might be being released tomorrow. I was talking to a manager at EB Games yesty, and he said they had wanted to do a midnight launch for Skyrim, but head office said no because they thought the release date would be pushed forward (possibly street date, i dunno) because of how big the launch Modern Warfare 3 was.

    So, keep your fingers crossed, and you may be playing Skyrim tomorrow!

      By the Divine, I will really be shocked if that happens. With all the promo stuff about 11.11.11, you would think they would really be coming down hard on any early releases.
      That being said, I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!

    My 3.5 day weekend:

    Started and finished Uncharted 3
    Played a fair bit of inMomentum
    Played some Arkham City
    Got back into Deus Ex (Arrived in Montreal for the first time)
    Drank 10 bottles of Ginger beer (Needed more)
    Had a tub of Ben and Jerry's (Deliciousness)
    Had 2 Kit Kat Cookies and Cream
    Had a box of Brunch Bars
    Had an entire cheesecake

    Successful weekend of laziness is successful.

      All I saw was "blah blah blah CHEESECAKE!!!!"
      I want to eat an entire cheesecake too!

      Uncharted is a pretty cool guy, eh.
      But man, that camera. Sometimes, argh.

        The only problem I had with the camera was with the scenes where you had to run towards the camera. There's about 3 or 4 of those moments in the game, and I always ran the wrong way and died.

        Also, the other problem I had was when if someone sees you, even if you kill him 1 second later, EVERYBODY gets x ray vision and knows precisely where you are, and bombard you with grenades/rockets/bullets/armoured men with shotguns. FFFFFFFFFFF

        Other than that, fantastic game! I should write a reader review. Or not. Lazy weekend has made me more lazy.

          There are those parts, and there are some of the more cinematic moments where it's all HEY LOOK AT THIS, WHOOOOOSH! while you're in the middle of climbing something.
          It's annoying, is all.

          Also, yes, their Sniper X-ray vision. Especially in that level in the middle of a sandstorm. Wat.


            For sure! Co-op? I suck at competitive, I get excited if I don't die more than I get kills.

              I can't aim with dual thumbsticks so I'd probably be pretty bad at competitive too. o/
              I was actually curious to try that plane level though. That seemed pretty cool.

      I also smashed the ginger beer this weekend. So good.

      I'll see your Uncharted/Batman/Ginger beer, and raise you a Sonic Generations/SKYRIM/beez neez (closest to mead I can afford).

      Oh, and I'll end my 4 day week on thu by WINNING 500BUCKS! (probably).

    Any further news on on Port Royale 3 or Just Cause 3? My weekend involved working towards my second service star for the tank in BF3. Today will involve completing a PCA for university entrance.

    I tend to use windows media player to listen to a bunch of music when I'm playing games. Some of it is auto only and some I have video clips for.

    Anyone know if it's possible to have it so when audio only is playing it stays minimised so I can see teamspeak, kotaku or whatever else I'm doing with my off monitor but if a video comes on it'll maximise, then minimise again when it finishes?

      Winamp? Just a suggestion. I can't stand windows media player.

        I couldn't get it to play my videos at all for some reason. Didn't like the format I think.

      Try VLC media player? It's probably one of the most versatile players out there. I'm not too sure of the customisation, but since it's an open-source program, it should have plenty of options for tweaking around.

    Yesterday, I played through Rock Band 3's Endless Setlist. I think I may need two replacement lists, and a replacement brain to ever stop me from doing something that stupid again.

      WTF That was meant to read two replacements WRISTS, not lists. >_<


        You know you make me want to SHOUT!
        Kick my heals up and SHOUT!
        Throw my hands up and SHOUT!
        Throw my head back and SHOUT!
        Come on now, SHOUT!

        LET IT ALL OUT
        I'M TAYKIN' TO YOU

        *Clearly the superior Disturbed version of the song

          Is there anything that mario paint CAN'T make look awesome?!

          I want David Draiman's babies. That is all.

      I remember playing the Endless Setlist from the first Rock Band. That was somewhat torturous even though the percentage of songs I liked in that game were pretty high. The tracklists for the second and third games were so woeful, (not to mention that they're much larger) that I'd rather shoot myself in the face than attempt to do the Endless Setlist for either of those.

        I honestly didn't realise how sucky it was until I got to about the 45-mark. I realised that every single decent track I had in my library were DLC :(

    Hi TAYbies! o/ It's been so long since I last posted. Hope everyone's having a cheerful morning. Mine certainly is with a large cup of iced coffee! This weather is way too hot to drink regular hot coffee.

    Here are a few YouTube awesome video highlights for my weekend:

    Pop Medley 2011 (Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider)
    * Sam Tsui's singing and Kurt Schneider's music arrangement makes all the recent autotuned generic pop songs sound like dancing heaven.

    In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Ofiicial Music Video)
    * This is much, much more than just a music video. It took 2 years to complete. Stop-motion jelly beans. 'Nuff said.

    ♪ M.I.L.K. Fan-made Song and Animation
    * For all Yogscast's fans and people who love Steve Holting \o/

      Ooops, I forgot to remove my Halloween costume... ;x See, that's how long I haven't posted... :|

        I removed it from my handle but I always dress up on mondays. It's good to mess with people who think they're just tired and are seeing things.

          Hey my first borked reply!

          Dang it, since SuperNerd's identity was revealed the Reply button has gotten out of control.

            Nah, it should appear fine after my initial post goes through moderation... >_> Had links in it.

    While on the farm over the weekend, I found myself chopping wood in time to my humming of the theme song of SKYRIM!
    I have the odd feeling that... I REALLY want this game.
    Four more days, four more days.

      lol funny you say 4 more days. I was chattin' to the guy at my local EB yesterday and he said they're not having a midnight launch because it's likely to break streetdate.

        ... but... 111111!

      Will not cave in before GOTY version releases
      *meditates to hold impulses of getting the game on 111111*

    So here's the thing: MW3 comes out tomorrow, but if it comes out tomorrow my wife is going to be raging all day because she has to wait until I get home from work with it to play it, probably watching all her friends playing it for hours and hours. What really needs to happen is that it needs to break street date today, 2pm or so will be fine. If someone could get on that, it'd be really appreciated.

      I will be very upset if it breaks street date at this point. I am all geered up to get home finish one more prestige in mw2, chillax, before skulling a slab of energy drink running out at midnight, and getting my game.

    So I managed to see a great deal of Dark Souls on the weekend. Shame I didn't get to play it myself though.
    I had fun laughing at my husband. One death of his had me in stitches when he was running away from two enemies to try and get to a narrower spot so he could take them on one at a time. Somehow he managed to get confused and when he was almost there he turned around and started running back the wrong way, straight onto the swords of the enemies. :D

      Since you all seem to be suffering some sort of brain damage, I'll have to correct you:

        Why is this a reply to Strange?
        I am really failing at TAY lately.

          Everything's a reply to me in TAY, no matter where it ends up or who it pretends to be replying to. :P

        It's okay Flu, we've got the entire weekend and the next Monday to bombard everyone with Assassin's Creed Revelations!!

    I started playing Atom Zombie Smasher over the weekend.

    MANNNNN that game is gooooodd... but it gets STUPID hard... being able to pick what units i take with me would be a massive bonus, i tells ya

      Although if you enable some of the game mods that allow that sort of stuff, then it becomes insanely easy after a certain point, because one of your upgraded units just smash everything.

      There is a chooser mod build into the game, take that and you can select which unit you want

      Also the Alt spawning mod is cool, the zombies start in the middle of the map rather than coming in a fixed places at the edge, makes things a bit more interesting

    Happy belated birthday to the giant TadMod & The Cracks over the weekend!! Just caught it on the twitterland.

    I decided to grab Fable 3, Bastion, Breath of Death VII and Cthulu saves the world this weekend. Been playing Breath of Death VII a bit and it's pretty funny, it's like an old school NES-style RPG that parodies itself, very chuckleworthy but I heard that Cthulu Saves the World is funnier so I'm playing that once I finished the other. The game is getting pretty difficult as I've been playing through it, really keeps me on my toes.

      Fable 3 sucks compared to 1 & 2. Was a hugh disappointment for me. : (

        I loved Fable 2... borrowed F3 off a mate of mine and its on a pile of shame... agreed!

        Are they on PC too?

          I played the series on 360.

          The special feature that was most talked about for Fable 3 was supposedly every decision you made affected the world into good or bad, but I don't find it implemented well enough. It just made the game seem silly.

        I loved Fable 3. I really only had three complaints about it.

        1: They pretty much removed character morphing.

        2: Lack of different weapon types.

        3: The ending felt very lackluster.

        Other then that I loved it. Story was interesting, characters were interesting, the setting was interesting, combat was fun, running around these huge enviroments (huge when compared to the last two games) was fun and playing a voiced hero was great.

        It did have its flaws, as I mentioned, and I can certainly see why someone would be disappointed in it when compared to the other games, to be honest I was a bit disappointed myself (especially with the character morphing), but I think the good easily outweighs the bad. My hope is that Fable 4, which I feel is inevitable, combines the best elements of all three games, the voiced character and wide open world of Fable 3, the emotional story and character morphing of Fable 2, the setting and boss fights (the end bosses for both Fable 2 and Fable 3 are lackluster when compared to the Jack of Blades fight as the end of Fable and Fable:TLC), to create the best Fable game ever.

          That should be the setting and boss fights of Fable.

    Anyone else feel wierd being advertised to about Johnnie Walker at 9am? Not sure how I feel about alcohol being advertised here? Not sure why, I love to drink... just feels wrong?

    I know the average age of the gamer is 32 or so now, and that it is slightly skewed toward men (presumably JW demo) but it just feels wrong.

    Perhaps its the time of day, or something else... anyone else notice this??

    If you have a ipad, get an app called Splashtop... awesome remote desktop with media streaming.. actually streams rather well with decent video and audio. Allows you to view flash and also stream content from websites... plus your own media... not bad for a few bucks.

    OK i have to do it MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3 MW3


      *waves little flag*
      yaaaaaaay -_-
      i'm sorry, i know some people are excited but i haven't played a good CoD game* since... erhm.... when did number 1 come out?

      *by good i mean one i actually had fun in

        Yeah i dunno, i was resistent to cod when i first got my xbox, but then someone convinced me, and i just really enjoy the MP in it. And above all, i am actually good at it, so i enjoy it just for the sake of beating down noobs i guess.

          lol fair enough, i guess my issue is that i'm always the noob getting beaten HAHA :P

          i dunno i think i'm just over the whole modern shooter thing... but obviously it's a good series otherwise it wouldn't have the hype and following it does... i just don't see it...
          in conclusion this must mean that it's my mind that are either superior or inferior to everyone elses... i'll go with inferior cause they seem to have more fun... chasing red balls and running in front of cars...

          i'm sorry what were we talking about?

            I wont deny there are "better" games out there no doubt about it. But i think COD caters to the lowest common denominator. Means that its not just top rank american people playing on the servers. so Less lag, more locals, better spread of skill levels. I mean, i'll top the leader board a fair bit, but there is always those hand full of guys who I fear when i see their gamer tag in the lobby.

        Seriously should have jumped in MW2 with me, Harmo, Jonny and Zer0. I still don't consider myself a COD fan, but man, it's great fun with the right people.

      Wouldn't that be more 'HOOAH" than 'SQUEEEEEEEE'

      That said, if the Marines in MW3 squee that would make it GOTY for sure.

    TAY 2000 - A very disturbed cover

    TAY! TAY!
    I'll be here all day
    It's not really as if i need the pay
    come on
    I'll just be talkin' to you
    so come on

    TAY! TAY!
    I'll be here all day
    It's not really as if i need the pay
    come on
    I'll just be talkin' to you
    so come on

    On my monday...
    the first place to which i will go
    But end up breaking threads
    With youtube clips i got to show
    (gotta try to slow)
    It's tabtol time
    rewards you for being a posting whore
    break down and cry
    Could've been top with one post more

    You shouldn've posted (TAY) just once more (TAY)

    TAY! TAY!
    I'll be here all day
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    A cesspool of senseless posts...
    a type of trash that doesn't smell
    A clip of vanilla ice (now dance to ice ice baby)
    Mark's tags will piss of Elle'
    Gonna have to answer (TAY) to Elle' (TAY)

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    will you never shout?
    I feel as though I know you're never gonna get out...

    And when you've taken down your guard...
    Surgly will draw you with no pants...
    And you'll win a barbarians heart

    You'll win ol' (TAY) Hugo's heart (TAY)

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    TAY all day let me TAY TAY let me
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    TAY all day let me TAY TAY

    Can someone explain why Skyrim is a Steamworks game? Not a complaint, mostly just curious.

      Zenimax/Bethesda decision?
      RAGE, Fallout: New Vegas were Steamworks, too.
      And really, as far as DRM goes, Steam is probably one of the more widely accepted ones.

    moooorning TAYbies,

    i see the theme has already been laid down for this week so i will add to it


    i think i'll get slightly more excited after i've had my morning coffee
    imma bit tired

      Skyrim! and Coffee!! o/ plus random capitalisations!

        I'm thinking if Batguy succeeds with getting Tabtol working again next week's one should include the number of times 'Skyrim' was mentioned.

          the way Kotaku was last week i am pretty sure that would literally kill the servers... permanently... you know... cause SKYRIM!


              *sigh* sorry that was me

              i broke him


              my bad...

              i should know better then to say Skyrim
              cause SKYRIM is clearly a bad word...



              Skyrim... thats a funny word...
              did they put a rim on the sky?
              oh well

              at least he doesn't put a paperbag over his head like the bedsales man

              sorry, always makes me smile

    Been playing Deus Ex: HR. Great game. But those bosses, seriously, you can't begin to imagine how terrible they are.

      Couldnt be any worse than the final boss in space marine. Talk about anti climax.

        Agreed on both counts, it was horrible

          i doubt it could be much worse than the ones in DE. Eidos let another company make them and it really shows. They feel so out of place. To be forced into a firefight with someone when you spent the whole game being stealthy and killing no one isn't my idea of fun.

            ***SPOILERS BELOW***

            It wasn't that it was just a boss fight, it's a SMALL area boss fight (Well the first one was anyway, haven't gone that far in). When you basically have to cheese to beat the boss without dying (I basically threw a grenade at his feet then pumped a full rifle clip into his face after failing about 15 times trying to fight more legit), that's just stupid

            *** END SPOILERS***

              I found the best strategy for each boss is


              First fight: Dance around a piller and shotgun him in the face. When he throws a grenade at you run to a piller on the opposite side of the room. Throw a grenade at him as he walks towards you and then start moving around the piller again to keep out of his line of site. Pop out every now and again and shoot him in the face with a shotgun.

              Second fight: Stand in a corner with the stun gun out and wait for her to run towards you. Stun her before she can attack, switch to shotgun, shoot her a couple times, run off before she becomes unstunned (use this time to reload your stungun) and repeat.

              Third fight: Do laps around the room to avoide all his attacks. Every so often shotgun him after he jumps over a wall before once again proceeding to run around the room.

              ***END SPOILERS***

                Nah, best strategy for Final Boss fight is:

                1) Take cover behind the small cover ahead of you to the right.

                2) Blindfire with Heavy Rifle.

                3) Proceed to next cutscene.

                  Best strategy is to hack the turret earlier in the map and take it into the fight with you and let it gun the bastard down while you hide in cover. :P

          *spoiler for space marine*

          Hey Space marine was a freaking mini game for the final boss. Like, seriously, you fight all those evil nasty things that killed me many many times, then play a minigame to finish it ??? WTF!


            Oh yeah... Melee, melee, melee, JUMP!....
            Melee, melee, melee, JUMP!...
            Melee, melee, melee, JUMP!...


            ***END SPOILERS***

              It really was a pitiful end to what was otherwise a brilliant game. I think in so many ways they got that right. But as a lot of people have stated. It wasnt so much a major release as a beta for another game.

                They could've at least refined the multiplayer for PC version more than just a lobby system that screams out "Console port"

                  I can;t read any of that. I'm only about 10 hours in.

    The Elder Scrolls has the best theme soundtracks!

    Let's go back in time -


    (remember I used to listen this on loop for ages while I left the 360 running on the Oblivion start screen :P)


    ... And a bonus fan remix:

    The Imperial Guard Song (for the lolz)

    Dear Steve-O and Bish,

    I don't care what you guys say about Short Stack, they are awesome and hottt and I LOVE their music.

    Harlitr0nic 5000
    (as named by ShiggyNinty)

      Dear Harli.
      Short stacks are just for putting bacon and maple syrup on and eating.


        Dear Strange,

        I like the way you think. Excuse me, I need to wipe the drool of my table now with some handy dandy antibacterial wipes.

        We should totally make a huge batch of pancakes together sometime. It would be awesome. That was not a euphemism, by the way.


        By the frozen pits of Hell, I now want pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.
        *starts drooling and collapses*

          Oh noes! The barbarian has fainted! He's going to need reviving. Somebody FETCH ME THE OARR

          I just finished my breakfast of bacon. And then I realised I had one of those pnacake shaker mixes in the pantry. I could have had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup!

            Have you had those pancakes yet?
            You could have had them for breakfast yesterday, or even today. If not... Lunch is approaching.
            (Hello Strange!)

              I was going to respond to your previous one and tell you I'll probably have them for lunch today but then I saw this one so I'm putting it here.

      I totally read that as short black, and to my disappointment, it was not coffee you were talking about.

      Dear Harloo,

      I respect that you may have different tastes in music than me, and apologise for laughing in your face when I thought you were joking about liking them. I believe for now, I will just stick with Serif-style colon-I face, which unfortunately does not work with this sans serif based font.

      :I regards,
      - Bish

        Dear Bish,

        I think 95% of TAY has different tastes in music to you. That being said, I do appreciate your honesty in laughing in my face. I would have laughed too!

        Harlitronic 5000000000000000000

          What do you mean by that? I have the best taste in music.
          I think you'll find 'Flu, f4ction and Blaghsy agree with me here.

          Come on baby, do the locomotion!

            Bish speaks the truth. His taste in music, which incidentally coincides with my own taste, is perfect.

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