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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • I might be dabbling into Dawn of War 2 Retribution on weekends with a friend soon, everything I see on the MP on it makes me want to try it more and more 😛

    Also, good morning humans and bots!

  • Today is a great day to TABTOL:

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    Hmm, I really need to lift my posting rate. 4? That’s terrible! Guess that’s what I get for spending all week wasting time on work XP

  • I got my first skill to 100 in Skyrim yesterday, blacksmithing, and now my Dovahkiin is sporting a fancy set of Dragon armour. Whoever suggested making iron daggers last week thank you. It really helped.

    For anyone interested in getting to 100 blacksmithing here’s how to do it:

    First you’ll need around 10k-12k gold. I wasn’t keeping exact track of my gold spent during the whole time I was leveling up blacksmithing but levels 70-100 cost me about 5k-6k.

    Quick travel to a bunch of blacksmiths and buy all their iron ingots and leather straps. If it’s night when you arrive just wait until morning. Once who’ve got a bunch of iron ingots and leather strapts go to a forge and just make iron daggers again and again. When you’ve used up all your iron ingots and leather straps go sell all your daggers to the blacksmith to get some of your money back. It wont be much but it’s something.

    Repeat this until you hit level 100. Most of the blacksmiths would have restocked their inventory of iron ingots and leather straps in the time it took you to fast travel around the world and wait for it to be daytime if it was night when you arrived.

    A few extra notes:

    You can make both light and heavy versions of Dragon armour.
    There are no dragon weapons. You’ll be stuck using Ebony weapons or whatever the light armour equivalent is until you find some Daedra hearts to make Daedra weaponry or whatever you need for the light armour equivalent (I think it’s glass).
    There is a dragon shield though.
    It only takes a dragon scale or bone and a couple iron ingots and leather straps to make the dragon armour. You should be able to make a full set after only killing two dragons.
    You should improve the armour at a workbench. It costs a scale or bone to improve each piece but it almost doubles the armour rating.

    • Woo! I also got to 100 Blacksmithing last night. Is the dragon armor worth all the perks though?

      Another tip: apparently if you max out enchanting you can enchant a set of armor to give you 100% spell cost reduction for a magic type (two if you get the last perk) Not at 100 yet myself but it looks likely.

      • It only takes about 6 perk points to get it so I’d say worth it. Improved heavy Dragon armour has about an 86 armor rating which is nice. It also gives you something to do with all the dragon bones and scales you’ll get. I had about 20 scales and bones just sitting in my chest at home but now I can turn them into armour and sell them for about 2.4k each.

        If you don’t want to spend all the points to get the Dragon armour you can always stop one short at the Daedra armour. It’s slightly better then the Dragon armour but the mats for it are a lot rarer.

      • Yes I just got back from my hmoon last week, and duly purchased skyrim on the fanfare that has been plastered all over the internets… Goodbye weekend and many more to come!
        Will my marriage last longer than Kim Kardashians?

    • Another suggestion is Dwarven Bows. These only require 2 dwarven ingots and 1 iron ingot. While more material is needed for this, getting dwarven ingots is easy, just grab all metal stuff from a Dwemer ruin and you can change them into ingots, normally end up with about 60-80 ingots from a single ruin.
      The upside of this is you can make a lot of money selling off the bows. Good idea if you plan on buying ebony ingots for the Ebony and Daedric weapons.

    • ’twas I who gave the Iron Dagger pointer 🙂
      Glad it worked for you. I’m working on enchanting next.
      I’ ll post my hot-tip for getting easy soul gems in a sec.

    • Here’s another hint: don’t just sell the iron daggers, use them to raise your enchanting skill.

      If you can find an item with the “Banish” enchantment in a store, buy it. I don’t care how much money it costs, just buy it and disenchant it. If you enchant an iron dagger with “Banish” using ANY level of soul gem (even petty), the dagger will be worth over 1300 gold. With no speechcraft perks I can still sell them for about 600 gold a piece.

      What this means is that during your iron/leather runs, you can also buy filled petty/lesser/common soul gems, and after you’re done enchanting it all you’ll make your money back, plus some, all the while raising both your smithing and enchantment skills.

      I only started doing this once I’d already hit level 80 in both skills, and the last 20 levels passed by in no time at all. Once I had level 100 in both (and all the important perks) I crafted myself a full set of enchanted legendary gear and became a GOD! 😀 😀 😀

  • Hungover, on a monday. This can’t be good :S
    I need a coffee with extra coffee and some coffee on top.

    So yeah I had a busy weekend 😀
    How was everyone’s weekend eh?

    • My weekend was great. Had fun meeting everyone at the meet. 😀
      Then I played Halo 3 almost all day yesterday, twas fun too. 🙂

    • My weekend was ok.

      Yesterday we found one of our Cockatiel’s eggs had hatched so we now have a baby Cockatiel \o/

      Later we found one of our Rabbits dead /o\

      Circle of life I guess.

    • Coffee sounds good. Can someone tell the IT gods to stop destroying my network so I can go get some good stuff?

      Visiting rellies, so basically no game-time. I have a lot of Skyrim to catch up on…

    • Morning Puppylicks! May I suggest a powerade or berocca to ease your hangover pains?

      Also my weekend was very good, filled with many lolz and silly moments.

      • Oooh good idea, sadly I has neither berocca or powerade.
        I shall improvise with a jumbo coffee and lots of water instead 😀

        Glad to hear your weekend was a good one, silly weekends are the best weekends 😀

  • oh harro!

    last week was my first decent effort at participating in TAY, so it’ll be interesting to see where I end up on the list this week.

  • Settled down in front of the TV last night for a bit more Battlefield 3 punishment while I try to level up. It’s a real pain when you start one of these games 3 or 4 weeks after everybody else, as you just get repeatedly arser*ped by people who have learned the maps and unlocked all the weapons, gear etc while I’m sitting on level 2 or 3 which means I’m basically running around using a combination of harsh language and hitting them with a handbag.

    Anyhoo, I tried it and couldn’t log into PSN! Was anybody else having trouble last night? Or was it just me?

    Since I couldn’t log in I just went and finished off the single player campaign instead. And I’d just like to say wow. I don’t think I’ve ever played (or at least played all the way through to the end) a worse single player FPS campaign. I thought BFBC2 had a bad one, but clearly I was mistaken. Truly horrible in pretty much every way. Well done, EA/DICE *slow clap* Oh well, at least the multiplayer is good. Or will be once I’ve got some equipment.

    • I got some Battlefield 3 in last night too. It was jarring after having played MW3 for an hour beforehand. Felt like I was moving through molasses for about five minutes then I got my groove back.

      Really fantastic game. I’m concentrating on my support class to get some decent kit. I always played engineer in BC2 but really like support this time. I’ve almost unlocked the infrared scope for my LMG!

    • I agree the campaign was pretty shocking. but dude seriously, have you played MoH, Homefront or any of the rexent CoD’s? the bar is pretty freaking low if you ignore original Gears and Halo (and probably a few other FPS games). i wouldnt be surprised if the average time to complete those campaigns on the hardest level is only 3-4 hours. sure some of the story Ideas are nice but other than the ideas (which are generally the same)* its all pretty boring.

      *yes i am aware that for a generic shooter there are only so many ways you can do shit, but none the less they still do shit

      • Last COD I played was MW2 and while that campaign wasn’t real good (I much preferred COD4’s – I really enjoyed that one) , I’d still take it over BF3’s. And I’d take Killzone 3’s singleplayer over either of COD/BF. In some ways BF3 reminded me of MW2 in the sense that the story is almost non-existent – both games give the distinct impression that somebody came up with some ideas for a few set pieces and then somebody else tried (and, for the most part, failed) to come up with some kind of story to link them together. Oh well, it’s not a big deal since, like everybody else, I bought it mainly for the multiplayer. Just disappointing that the single player side gets so little attention paid to it.

      • MW3 campaign is streets ahead of BF3 campaign.

        As for multiplayer, in my opinion they’re equal as they both offer completely different experiences to me.

        • not too sure how i feel about MW3 campaign, havent completed it yet because tbh ive just been playing the multiplayer. totally agree about the multiplayer across the two though, BF3 feels a bit more “tatical” and even paced, whereas MW3 is like confined and fast. Im honestly enjoying both for their own reasons

      • I really like Metro 2033 so I have hope for last light as well. Although I know it doesn’t really count a generic shooter.
        But they are designed as multiplayer shooters and that is where they spend the time and money.

        • Well that was meant to be a reply to Di11enger but whatever

          I feel your pain in relation to being a low level. Just tried out DC universe on a PvP server on the weekend. Damn those lower levels are hard to get through with the high levels just constantly ganking.
          I had a lvl 30 attacking me when I was lvl 5

    • Brisbane Meats are too awesome to be adequately conveyed in a write-up. You’ll just have to attend the next one so you too can know the amazement that is a BrisMeat. AKA, I can’t be bothered to write something. 😛

      • Yeaaah Ive already thought about what to draw, but in all honesty the only things I remember involved me. I was completely unaware of what pretty much anyone else was doing haha. Ahhh… good times.

        Hey remember when Lambo put his elbow in the fan? lol.

    • The best way to summarise is with these figures.

      Lamboman: 1
      Pedestal Fan: 0

      QLD: 1
      NSW: 0

      Bring it, NSW.

      Also, I’m cutting a vidja so it’ll be done later this week. Lots of drunk Dan & AP getting adults to buy us booze.

      • lol.. I might look like an adult, but I sure as hell don’t feel like one 😉 But damn… I pwned that carton big time! Totally made it my bitch! I even managed to turn on my charm for the camera while I carried that sucker fireman style! :0 I’m so looking forward to these vids! Not so much for the bits I’m in, but damn you were funny walkin back from the bollte-o hahahahaha

  • I finally managed to tear myself away from SKYRIM! so I could play a little of Saints Row 3.
    I really loved the second game, however I am finding 3 to be a bit… meh.
    I am not sure why, but I have found the second game to be more enjoyable.
    It just feels like there is less stuff in this game. I am not sure about the map sizes, but the area feels smaller, plus there seems to be less shops. Also, less activites, so far anyway, more stuff may become available later.

    • I’m well in excess of the minimum specs on PC yet I’m getting pretty choppy framerates when outside. The action scenes at the start were really smooth but as soon as I could go where I want, I reckon I’m getting around 20fps with occasional dips to around 2fps for a second. It’s still somehow playable but I think I’m losing a lot of what it has to offer by it not being smooth. Pretty annoying.

      I didn’t play 1 or 2, but apart from the fps issue I really like 3.

  • So, got Oblivion GOTY Delux Edition on sale via steam last week for next to nothing.

    Going to sit down and actually play the game through from start to finish this time – last attempt I accidentally found how to break the gates by using immortal NPC followers. Kind of ruined it for me.

    Soooo – what mods should I be rocking?

    Currently running OOO, Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, and the unoffical patches. Any other suggestions for making the game pretty and/or awesome fun?

    • I can’t remember the names of a lot of these mods but a google seach should find you what you want.

      I’d suggest you get one of the weather modes and one of the mods that makes people less ugly.

      There’s a mod that adds a lot more people to the world. It’s called crowded roads of something. There’s also a mod that adds children to the game but they look really odd.

      There’s some nice custome armour and weapon mods out there too. Some even let you dual wield weapons though it’s not proper dual wielding like Skyrim, the weapon in your left hand will just be a weapon shaped shield that you can only use to block, not attack.

      There’s a mod called Midas spells or something that adds a lot of new spells to the game.

      Akatosh mounts is also pretty cool. It adds dragon mounts to the game you can fly around on. Compared to Skyrims dragons they look terrible but it’s still fun to fly around the place. You can just use them as a portable storage if you don’t want to fly on them.

      There’s a zombie invasion mod that’s sort of cool. It changes the game in a big way though and could cause a lot of quest givers to die so you may want to avoid it.

      There’s also a mod that allows you to skip the opening sewer event. Having done that event a number of times I thought the mod was great but if you haven’t done the sewer event that many times you may want to skip this.

    • The internet declares that the mod that makes the females have bigger boobies is the only mod you need.

      Well, I assume there is a mod for that. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption, really.

      • it’s a pretty safe assumption, seeing as on the EB Games facebook page, they asked what mods people wanted to see, and roughly half of the comments had something to do with either nude NPCs, or something to that extent…

  • And so begins my first whole-week off! Heads up: I will be playing Skyrim (and Skyward Sword! Only 3 more sleeps! :D)

    Speaking of Skyward Sword… Have any retailers other than EB/Game got a price for the limited edition game? I went to JB Hifi the other day and the sign still said $TBA 😛 120 dollars from EB/Game just seems so steep, but I’ll probably have to suck it up.

  • So i got stuck into my pile of shame on the weekend.

    Friday night i came home and though “ok a game i can knock over quickly”

    So i slid in Bayonetta (pun intended) – and after half an hour i had already had enough. I just couldn’t get into it.. and it’s so… so… JAPANESE!
    But not in the good sense, more in the tacky sense…
    The one thing i did like it was the rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time “fly me to the moon”

    So i said “screw it” and chucked Assassins Creed into my box and picked up where i left off over a year ago.
    I figured that even though it’s not a short game, it is a game i have needed to finish for a while – and something really surprised me.
    I stopped playing because i found it kind of boring.. but now that i’ve started again, i’m actually finding it really drawing me in.. saving citizens, climbing towers (but not collecting flags – i hate collecting flags).
    I think it’s because i’ve actually started to get a good grip on counters and freerunning.
    I’m really enjoying it and hoping to finish it off before Bee comes back – then i may settle back in to Red Dead Redemption.

    Altair (or however you spell his name) is actually really starting to grow on me. He’s a noble sort of killer, dedicated and loyal. The one thing that bugs me is his lap-dog “yes master” attitude – which i’m sure will unravel more as the game progresses.

    Also watched Scarface for the first time last night.
    Pretty good. What i really loved about it is that it’s so 80’s! lol
    The music – brilliant!
    Al Pacino really does steal the movie though.

    • You should try Mirrors Edge man, it’s pretty short and very unique. Easy to knock of your pile of shame in a lazy arvo or a couple of nights.
      Just turn runner vision off 🙂

    • Yeah I thought I was gonna love Bayonetta, but I didnt. Ive only played it for like 30 mins but already there were way too many vagina crash zooms and extreme close ups.

        • Yeah I really liked it too, you’d just play through it thinking ‘what kind of crazy shenanigans are going to happen next?’
          The story was all over the place, but that’s not why you play Bayonetta 😀

          • I mainly quit because i got frustrated
            I’m playing on normal and in the second level, when you’re on the plane 0- i keep crashing and dying because the damn angels knock out my magic with one hit – it’s really fething frustrating

          • Actually the vagina content tones down a lot after the first few chapters of the game… I think 😛
            And Loops you gotta dodge dodge dodge! That’s the biggest mechanic of the game is dodging everything to get witch-time going 😀

          • Too many vaginas? Not something I ever thought I’d hear on TAY. 😛
            You know, I didn’t even notice them.

  • So I bought MW3 through and I’m thinking I might record and upload every game as I try to progress through to prestige, shameful fail games and all. Fun fun!

    • I think you are right funniest woman on youtube. Its mainly self depricating humor that she uses but it is to such a great extent. great stuff!

    • I just googled who that is. I remember her from that one episode of Talking About Your Generation that was on earlier this year.

      I haven’t seen any of her videos but I remember when I saw her on the show I didn’t really like her. Like most Gen Y guests she had an appalling lack of knowledge when it came to pop culture through the ages. I remember there was one question that related to modern day tech nerd culture or something along those lines, I can’t remember exactly what the question was, and I was shocked that someone who’s whole claim to fame was posting on youtube couldn’t answer it. I didn’t really find her that funny either.

      Maybe I’m being unfair though. I guess I should probably check out some of her videos before making any sort of judgement. I was going to do that after the show finished but forgot until just now when Loops mentioned her.

    • Some of her stuff on youtube is pretty funny, but whenever I’ve seen her on television she’s fairly lame/boring.
      I’m sub’d to her channel, but rarely watch anything, since the same old sexless/stalker/not-really/yes-really jokes are getting sucked dry (“and you know who I sucked dry…”).
      Her mum’s hilarious though.

    • Yeah I am. I got the email to say it had been dispatched on the the 9th and I’m still waiting. I got a second email on the 15th saying that they had more stock of the Game + cloth map come in and they were getting sent out, but I only ordered the game, so maybe we’re getting free upgrades or something. I’m not really interested in the map, iI just want the game here ASAP. Hopefully it comes today. I really want to get into it.

  • @sughly and Strange.
    What did i do or say? why are you pretend slapping me and calling me a dog or cat. I was just unsure you making me cry!

    Note: I am really quite hurt by your attitude

    Note further: The first note is a lie!

  • Tell me why – I don’t like Mondays?

    Can’t get into work this morning so I spent the first hour watching F4ctions recording of our KvK game. Was quite interesting watching how other people play – you get a feel for it when you play against them but you can really focus on what they’re doing when you aren’t worried about playing yourself.

    Also played a bit of Skyrim over the weekend and am in a bit of a predicament. I have leveled to 18 purely by lockpick, stealth and pickpocket. I spent the first few hours of the game cleaning out everything from the first two towns. Chests, cupboards, tables, pockets – everything was picked clean. On the downside now though I have no combat skills besides slitting throats, which doesn’t seem to work when your surrounded by a pack on angry bears (I bet it wasn’t even their cub that I killed anyway). The only thing working for me now is the Fury spell. Cast that and use the time to find a rock that they can’t get to and shoot arrows at them. I also have turned into a bit of a murderer…. Spent minutes trying to mine a vein of ore and couldn’t for some reason. Then a miner came and started mining my vein. My vein! So I slit his throat. Turns out the reason I couldn’t mine was because I didn’t have a pick-axe, so I stole one from the dead miner then it was k.

    • I hope recordings like F4ction’s video can help our guys and girls see what they’re doing wrong, how they could’ve made their engagements better, etc

    • As long as you are not shooting the day down i think we should be okay. I loved watching how i played and how i could of improved. Turret running through 2 towers is a bad idea. Also you play skyrim in a scary way. You should probably but some stuff back. I mean are you really gonna use 14 pots.

      • A tryndamere tried that on me while I was on Caitlyn and low on health, he went through 3 towers before dying 😛

  • Good morning! It feels so nice to sleep in for a while.

    Can I get some people to yell at me to buy Skyrim? I need something to play after Assassin’s Creed and this is near the top of my list but I’m really looking for some nice incentive to actually get off the couch and go buy it this week.

        • It’s not scary, it’s just unexpected! But in a good way! 😀

          I was busy all last week, so my TAY presence was not what it would usually be. I have 4 days of holidays before I’m working full-time again (my last exam is today).

          It’s cool that you’re a part of the TAYbies now! 😀

      Go buy it.

    • Also, last night a friend made me play a custom game of LoL against him to prepare me for actual online play (I’m not very good at LoL, you see). Thirty minutes later he realized that he’d probably scared me away from online play forever. I can’t decide if it was the constant double kills or the aces he was getting, or the fact that he killed me at least fifteen times, but yeah, something made him change his mind.

      Man that was depressing.

      • Yeah that’s a very very bad idea. You should tag up with us in Teamspeak. LoL is much more fun and exciting in a team of 5. Just don’t go with me, Steve-O or NoobHeadshot, otherwise it’ll be a VERY steep learning curve

      • I’m guessing LoL is your first MOBA-style game? They take a lot of getting used to, but are really fun once you get to a competitive skill level and run around killing things with people on teamspeak. Just keep practising and learning as you go – there are a lot of basic things that experienced people take for granted, such as map awareness, knowing when to run and positioning. There are also some lower level kotaku guys who it might be valuable to play with. I’m guessing your friend is a higher level – that means if you play pvp with him you will also be matched against higher level guys.

        If all else fails, just pick Garen or Katarina and spin to win!

        • Is spin to win some kind of thing that’s going around right now? My friends kept singing that over and over last night, and I couldn’t understand why. So its not something they both happened to randomly pick up?

          Also yeah, this is my first foray into this kind of gaming, but it isn’t something that I’m playing every night or for very long so I’m not too concerned right now about it, but if I do get more involved, I’ll definitely take up your offers.

          • Spin to win is kind of like a LoL meme. The characters I mentioned both have moves where they spin around dealing bulk damage around them.

        • Lance Henricksen saying “I am a Space Marine” is pretty cool, but the game really needed Terry Crews shirtless, making his pecs dance, yelling “SPAAAAAACEEE MAAAUUUURRIIIIIIINNNEEE!!!!” while standing in front of an explosion.

  • Morning All. Weekend was filled with nothing but gaming. Twas grand! The sad part is, i have made a decision. I dont think I am at all impressed with MW3. Yes I enjoy it, yes its great mucking around with mates. And yes, the Elite system is cool being able to create clans, and socialise n stuff. But, as a game goes. seriously, there is no improvement on graphics or the physics or anything. Truly this is an activition cookie cutter production, and even as a massive cod addict, i am unhappy.

    This being said, i know i’ll keep playing the game, because yes, it is fun, mere disenchantment doesn’t make it bad, however, i am looking for alternatives, Is it worth buying battlefield now? Can anyone comment on the number of local players on there now that cookiecutter warfare 3 is out? I do love me some multi player.

      • Oh this will happen as soon as funds allow. But I also need a gateway to get away from COD, and trying to figure out if battlefield is the way, or if i need a games pc, to get into other decent MP games.

      • I also need to save for a gaming pc. I dont think either my laptop or desktop will handle diablo 3. I really think i’d enjoy that game.

  • Following the weekend’s KvK’s, I need to add another character to my roster as all my current mains seem to get banned (not complaining, I’ll take it as a compliment :P). My AD team currently consists of Garen, Gankplank, Tristana and Twitch (he’s more of an assassin type though). Think I will purchase Tryndemere and give him a go. Seems pretty straight-forward, build crit and right-click to win! I remember someone played as Trynd quite well – was it F4ction? Any comments on playing as Trynd? He’s only 1350 right?

    This will be my last AD champion, then I will start building my AP page and acquiring more AP champions. I’ve also hit level 29, and will soon be 30. How far off is everyone else who is close to 30? Are we going to be game and try some ranked games?

    • I’m still a bit behind on levels, only level 26 now. You’ve got WAY too much AD, you definitely should look to other roles :), then again you got Veigar as well for AP but more couldn’t hurt

      • I know I need to expand but I have a full AD/Crit rune setup that I want to take advantage of. If I get Tryndemere I will start saving up for AP champions and runes after.

        • Yeah see we ban a lot of your champions because like with Garen we haven’t really ever got a proper counter to you and can hardly catch you out. Still I’m flattered that my Kennen gets banned every single time 😛

      • I don’t know, depends on who’s playing.
        Solo queue will be a nightmare, since you’ll probably be getting Instalocks, so you’ll need the flexibility, but out team setups have generally worked out.
        Ignoring Techy who has the ability to do everything, you have ten million people who play Rammus, me and f4ction throwing in some extra tank characters to compensate for Steve-O’s aggressive characters. Pyrean and Noob jungle. Then there are specialties like Fizz, Teemo, Trynd, Pantheon, etc.
        Of course, I can’t imagine you’ll always find people to do ranked with you, but I should think that if you at least duo-queue with one of us, it should be right.

        • Well I’m definitely for ranked playing in 5v5 but yeah, only if you guys are happy enough to wait for me in the meantime. I need to expand on my roles as well, which is why I’m getting Galio who can also solo mid with AP. Top I’ve got Rammus or Skarner, bottom I have Kayle or Caitlyn/Master Yi, and jungling will be Warwick as well.

    • I play as Trynd, yeah. I’ve just about finished my build for him. I love him. I usually start off playing fairly aggro to race to my bloodthirster and beserker boots. From there it’s all easy. I’m trying builds with more AS at the moment (three phantom dancers etc) and it’s working really well, but the ol’ stacking damage works quite well too as I often average crits of 1400 by mid/late game.

      Basically Trynd is all I play now, though I bought Swain and want to give him a bit of a go too now.

  • My easy Soul Gem gathering tip for the week…for all you Skyrim players levelling Enchanting….
    Reckon i’ve found a foolproof way to gather souls for soul gems.
    1. Get a companion.
    2. Give companion a weapon with soul drain enchantment(I use the Mace of Morag Bal for this).
    3.Give all your empty soul gems to companion.
    4.Watch them gather souls for you, freeing you up to have that fire enchantment you’ve always wanted!

    • I play stealth, so I don’t take companions with me (they tend to run in and pick fights whilst I’m trying to be sneaky). I have a few questions for me next play through though – Do companions use up charges on enchanted weapons (i.e soul drain)? Or can you they indefinitely use it without you having to constantly recharge the item?

      • From what I can tell, no, they don’t use up charges. And if you want to sneak, you can tell them to wait for you. I’ll double check about the charges when I get the chance 🙂

  • The Mediterranean Defence mini-game in AC:Revelations is silly. Apparently, if I don’t send two high level assassins on this mission, it is entirely possible that they will die while ORGANIZING A BANQUET FOR THE POOR. Nothing to do with fighting templars. They will just fall over dead during the organization.

    • Yeah, I thought that was stupid.

      I ended up being really cautious with all my assassins after I lost a couple to that Mediterranean Defence thing.

    • OH! SWEET! You can kill them off this way?

      My game glitched at 11/12 recruits, even though I have a full stable.

      Looks like I’ll be able to kill someone off, recruit someone new… problem solvered!

  • Best comment of previous page:

    November 21, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    Lance Henricksen saying “I am a Space Marine” is pretty cool, but the game really needed Terry Crews shirtless, making his pecs dance, yelling “SPAAAAAACEEE MAAAUUUURRIIIIIIINNNEEE!!!!” while standing in front of an explosion.


      • I’ve been using a Microsoft Sidewinder X5 mouse for a few years now, and it’s served me well. I just absolutely cannot bring myself to pay $100+ for a mouse, it just seems like a massive waste of cash that could be better spent putting it into the graphics card or something.

  • So I just got back from a mates. I’ve decided I’m not going to drink for the next couple of weeks. I feel like hell ahaha. I don’t think i’ve been hungover on a monday before.

    Annoyingly, I have an exam this thursday thats bloody hard, otherwise I’d be playing skyrim…

    I’ve also yet to finish Deus Ex and New Vegas (which I bought on Special a few weeks ago)….

    WHY UNI! WHY!?!?!?!

  • Dear AlexPants

    I still maintain your name is pretty awesome.
    Not the point of this comment, but it needed to be said.
    In regards to League of Legends (omg talk about something else guys), the past few nights we’ve been doing low-tier Kotaku vs Kotaku matches. All skilled players are banned (well, not really, but Techy, Steve-O and Noob are yet to play in one) and they’re generally for fun, practice matches. We all sit in the same TeamSpeak channel so we can talk to each other and discuss what everyone is doing. Practice characters, ask for builds, make ridiculously WTF builds (I like to think I have taken the cake for this thus far), troll, whatever. Yeah, you’ll die, and so will everyone else, but one hopes you walk away with a little bit more knowledge, or at least with a few laughs by the end of it.

    Kind regards,

      • NO

        By which I mean yes.
        Generally they’re held whenever there’s 6 or so of us on, but without Techy, Steve-O, Noob or Pyrean we’re just generally afraid to do proper PvPs without someone to carry us.

        Oh, also, I went to that Eastwood dessert place. Not bad, not bad at all. They’re a little too happy with the shaved ice, though.

        • omg! i went there on Fri night maybe we could have potentially run into each other!! It was yums.

          Haha well I was more just asking because I was curious where I stood on the skill level of LoL players you have gathered, that is all. Although I still feel like I am learning a lot about the game each game I play.

          • Well, I didn’t mention you because we haven’t seen you on for like, 2 days or something.
            Old man memory and all that.
            Who are you again?

            Also, I don’t actually mean low-tier and that those guys are actually banned, I think it was just me and Blaghsy running with our special blend of self-deprecating humour, and that’s just the name we assigned it.

            Also also, I was there on Saturday. My sister was there on Friday though. She is heavily pregnant. Maybe you saw her? Don’t really know how that’s related, but I thought it was a cool story, Bish.

          • Yeah, been busy and my internet problems have resurfaced =/ I have no idea why it’s so slow nowadays.. it’s cable, normally quite fast but these days its dropped to 56k speed. Not capped either.

    • Oh, awesome! Thanks for the offer, I might join you guys sometime this week. Not sure where I am tonight or tomorrow, though.

  • So… I done boughts a new laptop.

    Sony something.
    8 Gigs o rams.
    2 Gigs o graphics card.
    AMD something or other.
    15 inch screen.
    Windows 7.

    Which means I may have to get Steam… and some other stuff.

  • Quick LoL question. At what level would you guys suggest giving intermediate bot battles, pvp and dominion a try?

    I’m level 10 and so far I’ve only played begginer bot battles. I’ve reached a point that while I haven’t mastered playing begginer bot I feel there’s not much more I can learn from playing it. My experience from winning a match also seems to have dropped and I usually take that as a sign I’m meant to move onto the next level.

    • What everyone else says, man. I played a shite-load of bot games (180ish wins) and it was detrimental to my PvP experience as i was instantly put into higher level games. I think I’ve mostly adapted now but it took a LOT of lost games to find my groove as a result.

      PvP asap. Only go bots if you’re trying out a new build or playing for the lulz.

      That is me high-fiving f4ction and Blaghsy, by the way.

      Anyway, I almost disagree with the other two. Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly more to be gained from PvPs, but if you’re not ready for the sudden skill jump, you’re going to be all feelsbadman,jpg and be put off by it.
      I would suggest here’s what you do: Find the character you like playing and feel you play well with. Have a crack at them with Intermediate bots (beginner bots are chumps). They cheat like champs, but you’ll learn to be paranoid and how to escape ganks, to an extent. Do this for a few games, then dip your toe into PvP. Don’t play too many bot games, though. The sooner you jump into PvP, the better, but I think with the community these MOBA games breed, diving in head first will put you off if you don’t already have a thick hide.

      • +1 on the MOBA Community line lol
        they are a special lot.

        should probly say we becuase everyone who plays LoL here is technically part of that community but the Taybies are a bit more civilized… from what ive heard. yet to actually witness. lol

          • When you say Yorick raged where you playing Yorick? Did you do a little rage dance? was it like a cross between a Harlequin rage and a leprechaun rage dance?

            i couldnt imagine you raging though.

            oh right you said he. nvm. i recant those questions

          • I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the LoL pubs I’ve encountered. Most people are generally nice. WHAT IS THIS CRAZY WHACKED GAME WORLD I HAVE ENTERED? MANNERS? WHAT??

          • someone asked me how my week was and what i planned to do for my holidays.
            i already had “stfu scumbucket no one cares how awesome you think you are go back to telling your mother about it.” set to copy and pastage, as a general response. I pasted and right when i was about to slam down on my enter key looking like a righteous Samuel L Jackson i read chirstmas and my eyes went ʘ‿ʘ

      • but he’s a wolf, and don’t wolves have naturally thick fur to guard them against the cold weather?

        lolol but okay, I guess I didn’t really think my response through from the point of view of somebody who is new to the whole MOBA thing I guess. However I still think diving in headfirst is the fastest way to learn. Nothin’ like a baptism of fire to really get you warmed up eh?!

        • When I was young, I accidentally knocked over one fo those little Bhuddist shrines, and set several paper laterns alight.
          I like fire, but it does not like me. 🙁

          This is just the way I play though, really. A bit defensive, and a strong preference to ease my way into things. f4ction’s right, bot games do ultimately hurt you, but I remember going to Dence Park (outside) swimming pool in winter. Jumping right in did not ease the pain in any way.

    • Have a couple of intermediate bot matches first then jump into some 5v5 PvP

      I wouldn’t recommend dominion straight up, I find it a lot faster and harder to actually learn your characters. But if you get on with some TAYbies they will help guide you through. Or at least not rage at you if you lose

  • By the way, has anyone seen that movie ‘In Time’? I saw it over the weekend and its very preachy on the whole ‘time = money’ message, but there was one thing that really bugged me.

    [Here there be spoilers, but does anyone really care?]

    A side character dies after spending a year (the currency) on alcohol in roughly a day. My friends and I started wondering how many drinks that would have bought him. Earlier it was established that a cup of coffee cost 4 minutes 30 seconds. We decided that a standard drink of alcohol would probably cost around ten minutes. A little bit of simple math later, and we find that he bought…

    52560 drinks. That man is a legend.

  • Once again – i am simply blown away with the response for the Kotaku Kristmas Project

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, guys! 😀

  • Did some Ghibli BD-watching over the weekend, and am happy to say that the internet was wrong as usual.

    – Ponyo is a really good film. I enjoyed it a lot. It does feel like it pulls a lot of its elements out of previous films, but that in no way reduces it as an overall production. I think if anything, what might put people off is the simplicity of the actual story, but it’s quite clear that it’s aimed at a younger audience to begin with. Not going to knock anything off my list of favourites, but a very solid and enjoyable film overall.

    – Tales of Earthsea has a bit of a bad rap. I’ve never read the books it’s based off so it’s possible that if I had, I’d have found it less enjoyable. But while it is undoubtedly a bit flawed – the pacing is a bit slow, it takes a little bit too long to fully establish the characters and the plot – it’s still definitely worth a watch. Given that it’s an adaption of only part of a much larger series of books I was worried it would have a disappointing ending, but it’s actually fairly complete and cohesive. If there was anything I’d complain about, it’s the protagonist being completely pathetic. Though he does get over himself by the end, there were points where it felt like he’d been transplanted into the film straight out of Evangelion.

    (Also the villain reminded me eerily of Michael Jackson D:)

    Didn’t watch the BD re-release of Howl’s Moving Castle yet, going to save it for a rainy day.

    • I think if I ever watch Howl again, I’m going to be all STARRING BATMAN, AS HOWL throughout the entire thing and just generally annoy myself.
      It’s like sitting next to someone in the theatre who never shuts up, except in your head.

    • On a not-unrelated note: Yesterday, I put my hand under my desk table (in order to pull my chair in closer) and there was a Huntsman under there! D: It was the second grossest thing I have ever touched.

    • Confession: I still haven’t finished the first Assassin’s Creed game. I’ve finished 2 and Brotherhood, and have started on Revelations, and have the special editions of all of them (preorder tin thingy for 1, Black edition for 2, Codex for Bro and Animus for Rev). Love the series. But still haven’t finished the first game.

      • Confession:
        I’ve finished none of them… none.

        At some point there’s always a timed puzzel, or a race… and my lack of skill with the damned camera ends my game.

        It’s like Dara O’Brianin says…
        “Computer games are the only medium that will prevent you going further if you’re shite”.

      • I haven’t finished the first one either but I’ve finished 2 and Brotherhood.

        I found the first one a little boring to be honest. It just feels really repetitive.

        • Exactly this. I find the story in #1 enjoyable (and I already know how it goes), but I found that the gameplay felt horribly repetitive, which is something they thankfully fixed in the sequels.

          • There’s always a minor aspect of the first game that bothers me and that’s the lack of any lighting change in the Desmond Abstergo sections — if you’re stuck in the room atleast depict the passage of time, damn it. Otherwise incredible story. 😀

      • My main annoyance with the first one was the whole

        HEY ALTAIR, LRN2SWIM PLS thing.

        Luckily, Ezio took lessons as a kid.

    • Still down. Unless I’ve got the IP address wrong again – was playing with a bunch of randoms last time :/

  • Okay, Last night on Teamspeak, I put myself in the most awkward situation I have ever been in, I do not want people talking about it, and I would like to apologise to anybody I may have offended at that time.

  • Is it normal for farm machinery to smell like parmesan cheese. I just was working on some stuff that must of been harbouring so mad bacteria. So much terrible cheese smell. I like parmesan, i don’t like it from sources it shouldn’t be from!

  • The MLG finals are going on, been watching all weekend and it’s awesome.

    Of course, the final day started at 1am and I ended up watching for 5 hours instead of sleeping so I missed most of the later matches due to being unconscious. Awake now for the finals though.

    Got to say, did not expect the finals to be between these two. Although considering how ridiculous the talent pool was this time.

      • Not if you watch GSL, he does pretty well there until he ends up in a group of death. Except this time he came out of the group of death with MMA (Nestea and Huk being sent to Code A).

        But compared to some of the big names there? Yeah. Going through the most stacked open bracket so far and then making it through losers is insane.

        Won’t spoil the finals (someone else can do that :p) but if you saw Naniwa and Leenock throughout the tournament, it was obvious that one of them was going to work out the other’s build and exploit it.

  • random question?
    that is all.

    oh wait no, heres the question. How tall is everyone?
    loops got me curious on the other page. dont be embarrased i be 6’2 and im the shortest amongst my friends 🙁

  • I was just reading the comments for last week’s article on a a guy who bought some halo armour to deal with a breakup. Many are saying that it’s pathetic, he should have spent loads of money on alcohol instead.

    Am I the only one who finds this weird? That it is socially acceptable to drink yourself stupid in response to a break up, yet even people on a gaming website think that it’s pathetic to engross yourself in something gaming related to deal with the pain. The end goal is the same, and one option is far worse for your health, but the attitudes are diametrically opposed.

    I should point out that I do like to drink (in moderation) so this is not an attack no the evils of alcohol. I’m more interested in the associated attitudes.

    • I have realized recently that most people are rigidly stuck to what the acceptable standard of things are. And even people who try and challenge the stereotype , old gamers, young people who like classical music kind of use that feature of their life to define themselves. People who drink in Australia is more the social norm then pretty much any other activity i can think of. I guess what i am trying to say is that 90% of the people either completely accept or completely reject a activity. the 10% is filled with people not scared to be in the middle group.

    • Totally agree, i love my alcohol! but i think his way of dealing with the pain is much more manly than blowing copius amounts of cash on booze, sure he is using a mask and to many he is hiding behind it, but really drinking alcohol does not really “help” pain if anything it increases it dramatically for a short period of time. so the next time you are sober you cant feel it as much, but its still there. alcohol does not help for anything except filling the craving for a party groove and even then you dance better when your sober. i applaud that mans decision, he is doing a far managing his sorrows than any alcoholic ever did.

      • that part about party groove probly sounds like im saying “you only have fun when your drunk”, not what i meant at all.

        • You were trying to say “it’s easier to have fun when you’re drunk”, and that’s definitely true. Lowered inhibitions + unexpected actions = hilarity in many cases (or tragedy in others).

          But I think it probably does come down to what you touched upon there (and James Mac later on) – it’s more “manly” to drink yourself into oblivion. If you come out the other side in one piece, you’ve proven… um… that your muscled physique and emotionally deadened heart have become even more manly than before?

          TAY: Challenging society’s norms, one post at a time.

    • Really society is screwed when drinking is the “right way” to deal with anything. IMO people should deal with stuff as they see fit, and any real friends they have will accept that, and then just give them a nudge when the time is right to get things back on track, but not judge and chastise them for their choice of coping mechanism.

    • Why is it weird?

      It’s what Hemmingway would have done… and if there’s a man that should be emulated, it’s Hemmingway.

    • I thought it was cool. I would probably have bought other stuff personally but still. It’s what he wanted and it helped him

  • So i watched some DOTA2 stuff last night. I am pretty sure i am going to swap over from LoL and play that instead.The art style is pretty amazeballs and the gameplay seems fairly similar to LoL anyway.

  • “Have you ever, ever felt like this?”

    woof, Woof, WOOF, WOOOOOF, WOOOOOF!
    “Ugh, Dan that’s your alarm” came the annoyed grunt of my girlfriend.
    “Goddammit” came my reply. “This better be worth it”

    Oh, shit. I had no idea.

    Dragging myself, out of bed I threw on a non-descript black shirt, found my car keys and checked my twitter feed. “WHERE ARE YOU?!??!!” screamed the capitalised innernette speak of Shiggy Ninty.”Just leaving now” I lied. I was hoping their plane had crashed Lost style, and I could go back to bed.
    Sliding my most stylish pair of glasses on, I went to leave. Only when I was halfway down my street did I realise I didn’t have any pants on.
    After finding an old pair of shorts stuck under one of the seats, I was off again.

    “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Small Black Car”

    “I’m the black Honda Jazz” I dangerously tweeted doing 100 km/h toward the airport. As soon as I sent it I realised the car in front of me was also a black Jazz. Except this one had the appropriate sex driving it (female). “How are they gonna tell which one I am” I wondered. Seriously. In what world would ANYONE confuse me for a mid-20’s girl with kids? What an idiot. Regardless I figured I’d just look for the 3 lost looking nerds wandering aimlessly.

    “The Three Amigos”

    I didn’t have to look hard. Shiggy out in front towering over every one, proudly displaying a bacon shirt, Pes loaded up with a thousand and one computers and Doc What casually being all Scottish and shit stood out like me driving a girls car. Loading my car with arcade sticks, NSWelshman & about 6 hours sleep between all of us, we set off to my place to wait for something to open.

    “Now we play the waiting game… Screw this, let’s play Tekken 6”

    After wandering down the road for “Brisbane’s Best Breakfast” and Shiggy questioning why I had soy bacon in my fridge, we set off to Dan Murphy’s to stock up on refreshments. 15mins of pretending the four of us knew what beer was what, we settled on a carton of James Squire and made our way home. After consuming so much caffeine that 3 of us were shaking and one of us was so slimey I thought he was gonna slide off my leather couch, I declared the meat open on twitter and only a half hour later, our first guest arrived.
    I have it on good authority that this guest stood out the front of my house perplexed by my newfangled gate & latch. Thoughts of jumping the fence or calling someone flittered through his mind as he grappled with the insurmountable task of getting inside. Finally, after 5 mins of problem solving, Sughly realised it was like every other gate ever made and simply pushed and opened it.
    Around 3pm saw the arrival of Strange & Welbot, followed closely by Trjn & the world’s politest teenager, Lambo. Seriously Lambo, I was so impressed with how polite you were. Just as I’m sure you were impressed by my dancing.
    Oh did I not mention the fact that Welbot brought Dance Central? Because it was pretty amazing. Sorry, I was pretty amazing. Shiggy got served by yours truly, but then Lambo & Welbot crushed any hopes I had of being a backup dancer for Justin Timberlake by schooling me in getting down. I also found out that if I buy a Kinect, I’ll have to deal with my girlfriend flailing her arms and screaming “WHY DOESN’T IT WORK FOR ME!!!”
    Now I should explain that it was around this time that, god knows how, we realised we needed more beer. Sughly, Doc, AP & me made another trip to Dan Murphy’s. I hadn’t started drinking yet, because I was waiting for a call from Jimu to go and pick him up from the bus station.
    I’d never make that trip.

    “One call that changes your life”

    -codec ring- -codec ring-
    “Hello, Dan speaking”
    “Hey man it’s Jim, I’m still about an hour away”
    “Hang on, I need to move , Rock Band is way too loud. What was that?”
    “I’m about an hour away!”
    “Oh, alright. Do you mind getting a bus? Just I really wanna start drinking”
    “Yeah man, no worries”
    “Cool, see you soon”

    I slowly looked around. Rock Band was going off in my living room, Shiggy was Bonhaming the shit out of those drums, Trjn & Sughly were shredding on guitar while Lambo & Strange played swap the mic. I moved into the dining room. Doc was fighting someone in Tekken on one TV while the Xbox hummed on idle on the other.
    Shiggy goes swiftly past me, apparently it’s cigar time for him and AP. Welbot gets Jim’s number and says he’ll go and grab him. I’m standing in my house, sober, hearing everyone playing almost every genre of video game.
    “Shit, I gotta catch up”
    10 mins and 3 beers later, I’m jamming on Rock Band when the unthinkable happens. Lambo loses his temper at my fan.

    “The names Man, Lamboman”

    I didn’t see it happen, but I believe it went like this.
    “Hey, kid. You look like a weakling, wanna fight” taunted the fan.
    “No thank-you, and besides I’d mop the floor with you” calmly replied Lambo.
    “Ha, doubt it. Come near me bro, and I’ll take off one of your arms.”
    Lambo’s eyes narrowed.
    “Challenge accepted”
    The world slowed down. The bead of sweat falling from my forehead, frozen in mid-air. Sughly’s frown while jamming became statuesque. I’m pretty sure AP was in like a weird half blinking state.
    It was only Lambo’s elbow that moved at a normal pace. Jamming it between the fans blades, his mighty guns easily outmatched their flimsy plastic construction. A deafening crack filled the room.
    It was over. The fan was defeated, one of its blades shattered on the ground, Lambo sitting triumphant in his chair.
    “Guess you could say I’m not your fan” he whispered.

    “We are experiencing technical difficulties, we will resume service shortly”

    From this point on, I can’t remember exactly what happened. I can outline the events I was part of, but their order may be highly suspect. So here’s a list.
    – Jimu turned up and he and I discussed why Batman RIP wasn’t very good.
    – Welbot made me give Shiggy some beers for some reason. Shiggy had no idea why he deserved beers. I informed Welbot who asked me to help put them in the sink with the other drinks. I spilled my beer all over my jeans (the same jeans I haven’t washed and am currently wearing at work, stay classy Dan) while my dog lapped up the small puddle of beer forming on the floor.
    – AP farted in my entry way.
    – So effing much Rock Band was played. Like I think every song in my 400+ library has been played at least once now.
    – Lambo, who if you’ll remember is the politest person in the world, asked if he could play some Reach. I felt bad because I proceeded to school him in 1v1 death match. Feeling pretty tops that I was besting someone from a generation renowned for their skill in console FPS’s, I started smack talking. Lambo then informed me that this was the second time he’d ever played a console FPS. He then killed me with a no scope sniper shot to the head. I think I might’ve rage quit at that point.
    – Sughly kept yelling at everyone to play Scott Pilgrim. (And I’m the hipster?!)
    – Trjn ordered pizza in my office.
    – I farted in my office WHILE Trjn was ordering pizza.
    – AP then yelled at me that we needed more beer.
    – AP, Welbot & I left for Dan Murphy’s for the third time.
    – AP, Welbot & I returned from Dan Murphy’s to a house filled with pizza.
    – Hot sauce was slathered on pizza. I nearly died while AP, Doc, Strange & Trjn all laughed at me with their mouths made of asbestos.
    – Sughly finally yelled loud enough that someone paid attention and we started 4 player Scott Pilgrim.
    – Strange informed me that I “Spider Grip” controllers.
    – Sughly farted while playing Scott Pilgrim.
    – We beat the first level.
    – Me and Sughly yelled at Shiggy to play Adventure Time & Tim and Eric clips on YouTube. While everyone sat in an awkward silence.

    “All good things must come to an end”

    It’s 11pm and some of us have been awake for almost 24 hours. Like machines, everyone stood in unison and started packing up. I ordered a taxi for Strange as everyone filtered through the front door. SOS got home after seeing Flaming Lips with Hungry Jacks for me (they do Vege burgers btw, and they are effing atrocious) and Strange’s taxi pulled up only 10 mins after being called.
    As I lay in bed in a drunken stupor, Sally untying my shoes and taking them off so I didn’t kick her in the night, I became reflective.
    “Did you have a good time, sweetie?” she asks.
    “Grrngg-ffllll-prrsshh” I slur as I fall asleep.

    Translation: The best time.

    • LOLOL!!!!!!!!
      Oh man this writeup makes me feel almost like I was there.. what epicness.. the majesty, the sorrow, the pure drama of the event.

      I’m so jelly I didn’t get to make it.

      • lol! it was indeed epic! Much like the one I hosted, but with a lot less room, and a lot more booze :0
        Perhaps the most epic though, is that even with the missing reels, he’s still left out tons of awesome! 😉

      • I should totally upload the pics and vids I took when I get home… if I could get my pc to stay on longer than 30 seconds with a graphic driver installed :\

        $630 brand new video card, and it made my problem WORSE!! WTF!?!?!!?!
        I’m sure it’s a driver thing though cos if I uninstall the nvidia drivers, it’ll stay up for ages… weirdest thing is, it only started yesterday… was fine til then 😐

    • Man, that gate. I walked up to it, tried to open it a few times, only to realise it was tied shut with string. Then I discovered it was the other gate I was supposed to go through.
      After that I stood at your door for about 5 minutes, knocking on the door and calling out, but of course, you guys had the TV up to loud and it wasn’t until the dog discovered me that you guys realised that someone was at the door.
      Yeah, that’s totally how the fan thing went. I hope it learnt it’s lesson 😛
      Also, when I bring Halo 3 back, I wanna rematch 🙂

    • Finally got around to making some breakfast. I should probably go buy more breakfast stuffs because all I had was eggs and mushrooms.

      So I melted some butter in a pan, added a clove of garlic, made the mushrooms all good and awesome. Then made some lacklustre scrambled eggs, although the addition of a little chili sauce seems to make them significantly better.

      My breath shall be rather terrible today, but it don’t matter, I’ll only be leaving the house to buy groceries!

    • Nicely done, nicely done. Also we shoulve played more Scott Pilgrim, we only beat like 2 evil exes man!

      I’ll add vague memories of Strange being actually good at singing, unlike everyone else. Myself excluded.
      Aaaaaand… ahhh… crap. It’ll come to me.

      On my way home I was all drunken and bitter and talking to myself about how we shouldv played more Scott Pilgrim and that the night was still young! But then, after nearly being trapped on the train by my earphones wrapped around a pole somehow, and then my drunken knees buckling under me as I literally jumped off the train, I realised it probably was bed time.

    • Some things I remember from the Meat:
      -Shiggy is good at EVERYTHING! He can dance, sing, play any instrument and kick butt in any game.
      – Sughly is awesome when sober, but when he’s been drinking he becomes this uber-awesome godlike being. I should ditch Rocketman as a pet and have Sughly instead. Also, I know his real name now but I’ll never tell!
      – DAN! is the only person I’ve ever known who deserves a name all capitalised and exclamatory.
      – I said (well, sang, or actually more like yelled) a swears in front of Lamb. !
      – Bunny is the most grown up person out of all of us, except maybe Gentleman What?.
      – Jimu was there! I miss Jimu! 🙁
      – The Pessimist talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk when it comes to chili, but Doc What? is the chili whisperer.
      – DAN!’s GF is gorgeous. Absolutely, completely gorgeous. And nuts like DAN!.
      – I think I freaked out Lamb by hugging him. Also, I think he’s the only person I hugged.
      -Welbot drinks girly drinks, but it’s okay because he’s manly enough for it not to damage his rep. 😛 Also, thanks so much for being great and offering me a lift, Welbot!

        • I am a GODLIKE DRUNK! Best compliment I’ve ever received. I might even have that inscribed on my tombstone. And no Sughly is not my name! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp*

      • OH! I just remembered! I must have blocked it out because of the pain or something. Bunny and I had to endure extreme ice torture just to find a can of Pepsi Max in amongst all the beer in the sink. We seriously had to plunge our hand into the ice bath and dig around hoping we’d find a Pepsi before the pain became too much.

      • lolol I must know Sughly’s name now.. unless it’s what he signs his emails off with .. in which case.. it’s a superhero’s name. Looks like I have found my arch nemesis, MWAHAHAHAH

        But seriously, I am so jelly you guys sound like you all had a great time 🙂

  • So i’m toying with an epic idea which will have to wait until i get epic funds… but basically – want to make a Kotaku Space Marine Army.

    Of course it wouldn’t be playable, having to include strange and Harli (space marines have no-girl policy) – but the end result would be RAD.

    I would need to convert some of the minis.. but i have already been thinking of what i can use for whom.

    Here’s some of what i’ve thought of so far:

    Welbot – A techmarine

    Tech Knight: A dreadnaught

    Strange – Sister of battle

    Harli – Callidus Assassin

    Rocketman – Assault Marine

    Hugo – Obvious

    Pixel – Just as obvious

    Mark – Chapter master

    soooo many posibilities

    • Same here. Why on earth do they need to sell fake tattoos??? It’s a game store! If the tattoos where game related, that’d be fine, but they’re not. They’re just generic girl’s tattoos, flowers, butterflies, things like that.

    • If this is what they need to stay in business, then I say, go for it. Just keep it segregated from the games, and I will continue to ignore it like I currently am 🙂

  • Dammit. Skyrim arrived finally. 🙁

    Trouble is, it arrived at the same time as Assassin’s Creed. And I don’t know which one I should play. Do I start Skyrim, then AC for a bit, then back to Skyrim, do I AC first for an unbroken Syrim experience, or do I spend several weeks with Skyrim and then not play AC for months because I get sidetracked by other games?

    • I’d play Assassin’s Creed. My completely play time was ~22 hours or so. It’ll be easier to play and get out of the way before Skyrim destroys your life.

    • I suspect you’ll be able to knock AC:R off pretty quickly… my suggestion would be go with that. I found myself in a similar situation, with a slightly longer window-of-play – AssRev and Skyrim last week. In the meantime I finished AC:R and did pretty much as much of the extra stuff as I could be bothered to do (was not anywhere near as enthused as I was with prior AC games). I hit Skyrim up over the weekend, but am not completely addicted/etc in its world yet. ALL ELSE WILL BE DROPPED this Thurs, obv…

  • Does anyone know if Blizzard have released min spec requirements for diablo III yet, or can someone here give me some suggestions. Gotta start actually paying money for a computer, and im poor, so i gotta do it bit by bit.

    • I don’t think they have, but knowing Blizzard I doubt you could build a computer from new desktop parts that couldn’t run it, though not necessarily run it well.

      IMO if you’re looking at a reasonable mid-range-ish machine, look at one of the Quad-core i5s, 4gb RAM, mid-range GPU like a GeForce 560 or Radeon 6950. It’d be able to handle just about everything you could throw at it at fairly capable settings & resolutions.

    • I’d probably say a $800 custom built computer (without peripherals) on the day of release would be enough to run Diablo 3 beautifully, and games on it for the next few years, too.
      I’m sure you could go lower, but I’m more of a fan of slight future-proofing.

      • yeah, i was looking at a gefore 560, for graphics, would LOVE better, but building on a budget sucks. atleast the gfx card would work in my current machine until i get thecpu and mobo for the new rig. so i think the graphics will be the first part i buy.

        • Not that I want to dissuade you from this, but I wouldn’t rush too fast, reason being that AMD are aiming to release their 7000-series GPUs in late December or early 2012 and nVIDIA are launching their next gen early next year as well. It may be worth your while to wait a month or two and pick up the current generation cards on the cheap, or get the next generation.

          • I work in distribution and find i almost NEVER see a price drop even when the next gen comes out. Example, we STILL have stock of geforce gtx460 cards, and they are pretty much the same price as the gtx560.

    • Current machine is a core duo E5600 with 2gb ram. no dedicate gfx. so really, its more of a buying a whole machine in parts than an upgrade.

  • Hey strange i sent your copy of American gods, It should be there either tomorrow or wednesday. Let me knowif it arrives safetly!

    • Thanks! I will let know when it gets here.
      Oh, and I’m sorry I started treating you like a pet. I’ve had a few hours to think about it while I was out and now I just feel mean. Sorry. 🙁

      • Hahaha you have nothing on Bish, Don’t worry ma’m it takes quite a insult to get under my skin. (Unless i though you may have had malice in which case i would of said something and probably ran crying into the toilet)

  • Hey guys i have been listening to a awesome song, my work mate says he wants it at his funeral. I kinda agree it is upbeat and still quite passionate. Also Stafford brothers are kinda awesome.

    enjoy and tell me what you think. Except sughly who will most probably mock my taste in music, with his hipsterness

    • Somehow I read ‘candle’ as ‘castle’, and I thought ‘Wow. This guy is so rich he owns castles and burns them!

  • I just realised I’ve been lurking here all day. For the first time in an age, I haven’t had much to say…

    Oh well, back to the 40K wiki for another few hours.