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    Tell me if it's funny or lame!

      Great video. Would definitely upvote or like or +1 or something if I were able.

        Hey, thanks man.

        When you said 0:41, did you mean when I said "I like to think of this as a 'Rocket-Appreciation' Map?". Because it took me a while to think of that line, and I was quite proud of it! :P

        You don't need to necesarilly 'like' it, but Post it on facebook/twitter/myspace/google+/reddit/digg/delicious/etc!!!!

          I think he means the bit where the word 'zumba' flies across the screen :P

      Oh hey, did I tell you that I betrayed the PC Master race and got an xbox? :P

        Ignoring that I have one too... :P

        Welcome to the Dark Side young one.

      Leeroy Jenkins rocket was the star.
      That was brilliant. I realllllly liked it! :D

        I'm surprised you even saw that! I thought that was one of my more subtle text inserts, along with the soldier getting hurt later on. :P

      Nice work Tad, it kept me entertained so that is always a good sign

    Have a great week guys! I'm feeling pretty good for a monday.

      Thanks Cephalxn! Good morning to you too. By the way how does one pronounce Cephalxn?

        I pronounce it Sef-a-lexin ;). I was incredibly sick when I was creating my first WoW character a loooong time ago and glanced at my antibiotics siting on my desk.

          LOL that is the best name origin ever!

    I might be dabbling into Dawn of War 2 Retribution on weekends with a friend soon, everything I see on the MP on it makes me want to try it more and more :P

    Also, good morning humans and bots!

      Last Stand mode is a lot of fun. Sunk many, many hours into that one for a while there.

        Yeah tried that too with the chaos sorceror, very fun :)

    Today is a great day to TABTOL:

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    Post #2501: lambomann007 at 08:21 21/11

    Hmm, I really need to lift my posting rate. 4? That's terrible! Guess that's what I get for spending all week wasting time on work XP

      Hahaha, and I don't think I said a single interesting thing last week :P
      Sorry all.

      I'll never escape from the 30s. I've been averaging around 25 posts a week for a while now. Got to start posting more.

      7 posts is my record. It's a tall order... but if I concentrate, maybe this week I can make it to 8. (I unintentionally rhymed :P)

      Awesome, #36! Although it feels like I posted more than that.

      I am both Shocked and appalled that i am now in the top 20. Either i wasted to much work time, or other people did not waste enough.

    I got my first skill to 100 in Skyrim yesterday, blacksmithing, and now my Dovahkiin is sporting a fancy set of Dragon armour. Whoever suggested making iron daggers last week thank you. It really helped.

    For anyone interested in getting to 100 blacksmithing here's how to do it:

    First you'll need around 10k-12k gold. I wasn't keeping exact track of my gold spent during the whole time I was leveling up blacksmithing but levels 70-100 cost me about 5k-6k.

    Quick travel to a bunch of blacksmiths and buy all their iron ingots and leather straps. If it's night when you arrive just wait until morning. Once who've got a bunch of iron ingots and leather strapts go to a forge and just make iron daggers again and again. When you've used up all your iron ingots and leather straps go sell all your daggers to the blacksmith to get some of your money back. It wont be much but it's something.

    Repeat this until you hit level 100. Most of the blacksmiths would have restocked their inventory of iron ingots and leather straps in the time it took you to fast travel around the world and wait for it to be daytime if it was night when you arrived.

    A few extra notes:

    You can make both light and heavy versions of Dragon armour.
    There are no dragon weapons. You'll be stuck using Ebony weapons or whatever the light armour equivalent is until you find some Daedra hearts to make Daedra weaponry or whatever you need for the light armour equivalent (I think it's glass).
    There is a dragon shield though.
    It only takes a dragon scale or bone and a couple iron ingots and leather straps to make the dragon armour. You should be able to make a full set after only killing two dragons.
    You should improve the armour at a workbench. It costs a scale or bone to improve each piece but it almost doubles the armour rating.

      Woo! I also got to 100 Blacksmithing last night. Is the dragon armor worth all the perks though?

      Another tip: apparently if you max out enchanting you can enchant a set of armor to give you 100% spell cost reduction for a magic type (two if you get the last perk) Not at 100 yet myself but it looks likely.

        It only takes about 6 perk points to get it so I'd say worth it. Improved heavy Dragon armour has about an 86 armor rating which is nice. It also gives you something to do with all the dragon bones and scales you'll get. I had about 20 scales and bones just sitting in my chest at home but now I can turn them into armour and sell them for about 2.4k each.

        If you don't want to spend all the points to get the Dragon armour you can always stop one short at the Daedra armour. It's slightly better then the Dragon armour but the mats for it are a lot rarer.

        Yes I just got back from my hmoon last week, and duly purchased skyrim on the fanfare that has been plastered all over the internets... Goodbye weekend and many more to come!
        Will my marriage last longer than Kim Kardashians?

      Another suggestion is Dwarven Bows. These only require 2 dwarven ingots and 1 iron ingot. While more material is needed for this, getting dwarven ingots is easy, just grab all metal stuff from a Dwemer ruin and you can change them into ingots, normally end up with about 60-80 ingots from a single ruin.
      The upside of this is you can make a lot of money selling off the bows. Good idea if you plan on buying ebony ingots for the Ebony and Daedric weapons.

      'twas I who gave the Iron Dagger pointer :)
      Glad it worked for you. I'm working on enchanting next.
      I' ll post my hot-tip for getting easy soul gems in a sec.

      Here's another hint: don't just sell the iron daggers, use them to raise your enchanting skill.

      If you can find an item with the "Banish" enchantment in a store, buy it. I don't care how much money it costs, just buy it and disenchant it. If you enchant an iron dagger with "Banish" using ANY level of soul gem (even petty), the dagger will be worth over 1300 gold. With no speechcraft perks I can still sell them for about 600 gold a piece.

      What this means is that during your iron/leather runs, you can also buy filled petty/lesser/common soul gems, and after you're done enchanting it all you'll make your money back, plus some, all the while raising both your smithing and enchantment skills.

      I only started doing this once I'd already hit level 80 in both skills, and the last 20 levels passed by in no time at all. Once I had level 100 in both (and all the important perks) I crafted myself a full set of enchanted legendary gear and became a GOD! :D :D :D

    For those that missed it, as I posted this yesterday arvo:

    Our first recorded LoL game! Terrible audio and ~1 minute is missing for some reason... but it's in HD!

      Looks really good, but yeah you're right about the sound

      I started watching that and realised it probably wasn't a good idea to start my day with 40 minutes of LOL replay before I get any work done

    Hungover, on a monday. This can't be good :S
    I need a coffee with extra coffee and some coffee on top.

    So yeah I had a busy weekend :D
    How was everyone's weekend eh?

      My weekend was great. Had fun meeting everyone at the meet. :D
      Then I played Halo 3 almost all day yesterday, twas fun too. :)

      My weekend was ok.

      Yesterday we found one of our Cockatiel's eggs had hatched so we now have a baby Cockatiel \o/

      Later we found one of our Rabbits dead /o\

      Circle of life I guess.

        What? Wow thats a strange kind of give-and-take hey?

      Coffee sounds good. Can someone tell the IT gods to stop destroying my network so I can go get some good stuff?

      Visiting rellies, so basically no game-time. I have a lot of Skyrim to catch up on...

      Morning Puppylicks! May I suggest a powerade or berocca to ease your hangover pains?

      Also my weekend was very good, filled with many lolz and silly moments.

        Oooh good idea, sadly I has neither berocca or powerade.
        I shall improvise with a jumbo coffee and lots of water instead :D

        Glad to hear your weekend was a good one, silly weekends are the best weekends :D

      ahhhhh puppy, I believe you ordered a side server of coffee in coffee sauce to go with your coffee

    oh harro!

    last week was my first decent effort at participating in TAY, so it'll be interesting to see where I end up on the list this week.

      Hey guy i don't want to be mean, but have you been around here before cause i have seen your name on KKP but not here. I literally don't know anything about you!

        Oh Rocketman.

          I now picture you saying that in na really unsexy way like while eating chezzels. But i do hate it when all others but you do it!

            Cheezels can be sexy too!

              I mean you couldn't be eating them, you would have to be holding them while doing something sexy. Like maybe pole dancing. Pole dancing while holding chezzels is the new sexy!

                The right woman can make just about anything sexy, Rocketman!

                  Or man
                  because we don't discriminate do we numbers :P

        looooooooooong time lurker, I left a comment every now and again, but yeah, trying to get a bit more involved.

        so yeah, last week was the first time I tried to keep up with you guys in TAY, and hopefully I can continue, and eventually become one of the cool kids :P

          No worries bro looking forward to see you posting!

            I also entered into the Space Marine/Chainsword competition a while back, so you've probably already seen my face (and my trashpit of a room) and not realised it :D

              I've been noticing you! I even responded to some of your comments on TAY a few weeks ago.
              Don't worry about our pet Rocketman, you'll get used to him. :P

          Don't worry, man!
          I noticed you before! :P

            Yeah same! *slaps Rocketman* Bad Rocketman, bad!

          You're in TAY. You're cool.

            Too much Brutal Legend?

              Is there really such a thing as too much Brutal Legend?

              before you answer, the correct answer is no. :P

                You may have just earned yourself a "Get Out of Oaring Free" card...

    Is there a way to tell in youtube who has 'liked/disliked' your video?

      i think it is impossible for the reason that some video's that alot of people like and gets one dislike the would find out who the person is and go to there youtube account and spam terrible things!

    Settled down in front of the TV last night for a bit more Battlefield 3 punishment while I try to level up. It's a real pain when you start one of these games 3 or 4 weeks after everybody else, as you just get repeatedly arser*ped by people who have learned the maps and unlocked all the weapons, gear etc while I'm sitting on level 2 or 3 which means I'm basically running around using a combination of harsh language and hitting them with a handbag.

    Anyhoo, I tried it and couldn't log into PSN! Was anybody else having trouble last night? Or was it just me?

    Since I couldn't log in I just went and finished off the single player campaign instead. And I'd just like to say wow. I don't think I've ever played (or at least played all the way through to the end) a worse single player FPS campaign. I thought BFBC2 had a bad one, but clearly I was mistaken. Truly horrible in pretty much every way. Well done, EA/DICE *slow clap* Oh well, at least the multiplayer is good. Or will be once I've got some equipment.

      I got some Battlefield 3 in last night too. It was jarring after having played MW3 for an hour beforehand. Felt like I was moving through molasses for about five minutes then I got my groove back.

      Really fantastic game. I'm concentrating on my support class to get some decent kit. I always played engineer in BC2 but really like support this time. I've almost unlocked the infrared scope for my LMG!

      I agree the campaign was pretty shocking. but dude seriously, have you played MoH, Homefront or any of the rexent CoD's? the bar is pretty freaking low if you ignore original Gears and Halo (and probably a few other FPS games). i wouldnt be surprised if the average time to complete those campaigns on the hardest level is only 3-4 hours. sure some of the story Ideas are nice but other than the ideas (which are generally the same)* its all pretty boring.

      *yes i am aware that for a generic shooter there are only so many ways you can do shit, but none the less they still do shit

        wooo recent had sex with t-rex and became rexent

        Last COD I played was MW2 and while that campaign wasn't real good (I much preferred COD4's - I really enjoyed that one) , I'd still take it over BF3's. And I'd take Killzone 3's singleplayer over either of COD/BF. In some ways BF3 reminded me of MW2 in the sense that the story is almost non-existent - both games give the distinct impression that somebody came up with some ideas for a few set pieces and then somebody else tried (and, for the most part, failed) to come up with some kind of story to link them together. Oh well, it's not a big deal since, like everybody else, I bought it mainly for the multiplayer. Just disappointing that the single player side gets so little attention paid to it.

        MW3 campaign is streets ahead of BF3 campaign.

        As for multiplayer, in my opinion they're equal as they both offer completely different experiences to me.

          not too sure how i feel about MW3 campaign, havent completed it yet because tbh ive just been playing the multiplayer. totally agree about the multiplayer across the two though, BF3 feels a bit more "tatical" and even paced, whereas MW3 is like confined and fast. Im honestly enjoying both for their own reasons

        I really like Metro 2033 so I have hope for last light as well. Although I know it doesn't really count a generic shooter.
        But they are designed as multiplayer shooters and that is where they spend the time and money.

          Well that was meant to be a reply to Di11enger but whatever

          I feel your pain in relation to being a low level. Just tried out DC universe on a PvP server on the weekend. Damn those lower levels are hard to get through with the high levels just constantly ganking.
          I had a lvl 30 attacking me when I was lvl 5

    Brisbane Dans'/Dance/danse? meats write up?!?!?

      It would of been awesome dan has a sausage to named boy that he uses for a moustache. What can beat that!

      Let's just say it was a...DANm good time? Also I CBF to do the write up, mainly because I don't write words well.

      Brisbane Meats are too awesome to be adequately conveyed in a write-up. You'll just have to attend the next one so you too can know the amazement that is a BrisMeat. AKA, I can't be bothered to write something. :P

      Sughly comic??

        Yeaaah Ive already thought about what to draw, but in all honesty the only things I remember involved me. I was completely unaware of what pretty much anyone else was doing haha. Ahhh... good times.

        Hey remember when Lambo put his elbow in the fan? lol.

          That's how awesome I am, I can take out a fan with my bare elbow!

      The best way to summarise is with these figures.

      Lamboman: 1
      Pedestal Fan: 0

      QLD: 1
      NSW: 0

      Bring it, NSW.

      Also, I'm cutting a vidja so it'll be done later this week. Lots of drunk Dan & AP getting adults to buy us booze.

        You wouldn't happened to have filmed me taking out your fan, would you?

        Can you really claim a QLD victory when you needed 3 rockin' New South Welshmen to make it awesome?

          HA! You've never experienced anything but a Sydney Meat so you have no idea. You Sydney people are just lucky we let you guys tag along. BrisMeats are epic in spite of Sydney people, not because. :P

        lol.. I might look like an adult, but I sure as hell don't feel like one ;) But damn... I pwned that carton big time! Totally made it my bitch! I even managed to turn on my charm for the camera while I carried that sucker fireman style! :0 I'm so looking forward to these vids! Not so much for the bits I'm in, but damn you were funny walkin back from the bollte-o hahahahaha

    I finally managed to tear myself away from SKYRIM! so I could play a little of Saints Row 3.
    I really loved the second game, however I am finding 3 to be a bit... meh.
    I am not sure why, but I have found the second game to be more enjoyable.
    It just feels like there is less stuff in this game. I am not sure about the map sizes, but the area feels smaller, plus there seems to be less shops. Also, less activites, so far anyway, more stuff may become available later.

      I'm well in excess of the minimum specs on PC yet I'm getting pretty choppy framerates when outside. The action scenes at the start were really smooth but as soon as I could go where I want, I reckon I'm getting around 20fps with occasional dips to around 2fps for a second. It's still somehow playable but I think I'm losing a lot of what it has to offer by it not being smooth. Pretty annoying.

      I didn't play 1 or 2, but apart from the fps issue I really like 3.

    So, got Oblivion GOTY Delux Edition on sale via steam last week for next to nothing.

    Going to sit down and actually play the game through from start to finish this time - last attempt I accidentally found how to break the gates by using immortal NPC followers. Kind of ruined it for me.

    Soooo - what mods should I be rocking?

    Currently running OOO, Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, and the unoffical patches. Any other suggestions for making the game pretty and/or awesome fun?

      I can't remember the names of a lot of these mods but a google seach should find you what you want.

      I'd suggest you get one of the weather modes and one of the mods that makes people less ugly.

      There's a mod that adds a lot more people to the world. It's called crowded roads of something. There's also a mod that adds children to the game but they look really odd.

      There's some nice custome armour and weapon mods out there too. Some even let you dual wield weapons though it's not proper dual wielding like Skyrim, the weapon in your left hand will just be a weapon shaped shield that you can only use to block, not attack.

      There's a mod called Midas spells or something that adds a lot of new spells to the game.

      Akatosh mounts is also pretty cool. It adds dragon mounts to the game you can fly around on. Compared to Skyrims dragons they look terrible but it's still fun to fly around the place. You can just use them as a portable storage if you don't want to fly on them.

      There's a zombie invasion mod that's sort of cool. It changes the game in a big way though and could cause a lot of quest givers to die so you may want to avoid it.

      There's also a mod that allows you to skip the opening sewer event. Having done that event a number of times I thought the mod was great but if you haven't done the sewer event that many times you may want to skip this.

      The internet declares that the mod that makes the females have bigger boobies is the only mod you need.

      Well, I assume there is a mod for that. I think it's a pretty safe assumption, really.

        it's a pretty safe assumption, seeing as on the EB Games facebook page, they asked what mods people wanted to see, and roughly half of the comments had something to do with either nude NPCs, or something to that extent...

    And so begins my first whole-week off! Heads up: I will be playing Skyrim (and Skyward Sword! Only 3 more sleeps! :D)

    Speaking of Skyward Sword... Have any retailers other than EB/Game got a price for the limited edition game? I went to JB Hifi the other day and the sign still said $TBA :P 120 dollars from EB/Game just seems so steep, but I'll probably have to suck it up.

    Morning all!

    Xbox day at The Hut:

    Also, 5 pounds off for large orders 5WINTER
    10% off Xbox games. 360VALUE

    The Duke Nukem Balls of Steel edition is 24.95GBP (less 10%) for those who want it, it'll come to about $35-40.

    Hope your weekends were good!

      Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution - XBox 360

      Save: 76%

      £11.95 Free Delivery


    So i got stuck into my pile of shame on the weekend.

    Friday night i came home and though "ok a game i can knock over quickly"

    So i slid in Bayonetta (pun intended) - and after half an hour i had already had enough. I just couldn't get into it.. and it's so... so... JAPANESE!
    But not in the good sense, more in the tacky sense...
    The one thing i did like it was the rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time "fly me to the moon"

    So i said "screw it" and chucked Assassins Creed into my box and picked up where i left off over a year ago.
    I figured that even though it's not a short game, it is a game i have needed to finish for a while - and something really surprised me.
    I stopped playing because i found it kind of boring.. but now that i've started again, i'm actually finding it really drawing me in.. saving citizens, climbing towers (but not collecting flags - i hate collecting flags).
    I think it's because i've actually started to get a good grip on counters and freerunning.
    I'm really enjoying it and hoping to finish it off before Bee comes back - then i may settle back in to Red Dead Redemption.

    Altair (or however you spell his name) is actually really starting to grow on me. He's a noble sort of killer, dedicated and loyal. The one thing that bugs me is his lap-dog "yes master" attitude - which i'm sure will unravel more as the game progresses.

    Also watched Scarface for the first time last night.
    Pretty good. What i really loved about it is that it's so 80's! lol
    The music - brilliant!
    Al Pacino really does steal the movie though.

      Al Pacino stole the movie, eh?
      Want me to go make him give it back? :P

        I knew someone would make that lame joke - it just HAD to be you, didn't it? LOL

      You should try Mirrors Edge man, it's pretty short and very unique. Easy to knock of your pile of shame in a lazy arvo or a couple of nights.
      Just turn runner vision off :)

      Yeah I thought I was gonna love Bayonetta, but I didnt. Ive only played it for like 30 mins but already there were way too many vagina crash zooms and extreme close ups.

        You guys are weird. Bayonetta is AWESOME!

          Yeah I really liked it too, you'd just play through it thinking 'what kind of crazy shenanigans are going to happen next?'
          The story was all over the place, but that's not why you play Bayonetta :D

            I mainly quit because i got frustrated
            I'm playing on normal and in the second level, when you're on the plane 0- i keep crashing and dying because the damn angels knock out my magic with one hit - it's really fething frustrating

              And like seriously, too many vaginas.

                Actually the vagina content tones down a lot after the first few chapters of the game... I think :P
                And Loops you gotta dodge dodge dodge! That's the biggest mechanic of the game is dodging everything to get witch-time going :D

                Too many vaginas? Not something I ever thought I'd hear on TAY. :P
                You know, I didn't even notice them.

    So I bought MW3 through and I'm thinking I might record and upload every game as I try to progress through to prestige, shameful fail games and all. Fun fun!

      That sounds kinda fun!
      I don't actually hate COD as much as i used to. I will probably watch your fun times. Thats usually because if someone here uploads anything i ussually watch.

        I'm off next week so expect a LOT of videos!

      are they still using IWnet for MW3 on PC, or have they moved to dedicated servers?

        From what I'm told dedicated servers are only for non-ranked games so you can't earn XP. Quite sad, really. Otherwise yeah, still IWnet I suppose.

    Natalie Tran = Fucking awesome - that is all

      I think you are right funniest woman on youtube. Its mainly self depricating humor that she uses but it is to such a great extent. great stuff!

        und soooo purdy!

        She always has me in hysterics - mainly because i often think the same things :P

          If you ever read the comments from her video's its always along the line of "i came hear because i thought it was porn!"

      I just googled who that is. I remember her from that one episode of Talking About Your Generation that was on earlier this year.

      I haven't seen any of her videos but I remember when I saw her on the show I didn't really like her. Like most Gen Y guests she had an appalling lack of knowledge when it came to pop culture through the ages. I remember there was one question that related to modern day tech nerd culture or something along those lines, I can't remember exactly what the question was, and I was shocked that someone who's whole claim to fame was posting on youtube couldn't answer it. I didn't really find her that funny either.

      Maybe I'm being unfair though. I guess I should probably check out some of her videos before making any sort of judgement. I was going to do that after the show finished but forgot until just now when Loops mentioned her.

      Some of her stuff on youtube is pretty funny, but whenever I've seen her on television she's fairly lame/boring.
      I'm sub'd to her channel, but rarely watch anything, since the same old sexless/stalker/not-really/yes-really jokes are getting sucked dry ("and you know who I sucked dry...").
      Her mum's hilarious though.

    Also, I forgot to link you all to my video in appreciation of Skyrim's Lydia:



        *or a total lack thereof...

          Reply button is powered by MAGNETS!

            Magnetism? Don't tell me you're one of those kooks.
            It's an interesting theory, but I'm not convinced. Your magnetism is a cute bedtime story, but I believe in one thing, *pulls out pistol* PEACEMAKER!

              Magnetism is very real, in fact I started a church to worship magnetism!
              We all commune in a giant fridge and listen to ICP all day.

        But you've seen the source code! If you don't know, then we're all DOOMED!!

      I managed to kill about 10 guards with one Unrelenting Force on the weekend. It's a pretty cool spell. Also used it to take out a giant.

    Hey f4ction, I think next time you should go to one of the private channels when recording the LoL games :P

      I don't know, I think Trjn's non watchingness and pantsless GingerChris added a bit of magic to it.

      Or not let bunny in the channel unless he is casting because he is obnoxious! and if he is casting bish or faction have to be because they know what they are talking about!

        Well Bish was more like "Oh.... he's dead" :P. F4ction had the right idea with talking about their positioning and focussing.

          Well, he was dead.
          I DO NOT LIE, SIR

      Probably right on that one, Techy!

        Still I'm really impressed with how that turned out, can't wait for more and by others in the Kommunity amirite? :D

    Anyone else still waiting on Skyrim from ozgameshop?

      I am, but I only ordered mine last week, so I wasn't expecting it until next week.

      Yeah I am. I got the email to say it had been dispatched on the the 9th and I'm still waiting. I got a second email on the 15th saying that they had more stock of the Game + cloth map come in and they were getting sent out, but I only ordered the game, so maybe we're getting free upgrades or something. I'm not really interested in the map, iI just want the game here ASAP. Hopefully it comes today. I really want to get into it.

        There's nothing like getting home from work, all excited to play a game you've assumed has arrived, only to open the letterbox to a blank void of despair.

          That was pretty much what happened to me every day last week :(

            Same. If it happens again tonight I think I'll cry.

    @sughly and Strange.
    What did i do or say? why are you pretend slapping me and calling me a dog or cat. I was just unsure you making me cry!

    Note: I am really quite hurt by your attitude

    Note further: The first note is a lie!

      Stop being weak! *slaps Rocketman again*

    Tell me why - I don't like Mondays?

    Can't get into work this morning so I spent the first hour watching F4ctions recording of our KvK game. Was quite interesting watching how other people play - you get a feel for it when you play against them but you can really focus on what they're doing when you aren't worried about playing yourself.

    Also played a bit of Skyrim over the weekend and am in a bit of a predicament. I have leveled to 18 purely by lockpick, stealth and pickpocket. I spent the first few hours of the game cleaning out everything from the first two towns. Chests, cupboards, tables, pockets - everything was picked clean. On the downside now though I have no combat skills besides slitting throats, which doesn't seem to work when your surrounded by a pack on angry bears (I bet it wasn't even their cub that I killed anyway). The only thing working for me now is the Fury spell. Cast that and use the time to find a rock that they can't get to and shoot arrows at them. I also have turned into a bit of a murderer.... Spent minutes trying to mine a vein of ore and couldn't for some reason. Then a miner came and started mining my vein. My vein! So I slit his throat. Turns out the reason I couldn't mine was because I didn't have a pick-axe, so I stole one from the dead miner then it was k.

      I hope recordings like F4ction's video can help our guys and girls see what they're doing wrong, how they could've made their engagements better, etc

      As long as you are not shooting the day down i think we should be okay. I loved watching how i played and how i could of improved. Turret running through 2 towers is a bad idea. Also you play skyrim in a scary way. You should probably but some stuff back. I mean are you really gonna use 14 pots.

        A tryndamere tried that on me while I was on Caitlyn and low on health, he went through 3 towers before dying :P

    Good morning! It feels so nice to sleep in for a while.

    Can I get some people to yell at me to buy Skyrim? I need something to play after Assassin's Creed and this is near the top of my list but I'm really looking for some nice incentive to actually get off the couch and go buy it this week.

      Dude, are you Alex C.?

      Did we go to primary and high school together? If so: BLIND. MOWN.


        Sup, Tad! It's not that scary, is it? Guess you weren't posting in TAY last week so you didn't see me.

          It's not scary, it's just unexpected! But in a good way! :D

          I was busy all last week, so my TAY presence was not what it would usually be. I have 4 days of holidays before I'm working full-time again (my last exam is today).

          It's cool that you're a part of the TAYbies now! :D

            Ha, exams. I had none this semester, so I've been off for over a week. Could use a job though...working on that one!

      Go buy it.

      Also, last night a friend made me play a custom game of LoL against him to prepare me for actual online play (I'm not very good at LoL, you see). Thirty minutes later he realized that he'd probably scared me away from online play forever. I can't decide if it was the constant double kills or the aces he was getting, or the fact that he killed me at least fifteen times, but yeah, something made him change his mind.

      Man that was depressing.

        Yeah that's a very very bad idea. You should tag up with us in Teamspeak. LoL is much more fun and exciting in a team of 5. Just don't go with me, Steve-O or NoobHeadshot, otherwise it'll be a VERY steep learning curve

        I'm guessing LoL is your first MOBA-style game? They take a lot of getting used to, but are really fun once you get to a competitive skill level and run around killing things with people on teamspeak. Just keep practising and learning as you go - there are a lot of basic things that experienced people take for granted, such as map awareness, knowing when to run and positioning. There are also some lower level kotaku guys who it might be valuable to play with. I'm guessing your friend is a higher level - that means if you play pvp with him you will also be matched against higher level guys.

        If all else fails, just pick Garen or Katarina and spin to win!

          Is spin to win some kind of thing that's going around right now? My friends kept singing that over and over last night, and I couldn't understand why. So its not something they both happened to randomly pick up?

          Also yeah, this is my first foray into this kind of gaming, but it isn't something that I'm playing every night or for very long so I'm not too concerned right now about it, but if I do get more involved, I'll definitely take up your offers.

            Spin to win is kind of like a LoL meme. The characters I mentioned both have moves where they spin around dealing bulk damage around them.

              steve-O is very good at it, because he's broken and stuffs. Silly Steve-O.

      Space Marine?


          Lance Henricksen saying "I am a Space Marine" is pretty cool, but the game really needed Terry Crews shirtless, making his pecs dance, yelling "SPAAAAAACEEE MAAAUUUURRIIIIIIINNNEEE!!!!" while standing in front of an explosion.

          Which WH40K game was it where the narrator kept saying it in an almost French-stereotype accent?

          Spes Ma-rin.

      Skyrim? Why would you want to play that? You should be playing NFS: The Run like all the REAL MEN are!

        If my wallet permitted, I would totally get both!

      BUY SKYRIM!!!!

    Morning All. Weekend was filled with nothing but gaming. Twas grand! The sad part is, i have made a decision. I dont think I am at all impressed with MW3. Yes I enjoy it, yes its great mucking around with mates. And yes, the Elite system is cool being able to create clans, and socialise n stuff. But, as a game goes. seriously, there is no improvement on graphics or the physics or anything. Truly this is an activition cookie cutter production, and even as a massive cod addict, i am unhappy.

    This being said, i know i'll keep playing the game, because yes, it is fun, mere disenchantment doesn't make it bad, however, i am looking for alternatives, Is it worth buying battlefield now? Can anyone comment on the number of local players on there now that cookiecutter warfare 3 is out? I do love me some multi player.

      Get Skyrim :D

        Oh this will happen as soon as funds allow. But I also need a gateway to get away from COD, and trying to figure out if battlefield is the way, or if i need a games pc, to get into other decent MP games.

        I also need to save for a gaming pc. I dont think either my laptop or desktop will handle diablo 3. I really think i'd enjoy that game.

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