Tell Us Dammit

Obama is here in Australia, and he won't get off my bloody television. To make things worse, I've decided to make this week's Tell Us Dammit about video game presidents. Who is your favourite video game President? There's been a few good ones...

My personal favourite is definitely the President from Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja. He likes burgers, I like burgers — we have stuff in common!

What about you folks, are you a bad enough dude/dudette to choose a favourite video game president?


    This is easy,

    The 'Prez' from Metal gear solid 2.

    That guy did not muck around when it came to the hard issues.

      Agreed, Solidus was one hardcore president.

        Ohh, no my son. Sure, Doctor Octopus would have made a fine president, but he was nothing compared to President "Crotch Grab" Johnson.

          Yeah, that didnt work. Google "MGS2 President Cutscene".

          Its not ... hard... to find.

          Vote 1, President “Crotch Grab” Johnson.

          Works for me.

            When your nation is threatened by domestic terrorist super soldiers, Johnson will be on the front lines.

            When conspiracy theory-laden exposition is needed, Johnson will be the man to give it.

            When gender ambiguous special force operators confront you, Johnson will take charge and grab a crotch.

            Vote 1 Johnson, for a president who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

      I see I've been beaten to it. Solidus was pretty awesome. Like Big Boss had riotous drunken sex with Doctor Octopus.

    Not a president - but loved the anti drugs message at the arcades - was it on Namco games ???- from the head of the FBI _ William b sessions _ LOL

    John Henry Eden from Fallout 3. His broadcasts always remind me of Mom from Futurama.

      I enjoyed the bit where his TIC goes against a direct order and absolutely nothing comes of it.

      Not to mention that I'm sure I watched his TIC die with Neeson in that chamber.

    Not a game, but I luv the president in the movie Idiocracy!

    What's that game where the president gets into a mech to stop invading forces?
    He seems like a pretty cool guy.

    The president who was the final "boss" in The Ninja Warriors. The one who basically just stood there and said "Please don't kill me!" until you killed him :P

    Laura Roslin (surely she's in one of the bajillion spin-off BSG tie-in games?)

      Bajillion? Where? BGOnline... That BG space combat game for Xbox and PS2... but that was more like a precursor to the show...

      Did I miss any? :( I hate to think something slipped by me.

    I'm going to agree with the Metal Gear Solid 2 one, though NBA Jam is running a very very close second!

    The best president is a badass wisecracking president that rides a giant armed to the teeth mech.

    President Eden from Fallout 3. Nothing like an evil overlord to make you stand up and fight for your rights!

      I killed him by overdosing him with super stimpacks so he wouldn't call for help!

    Metal Wolf Chaos
    a japanese only game that had the president of america riding in a giant mech, to go kill the vice president

    it's amazing

    Damn, if only this included mayors. I would totally have voted for Hagar from Final Fight.

    The President from Red Alert 2 ofc

    Bill Clinton, from the Strike games :D

    President Dougan from Red Alert 2

    Metal Wolf Chaos!

    Gotta be Dave, who created The Republic of Dave, in Fallout 3. He actually has an army, tourism bureau, school and immigration office and everything else you would expect from a developed nation, and it's packed into an area about 30m x 50m, and ran by just a handful of people. I liked the idea of school, where the children would be taught that Dave was superior to other humans, and that as a child he didn't cry and that his poop did not stink. That's just plain awesome.

    President Richardson from Fallout 2. He spills the beans, like a good little arch-villain, then gives you a nice little turret keycard. And when I say gives, I mean just stands there and lets you nick.

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