That's One Hell Of A Headshot, Skyrim Dude

Fake? Or at least assisted? Probably. Delightful to watch? Most definitely.


    Wait, there's a new Elder Scrolls game? Why haven't there been any articles on Kotaku about it?

    That is so epic

    Hahaha that is awesome.

    Rofl. Kudos to them.


    its funny cause i killed that guy to he was so irritating

    What a rotten way to die.

    I remember doing something like that in Oblivion. The guard was just standing there and I kept on shooting arrows until I managed to hit him in the near-centre of his head. Couldn't stop laughing as he's trying to arrest me with an arrow sticking out of his head.

    Bahaha, ohh how many times I've been tempted to kill that guy

    I doubt it's fake, I imagine they're just aiming as vertically as possible (granted I haven't played Skyrim, so I don't know if there is a hard limit on how far 'up' you can aim), and then done many many attempts/game loads, adjusting their starting/standing point based on where the arrow landed on the previous shot.
    Only need to keep the successful footage to show off.

    I'm surprised the arrow didn't hit some glitched NPC up in the sky before it came back down.

    lmfao epic

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