That’s Right Batman, Tell Them How Millionaires Are Destroying Our Country

That’s Right Batman, Tell Them How Millionaires Are Destroying Our Country

As the Occupy Gotham demonstration continues, Batman attempts to explain to a group of protesters how the world needs Apple, Wayne Enterprises, Google and Wayne Enterprises.

Did he mention Wayne Enterprises?

There’s an interesting conflict. Say violence broke out at an Occupy protest. Which side would Batman be on? I’d like to think he’d protect the citizens of Gotham City, but the odd misplaced backfist might “accidentally” land on a protester’s face. You know, a heat of the moment sort of thing. Oopsie.


  • A nice thing to watch right before I go into an exam in which no doubt I will be writing on income inequality and quite potentially the Occupy protests.
    My contention – Without corporations, no Batman.

  • “I dont know what that means!” xD
    I also like how he goes “You shouldnt have bought… houses you couldnt afford!”

  • Batman might be a millionaire, but he’s also a philanthropist, and Wayne Enterprises is a good corporate citizen. LuthorCorp is more the Wall Street of the DC Universe.

    No, I have not actually thought about this.

  • Violence already has broken out… amongst the citizens… I think Batman would just swarm them with bats and make them disperse so he can go back to hunting criminals without having them duck inside the camp to hide ;-P

    People can romanticize them for the movement and the ‘ideals’ and whatnot, but a lot of those camps have turned into ‘creepy/crazy people central’… The people interested in actually accomplishing something towards those goals should really look into something other than these long term camp out things… not the best idea.

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