The Biggest LAN Party In The World Looked Amazing

Over the weekend, Dreamhack Winter 2011 -- the largest LAN party in the world -- went down in Sweden. Here's what it looked like.

To give you an idea of the scale of the event, over 12,000 people turned up with PCs in tow, to not only play the LAN games of their choosing but also take part in e-sports competitions for titles like StarCraft II and Counter-Strike.

There was also live music, stores, parties, the works. Looks like the best, if not also the stinkiest, weekend a PC gamer could wish for.


    Think of the smell...

      I'm really hoping the haze seen in the picture is smoke but something tells me it isn't......

        I think there is something there. Let me light a match and find out...

        *And I am never heard from again.*

        I like to think the haze is cheese-dust from Cheetos/Doritos/etc.

    Ohman. I run a LAN in Melbourne, and our top figure is 50 people.. it's for charity, so imagine if we ever got to 12,000..!

    The LAN is called ReliefLANs by the way, you should totally check us out #ShamelessSelfPromotion

    Teenage boy stank! You could cut it with a knife...

      My favourite people at LANs are the uber-nerds who bring dark sheets or heavy coats to throw over their monitor and head and play underneath like a pillow fort to prevent screening.

    Woah it looks like the LANs I used to run - 50% setting up, 40% sharing files and 10% playing a game.

      Welcome to every problem Lans. Not to mention the friggin clean up. Oh sure, they'd tell you to clean your mess up, but there'd always be a few guys who'd just bail.

      But hey, back in the days before decent internet connections, you had to do what you had to do, I guess.

    I wish I can attend these events. Melbourne is such a boring place for gamers.

      Look up Respawn LAN, a whole bunch of my friends from Sydney car pool to travel down to melbourne for it.

    Holy crap! Imagine the power draw!

    How do they play games like Starcraft 2, bf3 etc, where you need Internet to play... Surely they wouldn't have a good enough bandwidth connected to that shed to share with 12000 people? Perhaps a temp wifi repeater or something is set up?

      its Sweden they have 10gbit internet connections

    I can't even begin to imagine the heat in that place with all those PCs running at full bore with heat being pushed out by fans, along with 12,000 unwashed nerds. The smell.

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