The Boring Truth About Your Death; It Won't Be Like A Video Game

You have a one in 12,632 chance of dying in a spectacular hail of gunfire like Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3. A one in 1,981 chance of being dispatched like a guard in Assassin's Creed. A one in 7,032 chance of shuffling off your mortal coil like Slippy Toad. Chances are when you eat it, it will be at the hand of a stroke, heart attack or something mundane like the flu, according to figures from the National Vital Statistics System and National centre for Health.

Created in conjunction with Daily Infographic and Infographic World, this chart shows you the odds of how life will likely end for you... even if you're a video game character.


    "Unintentional Injury" pretty much defines "Accident"

    Why use two words when one does the job?

    This is actually good news.

    I would hate to die like any of those examples. I would rather die peacefully, preferably surrounded by friends and family at an old age.

    Of course if I had my way, I would never die at all... but whatever.

      Personally that sounds horrible - never dying? Either you're the only one and watch everyone you care about die off slowly over the years, or everyone is like that and the world hits over population so much faster than it is we spend forever starving but never quite deathing.

      Me? I don't care how I go out so long as it's quick. It's the funeral that I worry about. None of this "Ashes to ashes" weepy stuff. I'm going big. Costume and fired out of a cannon at illegal immigrant boats kind of big.

      Death might be boring, but the after party is to die for I reckon.

    Thanks Kotaku for the UC3 spoiler.

    Not exactly Australian centric. Our chances of dying from homicide are about 25% of our US contemporaries and by intentional shooting some 7%. We also have less hunting accidents and the demographic categories they use are entirely useless to us.

    "You have a one in 12,632 chance of dying in a spectacular hail of gunfire like Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3."

    Is that a spoiler, or an example of what happens if you're bad at it?

      I'm guessing the latter, after all it'll happen far more often than actually completing the game...

    wow good thing nobody cares about spoilers for UC3, jesus christ kotaku what the f#@k?!

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