The Boy Wonder Becomes A Man In Today's Arkham City Robin DLC

Along with the long-awaited PC release of Batman: Arkham City in North America today, Warner Bros and Rocksteady have delivered the Caped Crusader's trusty sidekick to us as well, neatly tied up with a pair of brand-new challenge maps and a couple of skins.

Tim Drake's Robin joins the staff of Arkham City's playable pals today in a bundle of downloadable content that'll only run you $US7 if you didn't manage to score him with your preorder package.

Robin is playable in all of the game's challenge maps and comes with two of his own: Black Mask and Freight Train, the latter of which promises brawler-style gameplay on a 2D plane. Yum.


    Wait, you can play as him in the main story? Could someone please explain how?

      No, it's just the Challenge Maps. No Robin in main story.

      Where are you hearing that? If by some miracle this is the case, please inform me because I would love that... but I don't know where you're hearing that at all :-P

    I thought you could use the skins in new game plus and second playthroughs?

    Damn. After he popped up in Story Mode, I was hoping he would have some story levels like Catwoman :(

    $7 for a couple of skins and some challenge maps?


    I'm not much understanding releasing these challenge maps and skins and not allowing free reign in the main story. Ok, no need to allow to play as Robin throughout the story, but at least let us have a go out in the main environment. Makes it a little redundant. I always thought the majority of people interested in Batman were playing for the story, not for the challenge rooms - which are ok, but only a short distraction.

      After playing through AC's story I have to admit, my favourite part of the game was the combat challenge maps, but then I adore the combat system in this game, was in the top 200 for about half the maps last I checked, probably slid down a bit now. Still not shelling out for this DLC though.

      Since we know they have plans for future story DLC (spoiled by Batman's VO) I think it's a good bet we might see Nightwing and Robin get their chance in future. Having them in free-roam mode could be a way to sell the idea of future story DLC.

    So, when does this come out for the Australian PSN?

    I am in Australia and just had a look in the store and couldn't see it. I am new to this DLC thing. Does it neccessarily follow that a release in the US will coincide with us? Just wanna get my hands on it is all.

      Australia is commonly tied to European release, so instead of getting the US Tuesday release, we end up linked to the European Thursday release days.

      Strangely, the game page on Steam now comes up as not available in your region, despite it letting me install the game as I speak. Will be interesting to see if it will let me play it.

    Is this what was part of the collectors edition? I still need to use my code :/

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