The Coolest Things We Spotted In The GTA V Trailer

Squint at the Grand Theft Auto V trailer closely and you might puck up some interesting details. We did. Flip through a gallery of stills from the trailer to see what we spotted.

A dog

Near the start of the trailer we see a dog on a beach. If this trailer is running on the graphics tech that runs the game—and it would be against Rockstar's style if it didn't—then we can assume there will be animals in the new game. Dogs, at least. There were pigeons in GTA IV, but otherwise the games have had few animals (I can't remember any). The dog could just be a part of a cut-scene, but if we have hounds running around in this game think of the possibilities. Police dogs. Pet dogs.

The Blimp

There are many blimps in this trailer. Or maybe it's the same blimp lurking over the city. Whatever the case, there's a blimp. And if it's up there, then maybe we're going to get up there, too.


GTA IV was, relatively speaking, less outrageous than most other GTA games. If you're wondering how shocking they might be with this game—if they're turning that dial back up—do note that the Jet-Ski here is called the SpeedoPhile 2000. Rhymes with Pedophile 2000?

The Great Outdoors

GTA IV took place in the city. And only in the city. This trailer has people mountain-climbing, a sign that we could be heading beyond to the great outdoors. The last time Rockstar set a GTA in California in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, they let players climb mountains, ride through deserts and run through forests, so a rural component would fit.


The soda called eCola. It's Deliciously Infectious! It was also in Grand Theft Auto IV, which suggests that we're in the same GTA-verse where Niko Bellic and the other stars of Rockstar's latest GTA efforts were set.

Highway Signs

Here we've got Interstate 5, which is a real highway that connects Los Angeles to San Francisco in real life (and goes all the way down to Mexico). It's also called the Los Puerta Freeway, but is it a sign here of how far we can drive in this game?

Weights and Places

There are two things to think about in this shot. The Muscle Sands sign is one of several references in the trailer to Los Santos, the fictionalized name for Los Angeles first used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' riff on L.A. It's safe to assume GTA V's L.A. bears the same name.

As for the weights... San Andreas let players get fat or bulk up, morphing their hero's physique as they saw fit. No such option was offered in GTA IV. Could that feature be back?

Going out of Business

The 70%-off sign on the left is one of many references in this trailer to the economy in GTA V's L.A. being in the dumps. It looks like we've got a game about the recession, folks, the state of modern America that most major video game creators have ignored.

Man in Suit

Is this our hero? Or one of our playable protagonists in GTA V. The new trailer did nothing to confirm or refute our reporting last week that the game will feature multiple playable leads, but it does imply that this guy is someone we'll play as, just due to how close we're getting to him. Some people think this is Tommy Vercetti, lead character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. (They also think that the voice actor speaking over this trailer is Ray Liotta, who voiced Vercetti. We're not so sure.)

Working the Fields

We've got a plane in this shot. We didn't get planes at all in GTA IV, to many long-time fans' dismay. Could we fly a crop-duster? Maybe. What's more provocative is the idea that this game will somehow reference the work of immigrant labour, which is what we appear to see here. Imagine if we could play as one of them in this game... and if they were an illegal immigrant? But that's just speculation.


There aren't many guns in this trailer. Not much violence either. But here's one shot. Plus, we have another Los Santos reference.

"San Andreas"?

Check out the licence plate. It's blurry, but it sure looks like it says "San Andreas", the name used in GTA: San Andreas to refer to a fictional U.S. state that included parts of California and Nevada, including fictional versions of L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas.

"San Andreas", Take Two

Our second licence plate that appears to include the words "San Andreas".

Burger Jokes

This truck, for Up-N-Atom Burger, is a joke reference to legendary California burger chain In-N-Out Burger. (Their logo looks similar.)


Poor guys living under an overpass. Another sign of recession?

Check out those Tires

If this trailer is running in-game footage (and, again, that's Rockstar's standard approach but not one they've confirmed yet for this one), then check out the detail on those tires.

Bad Housing

Another sign of a bad economy. House in Los Santos are being foreclosed on. Even in GTA, the housing market seems to suck.


Female prostitutes appear to be back, which is no surprise, given their inclusion in most GTA games.

More Recession

Getting the picture yet? The economy in this game is bad, bad, bad.

Fighter Jet

The trailer has a crop-duster. It has a private jet. And it also has this: a military fighter jet. If planes aren't returning to the series in GTA V, Rockstar is going to have a lot of disappointed fans. They've literally set expectations high.


Can't have a GTA without cops and cop chases. In this one, we have cops and a helicopter hounding a guy who runs down an alley.


Why, that's the Hollywood of GTA lore. We're not in L.A. in this game. We're in Rockstar's playground.


    This game looks stunning, I'm never been more excited for a GTA game. Now, time to compartmentalize that somewhere else and go to the store to get Uncharted. :D

    A very detailed look at some things I missed. Even keener now. Cannot wait. Day one purchase. And I have no idea why! :)

    Can I also point out that the cop car clearly says "City of Los Santos"?

      I seem to remember in GTA SA the cop cars were different for each region. the Las Venturas cop cars were old and green while the Los Santos ones were black and newer! so it doesn't give away anything i dont think

        Yeah they were - I don't think this one will include SF and LV so much but instead a much expanded Los Santos.

    Good eye:) cant wait for its release.

    I've got to say, it's nice to have all this colour too!


    My expectations are now high, another San Andreas based game??!.. This is going to be epic, I can tell.

    What stunned me the most was those mountain ranges. they looked beautiful and excellent. No doubt they are trying to compete with SA's gameplay but this time with a new revamped map, stunning graphics, with nice features.

    - The license plates are randomly generated
    - Small aircraft towards the end of the trailer (We could fly these in San Andreas)
    - Closer look of the license plate says 'San Andreas' above the actual plate number
    - Blimps!
    - Clothing indicates it may be early 90's
    - Silencers on AK-47 during the pest control scene
    All indicators suggest there will be more area to cover rather than just Los Santos... Maybe there will be future 'city' trailers :)

      - Bikes

        Nice spot! *interested*

      I know it's a small little detail, but randomised number plates would be fantastic. I feel a little bit silly about it, but it bugged me a little in IV.

      I'm really hoping Rockstar have fixed their car spawning system which broke the immersion for me a bit in IV. But I liked this teaser very, very much. Enjoying seeing the little tidbits people are discovering!

        Car Spawning has always been a big immersion breaker for me. The GTA series has always had that problem, and most similiar games have too.

        Just last night I was playing Saints Row 2 and after breaking Gat out of the courthouse and dropping him off in his drive way I started storing cars in my garage, and every time I stored one a new and different car would spawn behind me while the camera was turned. I literally stored probably 14 different car models before I got bored and moved on :-P

        I just hate it so much when that happens and it spawns a cop just offscreen. That happened to me so much in GTA IV. Drove me insane.

      Well spotted - in GTAIV all the licence plates were the same, having different licence plates signals a leap forward in tech - I wonder if this'll come on 2 Xbox discs also!?

      Its not in the 90's, its going to be present time.

    The colour pallet and subtle vignetting of the trailer was astounding (the shot of the house being foreclosed is a perfect shot of this). Wonderful teaser trailer - I really really want to play golf on the golf course!

    I think from the certain police car saying Los Santos, and the license plates saying San Andreas.. and considering that we've seen a lot of views of the city with no signs of an airport nearby; I think we might be getting the whole of San Andreas back! :) Meaning all three cities and wilderness. I mean look at the size of RDR. You could easily fit 3 cities and a ton of wilderness in that size of land.

    One thing you didn't notice: In the gun scene the man kicks a glass door.

    Probably not the best way to deal with anything glass.

    If there are dogs in this game I'm going to feel terrible if I accidentally kill one.

      Be sure to deliberately kill them then.

    on the back of the police car, the licence plate clearly says San Andreas but it also says OCT in the top left, do this mean it could be released in october?

    Theme song sounds a bit like a David Axelrod track.

    I love the fact that so many little things can be pulled from a trailer less than two minutes long.

    The guy in the suit and the guy holding the silenced machine gun are the same person, I think.

      I couldnt agree more but I REEEE#EEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAALLYY hope they bring back car customization and body building

    Hopefully Lazlow is back and the soundtrack will be epic too!

    From the beach scene the shadows have lots of aliasing. What I have garnered from this trailer is this is what consoles will look like. Pretty impressive! Here's hoping for a decent pc version this time around too...

    If you look on YouTube in the tags they have Vice City as a tag! They also have GTA IV as a tag but that's more expected.

      a lot of videos have sex and porn in their tags, but have nothing to do with that... sadly

      i think they were just trying to get as much tags as possible.

    I'm thinking the vague sentiments were actually a reference to the multiple playable characters.

    "Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather... or the... ah I don't know"
    "I wanted to retire, from what I was doing. From that... line of work"
    "Be a good guy for once"

    This all sounds *deliberately* unspecific, letting you apply it to any range of people. The only specifics were about being a 'father' and 'family man', which seems to go against the idea of playing as a female character, but then that could just be consistency with the male voice in this trailer.

    More Spots.
    Los santos basically confirmed, big graffiti on the wall saying 'Los Santos' at 0:53
    Adding to deedy's comment above, also a bike, missing front wheel, at 0:53 on the wall. Seems his one on the house is also missing a front wheel, and seems to be the same bike, so they may just be pieces of scenery.
    On the speedy car shot at 0:58 you can just for a second see a 'Glory Holes' sign in the background, so brothels too it seems.
    1:01, above the door there is an 'ENEMA' sign that looks like a fancy brand, so more silliness.

    Protip: You can get higher quality (still 720p) copies of the trailer from

      "I’m thinking the vague sentiments were actually a reference to the multiple playable characters.

      “Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather… or the… ah I don’t know”
      “I wanted to retire, from what I was doing. From that… line of work”
      “Be a good guy for once”"

      I agree... I also wonder if the multiple characters possiblity will allow us to play on different sides of the law, or perhaps choose to be a "good guy" rather than a criminal. That's the kinda feeling I'm getting...

        This two sides of the law thing could be pretty cool if it was two parallel story-lines you could play through. A morality system really doesn't suit the game IMO.

        Unrelated but, TheMentalisCorps on suggested the '2405' house number of the house shown could be a release date, 24th of May next year. 2405 also seems to be the start of the number plate on the postal truck, but it isn't very clear. This seems like a reasonable timeline given the first trailer came now, but it's a pretty big leap to say that's when it's coming out. It is a Thursday though, and isn't that a popular day for releases?

        If so, please let the 'good guy' not be as straight-laced as L.A. Noire's, Cole Phelps. He bored the pants right off me. What a snooze-fest.

    Cant wait for this game!!

    1. Red convertible in the trailer had a mechanical moving roof which retratced into the boot!!
    2. If there are dogs, and you can go into mountains, will there be bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars? I wouldn't mind using an AK47 to slaughter the wildlife :-) Beats a Single shot Buffalo rifle like RDR.

    I'd love to see an article comparing the GTAV trailer vs the GTAIV trailers, as well as the speculation on the GTAIV trailers vs both the speculation on this trailer and what we actually got with the finished product.


      To add my two cents to the wild speculation - there is mention of kids - could this be the first GTA to include children (aside from an infant in VCC) in some way.

    Maniacal, if they could pull of putting wildlife in Red Dead Redemption, I think they could put some wildlife in the wilderness. After all, it would be really easy for them to pull it off.

    I think it looks really good. In terms of animals, In Vice City there was a shark that you could see if you were in the boat

    Another POI - the guy in the red convertible pops up twice. The first when he lowers the roof and then he's involved in a police car chase, with the top up. He's certainly featuring and not just an NPC.

    "It looks like we’ve got a game about the recession, folks, the state of modern America that most major video game creators have ignored."

    Fantastic. Moar satire!

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