The Craziest Battlefield 3 Strategies

The Craziest Battlefield 3 Strategies

In warfare there are the tried and true methods of combat, the time-tested techniques that are proven to bring success over your adversaries. Then, there are the methods seen in these videos.

Collected here for your enjoyment — er, tactical appraisal — are some of the most insane, unique and funny ways to dispatch opponents in Battlefield 3. Hopefully, you can add them to your own arsenal of glorious destruction.

The first video, above, shows us the fastest, safest way down the mountain on the map Damavand Peak. Nothing cushions your fall like a tanker filled with explosive fuel, right?

The Carrier Troll Getting over to the enemy carrier on Kharg Island can be difficult, but will ultimately be rewarding if you can pull this off. Clever use of C4 (which he doesn’t show himself planting until 0:51) will help you rack up the vehicle destruction tally, if you can stay alive!

The Ejection There’s no better way to get across the map and onto the ground than being catapulted out of a fighter jet. Check out the use of the parachute at 0:05. This is quite a graceful stunt! (Note that this video goes on to show other clips, but you can bail at 0:13)

The Robot Warrior That pesky little EOD bot can be quite effective if you run over, burn, and generally confuse the enemy with it! Enjoy the montage of destruction.

The Death From Above This video goes to show, if you shoot at somebody for long enough and miss, a strike from the heavens (0:26) will finish the job for you.

Bonus Clip of Some Bad Strategy Lastly, as an added bonus (because it’s not really something you can control), we bring you this clip from the single player campaign. The magic happens around 0:12 in. If you could somehow harness the AI’s telekinetic powers, you’d be unstoppable! (This video also goes on to show other clips from the game, but you can bail at 0:20.)


  • Spawn camping on the enemy carrier pretty low, Hmmmmm I wonder if anti-tank mines would work on the runway.

        • I fucking hate people who complain about spawn campers. Seriously, grow the fuck up. It’s a legitimate strategy. If you can’t deal with one guy camping your jets, OVER AND OVER, you deserve it.

          • Im guessing you’re pretty good at this and baserape?

            Yes, I’m basically complaining about one-sided matches where the other team is better organised, more skilled, and knows the maps. I play for fun and being baseraped is one sided and not fun.

            Also the teams who do it (better players than me), how fun can it be? Isn’t it a bit like playing in god mode.

            And Steven, you are the one who needs to grow up.

          • “one-sided matches where the other team is better organised, more skilled, and knows the maps.”

            So basically youre saying, ‘I hate it when the enemy is better at this game at me.’

            LOL you need to grow up.

            Also, I play for fun too. And baseraping is fun. It IS legitimate strategy and if you cant get out of it, then either you or your team is bad. And guess what? bad players usually lose against good players.

          • I thought I made that pretty clear. No need to smugly throw my words back at me when I was being straightforward and honest.

            It’s not fun when people use cheap strategies. What exactly is your problem?

          • im a decent player, and i will hinder my team from base raping if i can.
            smoke the shit out of them, torches in their faces, the full lot.

            its pathetic and yes it is boring.

            my whole clan (about 30 of us) all refuse to base rape and will generally just defend the closest objectives or sometimes even let them take a base.

            a tighter game is more fun, and people wont rage quit, im sure base raping is fun when everyone quits the other team.

          • obviously people can’t deal with finding and killing a guy on the runway holding a remote.

          • True, this particular form of baserape is more amusing than cheap and should not be too difficult to counter.

          • c4 on carrier is oldschool bf2 shit, i personally enjoyed c4ing the actual plane itself , waiting for it to fly away then detonate 🙂

            i can just imagine the bewildered face wen they see wat killed them 300m in the air 😀

          • Steve sounds like the type would go out of his way to spawn camp jets… Remind me not to play with you, I would make it a goal to get every kill I can out of you. Happy gaming 😀

            Seriously though, it’s low. But if you don’t notice he’s there the 2nd time, you don’t deserve to fly.

  • Hahahaha the stealth heart attack happened to me in the campaign at the same exact spot. Definately left me with a confused WTF?? feeling.

  • Search for “bad company 2 fun tactics” videos on youtube by a guy called pengiunz0. I hope he makes some new ones for BF3.

  • the carrier on Kharg Island is the worst to get base raped, im suprised they haven’t fixed the boundaries for that. Had a game yesterday where an enemy helicopter camped over the base, destroying all the vehicles as people spawned in them, and you cant do anything unless you quickly hop out and get out the way. Even worse is since the person had IR flares, lock on rockets were next to useless, but i managed to get lucky in the Viper attack helicopter and fire two homing missles at close range to take them out. would have been nice to have an AA gun at least on the carrier to take out aircraft that are trying to base rape

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