The Glorious Guts Of Rockstar's Max Payne 3

In this "design and technology video", Rockstar takes a dive into the mechanics and game design choices behind the upcoming action shooter Max Payne 3's targeting, movement, animation and enemy intelligence.

This is a video about the guts of design, the things that the developers use to try and eek a little innovation out of a genre.

That's right, Max Payne 3 isn't just a game about angry bald men shooting in bullet-time, it's also about innovative mechanics and angry bald men shooting in bullet-time.


    Cannot wait for this!!

    Im actually starting to look forward to this (if just to do some kickass BT shooting again). It just looks a little too clean/waxy at the moment... And I hope the dark humour's in it.

    And the VO guy makes it sound like its some sort of late-night cable documentary ("Next up after the commercial, we'll show you the love interests of Max")

    So where are all the people who were spouting all the 'Rockstar's going to ruin this franchise!!!' nonsense?

      *raises hand*

      Though my beef is with Rockstar's ability to do the story/character justice. I actually assume the gameplay itself will be just fine. It could even be awesome and wonderful and fantastic. But I don't think Rockstar is good at the kind of writing that Max Payne games have had in the past. I don't see anything from this game that shows that they respect the series, the original developers, or the existing fans. None of that will hurt their sales though... obviously.

      Imagine Rockstar making Alan Wake 2 and suddenly the cover looks like 'The Ballad of Gay Tony'... Yeah... that's *my* problem with this whole thing.

    Was a skeptic.. But now I'm starting to believe... It's starting to look real good...

    So far I see no-regen health and classic health indicator system. Bullet time bar. Clip ammo and total ammo count. Looks like classic Max Payne interface so far. Interest gained.

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