The Kindle Fire Just Might Be A Kick-Arse Gaming Machine

The Kindle Fire Just Might Be A Kick-Arse Gaming Machine

Amazon’s new $US200 Kindle, the Kindle Fire, isn’t just a book reader that happens to run Scrabble and Sudoku. It runs lots of Android-compatible games: the usual suspects like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, but also… the $7, high-end sci-fi horror game Dead Space.

There was an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Dead Space. The Fire doesn’t run that. It runs the Dead Space that came out for the iPad last January. That one looks like a high-end game for the original Xbox and is fully controlled via a touchscreen. The Fire runs that without a sweat.

Watch the video for proof.

Portable gaming isn’t just the Nintendo 3DS or the Sony PSP. In the past year or so, we’ve all gotten used to new iPads, iPhones and Droid devices cropping up as increasingly viable competition to Nintendo and Sony’s handheld gaming machines. Now we’ve got the Fire.

The Fire could be viewed as just another Android device, but it’s not. It’s an impressive Droid device (read our sister site Gizmodo‘s review) marketed by Amazon. The massive internet retailer sells a lot of Kindles. They make sure Kindles are a big deal. The Fire was and is. And, now, it just might be an important video game platform, too.


  • I have an Android tablet I use for some games myself, but as pretty as many of these games are, (Shadowgun on Android is quite impressive) they’ve still yet to conquer the issue of controls (for higher end stuff like Dead Space, etc) and the usual feeling of playing something that’s been shortened or dumbed down to accommodate the platform.

    I like having the option to play games on my Android mobile and tablet, but they’re usually in the same vein mobile games have always been – a fun distraction for when you don’t feel like firing up the PSP or PS3. Stuff like Angry Birds, Minecraft PE, Dungeon Defenders, etc.

    If I’m down for some proper portable gaming, it’s still my trusty PSP, hands down – Crisis Core, God Eater Burst, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter…… I don’t think tablets/mobiles as they are now will ever truly be able to break into that area. Not for me, anyway.

    • Lol no.

      The Kindle Fire is sold as a loss leader for their Amazon Prime subscription service, which includes music, streaming video and $2 overnight shipping.

      We don’t have Amazon Prime in Australia due to licensing issues (same reason we don’t have Hulu, Netflix or Spotify here). We don’t even officially have the Android Amazon Appstore here.

      Until Amazon cuts through this legal red tape (unlikely, as Bigpond Movies is jealously guarding their exclusive streaming rights), Amazon Prime will never come to Australia and thus they will have no incentive to sell the Fire here, especially when they’re making no money off devices.

    • Not directly from Amazon, you’ll need a forwarding company (eg Comgateway) to ship it to you with an additional fee, or have a relative. And when it gets here, you’ll be limited to books and their appstore. Of course, you can load your own content to the thing, you’ll just be locked out of the Prime streaming. Still not bad for ~$200AUD.

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