The Kotaku Awards 2011: Nominate Your Favourite ADSL/Cable ISP

The Kotaku Awards 2011: Nominate Your Favourite ADSL/Cable ISP

Alright we’re kicking off award season at Kotaku, and this week we’re taking nominations! Every day this week we’re taking nominations on each specific category. Next week we’ll put up the poll, and the week afterwards we’ll announce the winners.

Today’s nominations are for ADSL/Cable internet service providers — and while that may seem strange for a site like Kotaku, these awards are being organised in conjunction with our sister sites Gizmodo and Lifehacker.

So, did iiNet’s irish approach appeal? Are you part of the Internode pony horde? Or did Telstra’s Cable speed blow the opposition away? Whatever your choice, nominations are now open. There’s only one way to make your choice for ADSL/Cable ISP of the year known, and that’s by getting noisy in the comments below.


    • +1. Unlimited ADSL2+ for $30/month rivals AMERICAN ISP pricing, let alone Australian. TPG is the best ISP without a doubt.

      • +1 for this comment. I imagine they would be great if I could get them, but after living in 3 different houses, in 3 different metro areas, I still haven’t been able to sign up with them.

        I’m with Adam internet though, who are great, but they’re exclusive to SA I’m pretty sure.

        • indeed,

          And in some places they have rather crap service anyway.

          It’s easy to offer nice pricing if your only servicing area’s where you can get a high take up rate

    • +1 TPG hands down. Best unlimited plan in Australia, huge quotas for non-unlimted, and no charge for upload bandwidth. I’m on their $59 unlimited plan (including line rental!), and all family and friends are on the entry level $29 plan. With this setup I can backup all their PC’s to my server using Crashplan completely free… and the value this brings is beyond belief.

    • TransACT Victoria, Offering 100mbp Uncongested Regional Cable Broadband. At a more affordable price then any competitor or NBN can offer. Fantastic Service for a Exceptional price.

      I should work in their marketing team, lol.

    • The people who say TPG are good make me sick to be frank, What is wrong with you? You clearly must of been on TPG before any other ISP. Definitely should make sure you have tried other ISP’s before you vote for the “WORST” ISP in Australia.

      • They are pretty good till something goes wrong, then you find out way they are so cheap. They have almist no one based here. If they go down, they may tame weeks to sub contract the problem.

      • +1 for this comment

        TPG is perhaps the worst ISP around. Everyone seems to go through a “honey-moon” period with them. As soon as something goes wrong, they find out why they are so cheap and so bad.

        at the end of the day, you really do get what you pay for. Theres a reason why they are so cheap…

      • i saw this coming when their plans first came out, it seemed way too good to be true. I’ll still with bigpond, might be more expensive but they have solved every problem i’ve ever had within hours, and connection dropouts are non-existent. i don’t even live near a tower thing and we get near 1 mb/s download speed, which is good enough for anything.

    • +1 TPG, been with them for 12 months (although only on a 6 month plan, I was wary of the super cheap price) and I’ve never had a problem! And I mean never. They are so much better than both Telstra and Optus (I’ve been on both at different times), who both have shitty customer service and massive prices, almost no value for the cost compared, and try to swindle people out of more money!

  • Internode…

    Its because i have been with internode for 4 years and never had any issues with their service and their customer service is normally top notch.

    Plus i get unmetered steam content so i can download games and not come off my monthy quota.

  • I’m going with internode, great support and an all round good business imo. I also love the fact the commitment they give to gaming.

    • Ok… that last sentence made no sense. I love the commitment they have for gaming. *Goes to make another coffee* 🙁

      • It’s alright man 😛

        But yeah, they host several different gaming servers, all unlimited to customers. Everything from CoD to TF2 to a Minecraft server. They rock!

    • ^ True that.

      +1 vote for aaNet. Customer service is a lot better IMO. And they’re cheaper too (well for me they are anyway).

      • While aaNet are pretty cheap, I experienced terrible speeds from them, and had a number of issues, of which I experienced practically non existent customer service. In fact, I’m pretty sure they stopped responding to me, and my problem was eventually solved by a volunteer on their forums. Maybe they have improved since then, but I wouldn’t sign up with them again.

    • TPG ruined their reputation with me 7 years ago when their dialup service didn’t work and I was constantly redirected to an overseas call center.
      Currently with Adam Internet: not the cheapest, but their support is excellent.

  • I’m gonna vote for iiNet. They’ve got great customer service and they’ve got heaps of awesome stuff on their freezone, like Steam, abc iview and Xbox Live, just to name a few. I have stupidly slow upload speeds with them, but for the most part the service they provide is great.

  • Always found Telstra reliable. Haven’t really shopped around for years though, so unsure whether or not to place a vote for them.

    I think I’m going to say, yeah, I’ll vote Telstra.

    • Another vote for BigPond. The only ISP that doesn’t oversell their bandwidth, atleast in Regional areas. I’m on ADSL2+ with them and I download from the PSN at 21mbit (Yeah I live next door to the exchange). On other providers I get about 9mbit.

    • +1 for telstra.
      Dumped iiNet to go with them after iiNet kept screwing up my invoices and double billing me every month, then refused to refund it choosing to add it as a credit to my account.

      When I left them they had to pay me just over $1300.

  • Optus is absolutely terrible, they had to come out to my house SEVEN seperate times and spend basically the entire day there every time to try and figure out the problems with my connection.

    The problems in the end? The moron who first installed my internet decided to put in a 10 way RGA6 splitter under my house that was losing all our connection and he also used incredibly low quality home made RGA6 that had all the ends falling off..

    It took them seven visits to my house to figure that was the problem. Hell I feel stupid for not going under my house and fixing it myself, which I could have done quite easily if I had known that was the issue..

    Worst ISP ever. It’s a shame I can’t change because they have me and my family so locked into plans with EVERYTHING -_-

    • that’s because optus is too bust complaining that everything is unfair the second telstra or any other big company get’s to pricing that is equivilant to there’s

      It’s not as big a problem as it used to be, but when telstra offered 25GB on insanely high prices it was because everytime they added more usage or dropped the price a little optus went on a rant about how it was uncompetitive.

      Completely ignoring the fact that for alot of the more regional australia telstra is the only option because neither optus or anyone else bother’s installing ADSL2+ equipment in exchanges.

      Where i live all that is available is telstra or telstra wholesale through another company, which essentially means i’m with telstra. And i’d go back if it wasn’t for there stupid shaping

  • I’ve been with iiNet for over 2 years, the customer service, the freezone unmetered stuff(ABC iView, Steam servers and Xbox Live content) and the speed is great.

  • iinet, I’ve been using them since ADSL2+ became available pretty much (before that was on telstra cable >_<) customer service has always been impeccable and friendly. Prices are great and never had any issues with service (rare downtime at my old house but there was major storms so that applied to everyone not just iinet customers)

    Oh yeah and steam freezone is damn handy (I know a few other major ISP's offer that too)

  • Internode for myself, no issues and great customer service. And Adam Internet for when I was living with my parents for the most amazing customer service ever.

  • I’ve always been happy with the speeds I get off Optus,* but they really need to work on their customer service.

    *I suspect this is largely because I’m only 1.5km from the exchange.

  • Clubtelco – $50 per month for unlimited internet no matter where you are in australia, adsl2+ or 8mbps adsl depending on what’s available in your area, and even if you’re on their $30 10gb plan, the shaping speed is still 1mbps. Great customer service aswell with your own account manager.

    • +2 I’ve been with them for about 4 months now. I am in a regional area of TAS and yet still able to get ADSL 2+ connection speeds. No-one and I really do mean No-one having been at about 5 different providers has been able to offer this to me until now. Not to mention its only $50 per month and unlimited means unlimited I tested them in the first month downloading 1.5 TB’s of “linux distro’s” from usenet and didn’t even get a hiccup.

  • I’ve been with Internode since I started paying for broadband, never had a problem. Wasn’t able to get anything else here (including iiNet and TPG for some reason, the two biggest other recommended ones.) Cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • Internode, great fast and stable connection. Good customer service. Love not having my quota split into peak/off peak.

  • iPrimus. Only ever had two problems and they have both been exchange issues (Telstra). Speed is great + unmetered ABC iView streaming

  • i’m with iinet and just recently found that our plan had been increased from 100gigs to 200gigs/month free of charge. So they get my vote just for that nice surprise.

  • Vote for telstra cable.
    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    Download speeds of 2-4mb/s at all times is pretty sexy and the customer support actually know what they are talking about in my experience

  • While many people loathe Optus, i have never had any problems with them (sides’ once, but that was because something had eroded out on the telegraph pole). Decent speeds and 1TB cap has treated me well this year.

  • As with mobile: None of them, they’ll all bend you over a barrel any way they can. The best ISP is the one you can actually get service through.

  • Now that you have done best isp, how about top 5 modem wifi router for gaming n media. There has not been one done for 2011

  • Was with Bigpond Cable, but moved to iinet for their much more value money plans. Can’t see a difference besides the price so ill go with iinet

  • We’re with Telstra BigPond here… apart from the random disconnects and a customer service team that requires you to repeat everything at least 5 times only to work out what it was on our own… oh yeah, love it. 😉

    Then again, it beats everything else we’ve put up with and.. that’s saying something. *sigh*

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