The Kotaku Awards 2011: Nominate Your Favourite Handheld/Mobile Game

Alright we're kicking off award season at Kotaku, and this week we're taking nominations! Every day this week we're taking nominations on each specific category. Next week we'll put up the poll, and the week afterwards we'll announce the winners.

Today we're taking nominations for Kotaku's favourite Handheld or Mobile game.

This caused a bit of controversy last year, with some believing that the two should be seperated. I half agree, but at the same time we only have space for five awards with the structure that we use here. Nowadays I think it's becoming increasingly clear that handheld and mobile is operating in a similar space when it comes to games, so I'm becoming more comfortable with the decision!

Anyway, here are a couple of nominations from me to start things off.

— Ghost Trick — Pilotwings Resort — Collision Effect — Ocarina Of Time 3D — Jetpack Joyride

Drop your nominations in the comments below. and nominate in other categories here.


    - Tiny Wings
    - Swords and Sworcery
    - Aliens Infestation

    well, if it's mobile, then it has to be scribblenaughts

    however, since it also counts in this category, Ghost trick wins with no contest

    Ocarina of Time 3D

    I've spent far too many hours on Jetpack Joyride.

      I *would* say Jetpack Joyride, but I dunno. After having put a lot of time into it, I actually reckon that once you pass 3,000 metres or so it comes down to luck. Everything's moving too quickly and the jetpack responds too slowly for you to be able to react properly, no matter how good your reflexes are.

      I dunno if that's cause it's poorly designed or if I'm just retarded.

        I agree with this. The thing that keeps me going is the whole meta game with collecting stars.

    Can I ask people also post the format? Not Only for clarity, but also for different versions and also 'cause I might go check some out!
    For me whale trail is like a better version of tiny wings and is even better on the iPad than the iphone. Water is also pretty damn good on the iPhone.
    FWIW I did some search marketing for apple and about 90% of their target was for games and apps. Promoting the iPhone as a gaming platform so I agree!

    - Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
    - Tactics Ogre PSP
    - Persona 3 Portable (the PAL release was in April)

    I kind of feel like Mobile should be its own thing, because it's going to be very hard for even the best mobile games to stand toe-to-toe with some of the big portable games designed for games systems. Can a $1 iOS game really compete against Ocarina of Time, for example? Also given that the mobile space has such a strong indie presence, I kind of find it wierd that the 'indie' games are tied up with 'Downloadable' (i.e. XBLA/PSN) stuff only as well. But then things get all messy when you have eg Squenix releasing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on iOS...

      +1 to Tactics Ogre. Really hope that team gets to do more games.

    * Aliens Infestation (DS)
    * Spy Mouse (iOS)

      ^ Seconded for Aliens Infestation on DS. That game was awesome. I hated when it was over.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin (PSP)

    Tiny Wings

    (All on iOS. Osmos is also a PC title, but touch screen suits it much better IMO.)

    Seriously guys?

    So many peopel voting for Ocarina 3d?

    It's the same bloody game with 3d visuals, that a lot of people had turned off anyway - this game can't POSSIBLY be in the running to win, can it???

      *waits for the tirade of hate*

        I put my vote in for Ocarina because I haven't played any better handheld games this year. Ghost Trick sounds awesome, so I will get it, but I haven't played it yet and thus can't vote for it.

      pffft, those guys liking their remade game while we enjoy our fantastic original game *adjusts monocle*

    Jetpack Joyride will get my vote. I'm sure my wife would vote for that one too.

    Still, as far as a nom goes: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

    Pokémon Black/White.

    My vote is for Rune Factory 3 for DS, nothing (yet) for 3DS, Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 2 - Innocent Sin for PSP and Mega Mall Story for iOS

    Gonna go a little obscure and say:

    Where Is My Heart? on PSP/PS3

    Because more people need to see/play this game.

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