The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Game

Last week we took the nominations, now it's time to vote! What was your favourite Indie/Downloadable game of 2011?

We had an insane amount of nominations, and I've added every single one of them in this poll. Before I made this list I thought it had been a bit quiet for Indie/Downloadable game. I was wrong!

This poll closes midnight this Sunday November 27. We'll announce the results next week!

Kotaku's Indie/Downloadable Game Of The Year


    Beat Hazard Ultra and Gatling Gears...

    Terraria! But then its the only one on this list I really played. Still good, though.

    I'm torn between Bastion and Renegade Ops. (A game that was insanely addictive to play on co-op.) Bastion won out in the end, partly because its excellent soundtrack is still on heavy rotation on my iPod.

    Should minecraft now be included since it is now "finished"?

      Project Zomboid hasn't been finished, which seems a tad unfair. I'm glad that it's already receiving this much attention, and I love it, but making it compete with completed games like Magicka when it's still in a ridiculously early stage (it's only been released for crowdfunding because they really need the cash to keep working on it) doesn't seem right.


    Build that wall (Zia's theme). Such a fantastic song.

    No minecraft? is this the only site that isn't talking about it???

    technically, some of these shouldn't even be on this list

      Minecraft won last year, felt like it wouldn't be fair to put it in again.

    Torchlight is like 2 years old?

      Yeah my mistake. WIll fix.

        Its still probably the best on the list though :P

    this is why I didn't bother putting in any nominations - of that list there I could probably narrow it down to a top 17... we really have been spoiled this year with both indies and triple-A titles!

    where the fuck is super meat boy

      It was released in 2010 - they just celebrated their first anniversary.

      Would have voted for that without hesitation otherwise. Loved that game.

        Ah damnit, its still one of my favourite games to this day, the replay value is out of the charts

          I ended up voting for Terraria, prob my favourite game on the list

    Bah, looks like one vote per ip address, someone voted at work...

    Project Zomboid's on the list?
    Is that game finished?

      It's a nomination for "Best / Favourite Game Development in the Form of a Soap Opera"

      (I'm of course kidding; I'm a Zomboid fanboy and love the game / the team)

    Hope I'm not the only one to vote for From Dust...

      Those pesky villagers and their lack of sense to walk on the quickest, less lava filled route..

    Voted for Combat Mission, lot of good games on here but that's the only one that fills the tactical wargaming niche for me. Games like it are very few and far between.

    Bastion is my pick!

    Bastion, Trenched, Stacking, Binding of Isaac are my top ones.

    Limbo for me considering it only came to PS3 this year. Outside of that though, it has to be Bastion.

    Technically minecraft should be here, seriously, the full release just happened and it has like 44 million players how the fuck does it not count LOL

    Magicka is such an amazing game. I love how once you understand the system of the elements everything is so logical. I remember when I selfcast health with shield, and I could no longer heal myself - because I was invulnerable to health! At first it seemed counter-intutive, but it was perfectly natural, they were following the rules of there system and that was beautiful.

    Gemini rue all the way. Very fond of that game - wish there were more like it

    terraria because I spent so much time playing it and it was awesome with more people, but i also liked frozen synapse and revenge of the titans. I have to say though that from dust was a massive dissapointment. played 10 minutes on pc after checking out the demo on ps3, and decided it is definitely a console game.

    Bastion, From Dust or Magika? Little wizards and awesome pop culture referencing jokes get my vote.

    Want to vote for Terraria and Dungeon Defenders...

    NOOOOOOOOOooooo, cant decide :(

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