The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite Mobile/Handheld Game

Last week we took the nominations, now it’s time to vote! What was your favourite Mobile/Handheld game of 2011?

Is it an iOS title? DS? 3DS? I actually think we're quite spoiled for choice in this category. Can't wait to see which one comes out on top.

Drop your votes in the poll below, and we'll announced the winners next week. The poll closes midnight November 28.

Kotaku's Mobile/Handheld Game Of The Year


    I vote for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

    Totally forgot about Pokemon! Thankfully someone nominated it; voted!

    Crap. Just realised I haven't played a dedicated handheld this year (I'm not counting an underwhelming ten minutes of Zelda: OoT at the Royal Easter Show), despite three overseas plane trips and winning a PSP.

    I ended up playing my mobile instead, so the only game on this list I played was Tiny Wings, which I played the shit out of, as did my brother and my gf. Out of cortesy I'll abstain from the vote.

    Man, I used to be so 'ardcore.

    Swords and Sworcery for me. Probably the first game that showed me that I can sort of consider my iPhone as a handheld game console as well.

    ghost trick deserves to win, but i know that it wont...

    because of all you people and your mainstream games *strokes fringe*

      Hey, at least your game made the list. :P

    I'm going to abstain.

    I'd vote for Star Fox, but that's not a new game.

    Carcassone everyone!

      Voted for Carcassonne too, even though I'm pretty sure its been on my iPod for a while longer than a year...

        I couldn't find much for certain but this site says it was out June 2010:

        I thought it was a good deal newer than that. I thought maybe Christmas-ish 2010?

          4th of June 2010 to be exact - according to Although it was updated for extra iPad compatibility rather later.

    Gotta be Pokemon for me. Those games get me every time

    this hardly seems like a fair category, seeing as the market of iphone/ipod/ipad is a lot higher then that of psp/(3)ds.

    My initial thought was Dungeon Hunter 2 for iOS, didn't nominate it, so will have to go with Pokémon..

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