The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game

Last week we took the nominations, now it’s time to vote! What was your favourite PC game of 2011?

There's a fair few choices in there, including a couple of humdingers released earlier in the year that I sort of almost forgot about. Also don’t forget to vote in our other awards posted earlier this week.

Drop your votes in the poll below, and we’ll announced the winners next week. The poll closes midnight November 29.

The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game


    Felt I had to go for a PC exclusive, so I went with the incredible Frozen Synapse. Great concept.

      won't be exclusive much longer... its coming to ios lol

        Which is AWESOME. I don't have an iPad, but with the prospect of Frozen Synapse and Machinarium on the go, I think I may pick one up.

    Deus Ex, can't get Batman to work properly, alas -- otherwise I suspect it'd be a contender.

    Witcher 2 blew me away

      If a game comes with a blowjob feature then it deserves game of the year.

    TF2 is my favorite PC game of the year, I demand it be added to the list!

      Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007.

    Erm yeah, where the hell is Skyrim.....

    I'm voting for Skyrim, even though it's not on the list.

    No Skyrim, no vote.

    Portal 2 without even thinking.

    Sorry guys, I'm having an absolute nightmare with these polls. Skyrim now added!

    Should post because I voted - and verca visar.

    The Witcher 2, though it will probably not win. I suspect it strangely got ignored in Australia? Very niche, hard as hell, came out during some big hyped releases plus it never looked reasonably priced when it came out.

      I bought Witcher 2 on release straight from GOG, but I haven't even installed it because I'm too afraid for my computer. I'm waiting for an upgrade.

        I um "acquired" Witcher 2 to see if it would run on my computer, hoping that it would encourage me to finish the first game. Even on the lowest settings it had trouble running :(

    Deus Ex vs Witcher 2, so cruel.

    Nice to see Football Manager make the list. I won't vote for it, as I don't think it's anywhere near the level of The Witcher 2, but it's cool to see some love for the more complex sports simulations and one of my favourite series.

    Arkham city has been out for what, 12 hours on PC?

    Went with Portal 2 for the same reason I voted for it on console. No game has been as enjoyable as Portal 2 and that includes the madness that is Magicka.

    I was one of those people who bought it on PS3 and managed to get it synced to my Steam before the PSN went down, so I played it on both systems (beat single player on PS3, did the majority of co-op on PC).

    Killing Floor? That's a few years old now isn't it? I voted for it in place of Red Orchestra 2, but still.

      Sorry, it was me who nominated it (I think). I only discovered it this year by accident and I loved it ^^;; Voted for it over everything else.

    where is minecraft?

    Even though every part of me screams Skyrim at the moment, I voted Por2l. It was a fantastic ride, and the co-op DLC was amazing.

    That 1 lone vote for Terraria, was me.



    I vote minecraft

    STUPID PEOPLE!!!!! its Elder scrolls V: Skyrim... errrrr

      ooops... didnt read all the other comments.. well i guess i deserved that

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