The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Game Of The Year

It's the big one folks -- time to vote for your overall game of the year!

Personally, for me, this is a tough choice. In hindsight, this may be one of the best years in gaming since 2007. Not only did we have a stacked holiday period, but we had a fair few classics come out in earlier parts of the year. Choose wisely! Also don’t forget to vote in our other awards posted earlier this week.

Drop your votes in the poll below, and we’ll announced the winners next week. The poll closes midnight December 1.

The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Game Of The Year


    I voted for Portal 2 as console game of the year because it was the most fun I had on the PS3.

    I voted for Portal 2 as PC game of the year because it was the most fun I had on the PC.

    I think my vote for Gamy of the Year is a forgone conclusion at this point. Going to have to go with Alice: Madness Returns.

    Wait, that's not an option.

    Fine. Portal 2 it is.

      That's right, Gamy of the Year.

      It's a new thing, not sure if it will catch on :p

        And the gamy goes to!

        In that case I nominate Deer Hunter 4 for the best gamey of the year.

    I went with Uncharted, with L.A. Noire and Deus Ex close behind. I suspect Batman might be a serious contender... If only I cold play...

      Look at the stars, D.C.,

      See how they shine for you.

    No saints row 3? Really. Come on!

      It wasn't nominated, but I've added it because, yeah, it should be there.

        <3 Thanks Mark!

        oi, you said the list was audience voted! "cries"

    Portal 2, because if I thought any harder I'd probably vote Skyrim.

    Portal 2 has to be the game of the year.

      Cave Johnson will burn your house down if you don't vote for Portal 2.

    Why is every option not Dark Souls? Something fishy is going on here.

      That would be too easy for dark souls!

        :) Yes - the real option to choose Dark Souls is on some other page. Clicking the one here just kills you.

    You missed Driver SF and Minecraft from that list!

    Was a toss up between Portal 2 and Uncharted 3. They were my choices for PC and console games of the year. Portal 2 was bloody fantastic, but I feel Uncharted 3 was the slightly better game.

    I must be in the vast minority then with Portal 2, it was fun to play with Portals again and there were some amusing moments, but the game simply didn't have the 'head asplode" feeling of the first.

    The new elements were nice and everything, but I felt as though the puzzles weren't as special with all the elements, there were alot more unportable walls in the game and I felt as though each puzzle had to be an "exact" way or the way the game wanted you to do it, whilst the original was more "loose" in that respect.

      I'm with you. I liked Portal 2, but it felt like a bit of a grind at the end.

    I've played a lot of great games this year. Arkham City is the first one I could call genuinely fun in addition to being great. It gets my vote hands-down.

      I agree. Arkham City is just so fun! Stealth/Puzzle/Beat 'em up open-world action in one beautiful package.

    If Ocarina of Time is on there, Halo: Combat Evolved should be too. Personally I don't think any graphical remakes should qualify, but either way, I'm voting for Portal 2 anyway.

    No child of Eden, and you put back to the future - the game? Worst.list.ever.

      People nominated these games. I put in every game nominated. No Halo CE Anniversary and no Child of Eden noms means they don't appear on the list.

        ahhh, i didnt realise. Some odd choices, but variety is the spice of life.

    Skyrim for me. I've already spent over 70 hours on it and the most fun I've had with a game this year.

    This poll makes me realise how out of date my gaming is these days

      Look, if you're REALLY stuck, check out gamefaqs for what to do after you've given George Washington the clacking teeth and gotten the fire lit. *hint* something to do with the roof.

    Soo many good games this year.

    Have to go Skyrim though.



    I mean, I wanna vote for it because, you know, hipster and all that, but... seriously?

    Even having had a bit of time with Skyrim now, I have to give my vote to Xenoblade Chronicles

    I wanna see the complete stats when it comes to results time~

    Purely on Value for Money? Dark Souls.

      But what about when you factor in the broken controllers and blood-pressure medication?

    This needs preferential voting, not first-past-the-post.. I can't vote for Uncharted 3, Portal 2 and Dark Souls under this system. It's not fair!

    And seriously... Homefront? NFS: The Run? But no Ico/SotC Collection? I know it's technically a re-relase, but they're still better than the vast majority of games released these days.

    Even if you're just comparing shooter-to-shooter, I have a hard time understanding Homefront making the list ahead of Killzone 3.

      People had the chance to nominate James Mac nominated Homefront as was his right to. I even checked he wasn't taking the mickey before I added it.

      No-one nominated ICO/SOTC Collection, as simple as that. Shame though, because it's one of my favourite HD remakes. In fact it's the only one I've put any proper time into.

        I just assumed Ico / SotC wouldn't be eligible due to being a re-release. Should probably have asked at the time :( Oh well. Next year - The Last Guardian shall reign supreme!

        Well I guess at least we know who to blame for Homefront being on there :P Can you name and shame whoever it was who put up NFS: The Run, too? :P

        And I forgot all about KZ3 and LBP2... that's what happens when you release major games in January / February.. by the end of the year I've got myself convinced that they came out LAST year. As a suggestion for next year, maybe the nomination articles could include a list of a few of the major eligible games released each month that year? That way lazy people like me can get a reminder of what came out early in the year without having to look it up on on that new-fangled "interwebnet" that all the kids keep talking about.

    You know what?
    I haven't even played it but I'll vote Catherine, just because of the BALLS that game had to even exist.

    Plus, y'know, I hear it's really really good :)

      It was good, I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't have it as GOTY material myself... just because there are better games around rather than due to any specific failings on its part.

    Voted Skyward Sword. I know it only JUST came out, but it's been a long time since a game has just been pure fun and discovery for me.

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