The Most Beautiful Place In My Skyrim

While it only takes a half hour to run from one end to another, Bethesda has packed an extraordinary world inside Skyrim's tiny space, filled with visuals sure to strike a chord in anyone that's ever contemplated the majesty of nature. Here's my favourite spot. What's yours?

I was wandering about aimlessly in an attempt to follow my blue guide arrow in a direction I wasn't supposed to go when I found myself perched precariously on the edge of a sheer cliff. For just a moment I forgot the quest I was on, the virtual people counting on me. I was captured by the sound of the wind, barely audible over the crashing of water over rocks. I gazed out over the horizon, imagining the tiny droplets of water hanging in the air about the waterfall, those cool pinpricks against my skin.

I fell in love, just a little bit.

What's amazing about Skyrim is that you might have been standing in the same place and you just don't realise it. Maybe it was dark, or stormy, or you were being chased by bandits, wolves or dragons. That's why this is my place; the variables that brought me here are likely completely different from anyone else's.

I've shown you mine, now show me yours. Drop a link to a screenshot or two, or just tell us where to find it on the map. Give us a quest, and find out if we see what you see.


    Oh god...did you really turn that into a pun? For shame.

    Oh wow, I don't even. Skyrim Diving? really?

    Eldergleam Sanctury, one of the most picturesque locations in the game.
    Climbing up the mountain to meet the Greybeards for the first time.

    'But only the once."

    Haha, classic.

    Do you not wish that Skyrim had an online capacity, so that you could share your spot and see others in-game?

    Haven't got the game yet (waiting on delivery from OzGameshop).. but if it takes 30mins, real-time, to go from one side to the other.. that is pretty big in my opinion :)

    I disagree, this is better

      Wow... That's awesome...

      Not looking at any more shots cause I don't wanna ruin stuff I haven't seen yet!

    Just climbed the 7000 Steps, and that was quite impressive.

    The Reach

    People should explore that place, I wont ruin it but its very interesting and has some small interesting story in that. Where to find some place, well if you look at the river to the south west of the map, you would notice there is a cliff area on the the northern side, explore there.

    Dragon Bridge, a town near Solitude, has the best view in the game. Stand at the entrance to the town (at the opposite end to the bridge and mill) and turn left, you'll see a small rocky outcrop at the edge of the cliff. Pick a good rock to stand on and enjoy vista views that stretch to Solitude and all the way down the Karth River. At sunset or sunrise it is breathtaking!

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