The Most Elaborate PS3 Game Manual Ever Made

When Ni No Kuni was released on DS last year, it shipped in just about the coolest box ever, which housed an extravagant spell book. Well, the PS3 edition is getting the same book.

You can see it in the gallery above; it looks identical to the DS one. Hopefully Namco Bandai see fit to include it in Western copies of the game!

Ni No Kuni is an upcoming RPG from Level-5, with animation and story done by Totoro creators Studio Ghibli. It was released in Japan yesterday, while it's out in the West in 2012.

マジカル・ゴールドとはいかに。「PlayStation3 NINOKUNI MAGICAL EDITION」を開封[Inside]


    I got the regular edition off play asia. Here's hoping it looks awesome when it gets here.

    Wonder if they will include an Engish version of the manual when it ships on February 02. I got the manual for the DS version and it is definitely a collectible item.

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