The Most Incredible Line-Up Of Gaming's Leading Ladies

Artist Ashley Riot created this wonderful bit of original gaming art to donate to the Child's Play charity dinner auction.

She says she wanted to do a piece that features strong playable heroines who debuted in a game prior to 1995.

"I tried to gather representation from every classic game with a female hero, but I'm sure some smart arse will point out someone I missed!" she writes over on Deviant Art. "I'm inclined to give a free commission to anyone who can name all 50 of them Some are really obscure!"

The completed work was created on a 24x36 bristol, with PITT pens, sakura white, and copics.

Enjoy... and get to naming.

[Thanks Riot!]


    how much does she want for a print of it

    nice concept, poor execution.
    their faces all look the same, it's all out of proportion, characters look ugly.

    I'd like to see one with post-1995 women characters, that's when all the good ones were made. (due to the birth of the polygon for breasts & the series of advanced breasts physics thereafter.)

    Also, it bothers me that some of the characters in this piece are depicted as the post-1995 versions. (i.e. samus's green visor)

    Too bad that 1995 is the cut-off date. Joanna Dark is one of my favourite female characters; it would have been nice to see her one there somewhere.

    Great artistry, amazing detail as well..

    Uh oh. She put Poison in there.

    Who wants to break the news?

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