The New GamePro Mag Is Quarterly And 'Kicks A Lot Of Ass'

GamePro magazine recently went quarterly but that doesn't mean you should count it out. The folks over at GamePro just dropped their cover on the net, saying that the new "periodical" is the last great video game magazine.

Going quarterly means it forces a magazine to be more thoughtful, less tied to time pegs, and a much better read if it wants to succeed. Here's hoping GamePro achieves all of that.


    I picked up the last monthly issue when I was in the states recently. First time I bought a magazine in years - it was woefully out of date by publication. Hopefully their new "feature" article approach works out for them, because it was a decent read.

    Hyper and PC Powerplay are still monthly in Australia, remarkably.

    How on earth is quarterly supposed to work, given how out-of-date monthly publications are considered to be?

    I get PC Power Play and Atomic here in Aus every month. And you know what, the journalism, culture and focus blow online out of the water. You can't go to ign and get a well thought out piece on the industry or an over clocking guide or real news from Intel. Not to mention people can write in well thought out opinions rather than the flame war crap in IGN's comments. Magazine are still better. You just have to wait a couple of weeks for there review on a game, big whoop.

    Hyper, PC Powerplay, Atomic & Retro Gamer(UK). For cheap rags Game Informer is where its at (for $5 you cant lose - feels like 1994!), Gamepro was never that good to begin with... best US mag was Tips & Tricks (when games had codes)

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