The New MechWarrior Game Is A PC Exclusive

It feels like years since we heard anything about that new Mechwarrior game because, well, it's actually been years since we heard anything new about that new Mechwarrior game. Until today!

The wraps have finally come off the title, may well not be happy with what lies beneath. The game is called MechWarrior Online, and while it's a PC exclusive, it's also a free-to-play game.


The developers, Piranha Games, are saying all the right things to try and lessen the sting of that fact, like outlining the game's hardcore simulation controls and team-based play, as well as the fact it'll stick to the MechWarrior universe story/canon like glue and features the involvement of the franchise's creator, Jordan Weisman.

Still, many will be a little disappointed this isn't a more "premium" title. Turns out that was never going to happen; once legal battles fired up in 2009 involving Robotech's rights holders, it was clear the game could never be published in the traditional sense on the 360 or PS3.

So PC it was, and thus we've got a free-to-play MechWarrior game, which is due out late next year. You can read more on the creator's vision for the title at its official site below.

MechWarrior Online [Official Site]

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    Sigh, I got all excited and for nothing...

    Thats cause the consoles get the MechAssault series!

      Which hasn't existed ever since Microsoft ditched FASA. Mechassault 2 on the XBox was the last we saw of Mechassault.

    Bah! I want my epic story lines!

    screw you harmony gold Robotech is not Mechwarrior! bloody corporate parasites

    So... is this the game from the footage we saw earlier this year?

    Because, weak. God dammit, gaming industry.

    It'll just be like world of tanks. Oh sure, you don't have to spend the money, and it only suggests it (Quite tactfully)

    ...but its always there... staring at you.

    Everytime you get taken out by a better tank, everytime you are forced to decide between this upgrade or that upgrade.

    I know I should be disappointed... but it's more Mechwarrior dammit!

    Man I'm keen to get my Atlas on! :D

    Some folks remember Harmony Gold. They're the reason why Macross and Mechwarrior fans can't have nice things.

      That's not quite accurate.

      Harmony Gold own the copyright on several of the designs, however... new artwork was created for those designs. If they wanted to use the new artwork, then they'd have been fine... but because they're after 'classic' art, which is more popular with the hardcore fans, then they got issued a c&d notice/

    Am I the only person who doesn't care if its mechwarrior or not as long as I get some full scale giant robot-tank simulator where I can blow stuff up & not even notice that I'm squishing infantry like sachets of mustard?


      Oh and its free!

    There we go. Thought something was going to go wrong. Oh well, I can still play the older ones.

    Is it being suggested we should be aggrieved because it is coming out on PC only? Or for the fact that it is a free-to-play semi game.

    Dmoli, the latter. Playing this with anything less than a flight stick/keyboard combo would be a crime against nature anyway. But I did want something as chilling as the opening of Mechwarrior 2's campaigns. "we are clan wolf..."

      Good, that is what I was hoping. Agreed.


    A Loki with 4 PPCs, and the rest in heatsinks.


    Damnit, Luke, you tricked me. *shakes fist*

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