The New Trailer For Lollipop Chainsaw Offers Tricks And Treats

What you've got to love about Suda51 is the way his avid embrace of junk culture and grindhouse aesthetic informs everything he does. The buckets of gore in all of his games, the lucha libre wrestling mask he used to do interviews in and the foul-mouthed, hormone-plagued tension in No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned make them all more idiosyncratic than most other games out there. The newest trailer for his latest game, the PlayStation 3 and box 360's Lollipop Chainsaw, puts all that on display again. You'll get to wave your pom poms in March of next year.


    I don't care if the gameplay ends up weak as hell, the jokes and weirdness are going to make this a must buy

    Where are these videos being hosted? They are so slow to load I usually give up.
    Stick with youtube please

    Well I hope this game gets more attention than Shadows of the Damned.

    It's a must-buy for me.

    i swear taht's the same voice as the guy who did the "Machete" and "hobo with a shotgun" trailers :P

      It's very likely that its the same guy, can't be 100% sure.

      The main character is voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced rikku in final fantasy 10 and its sequal.

    Hm, I'm a little doubtful. I hope they don't decide to just ban it =/

    Played some code of this at the Expo on the Gold Coast. Was very cool.

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