The One Time You Don't Want To Catch 'Em All

The guys over at GAME TV regularly do gaming-themed sketches, but this one in particular caught our eye. If you grew up watching and playing Pokémon and you're well-acquainted with its characters, this sketch will probably bring a smile to your face.

Also, sucked in, Gary!


    These are really unfunny. They really, really are just terrible :/

      The sonic one was so dry it made me take a shower

      Sorry @dave totally disagree. I thought it was very funny, simple yet clever...... But I am a simple man after all

      In your comedy experience, how would you have done it differently DAVE? I'll prepare for my sides to be split.

        The problem is in the pacing. Some parts of it are drawn out and others should have just been cut.

    If it ended around 0:38 it would've been funny.

    This is why I don't watch game TV. *facepalm*

    These guys are just so boring.

    Fix the audio levels :(

      +1 I had to turn the volume down at the beginning and then I had to turn it up for the sketch otherwise, nice twist.


    But yeah, these suck.

    bunch of sooks above just finding a reason to complain about anything! These videos are much better than the previous attempt to talk about games. The sketches are clever. Stop having a cry over free content morons.

    I think these are way better than the previous seasons with them on the couch. It's light hearted and I have chuckled at a few of them. Interested to see the Assassisn creed ones though

    I think they're funny. You can't say that achievements guy with the dude from Axis of Awesome wasn't funny.

    I'm not sure if this show does those two justice. I've seen them do live improv and they are actually amazing.. more hits then misses though compared to their first season crap

    They're still funding this shit? When it plays in store I get the urge to kill everyone inside. :P

      Never, ever stop taking the tablets. Uncle Phil got alot of @sam trimmins time....... Clearly.

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