The Otherworldly Beauty Of Skyrim In 170 Stop-Motion Screenshots

This under-two-minute video shows off a dozen or so beautiful settings in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim sped up to capture the game's passing of days, animals and weather.

Never mind the spectacle of combat, of fantasy creatures and encounters, this alone is reason enough to go out and buy this game.

The video was made by capturing one screenshot every two seconds and then speeding up the game with a console command.

[Thanks ElrosT1!]


    I just want to get home to play! Damn work....

      I was just thinking the exact same thing! Bring on the weekend :)

      Get back to work Rob. You can't hide behind your sreen name here. Started playing in earnest last night and was disappointed that they haven't resurected daggerfall's excellent 'run to level up.'


        'run to level up' was far surpassed by 'fall to level up'

          I find myself jumping down hills and high places in Skyrim all the time expecting to level my Acrobatics or at least my Atheletics... Then I remember and feel like a moron. :-P

    Oh dammit, I really didn't need to think about playing more Skyrim today. That game is taking over my life. I'm a massive nintendo fanboy, but if Skyrim beats Zelda for goty, I won't even blink. Skyrim takes gaming to whole new levels. Heck, it takes entertainment to whole new levels. An insane accomplishment.

    No scene of the majestic aurora night lights?!? Strange.... Great video though.

      Did you watch the video? look at about 14 secs in it was like the second clip...

    Man... it's all I think about. At work, at home, on the train... Lucky my wife's an understanding gamer herself, otherwise she'd have booted me out long ago. Such an amazing experience. Cherishing every minute <3

    Beautiful scenes. I look forward to the day when they can simulate the changing water levels of river flows and ocean tides. Would have been fun to see this in the time lapse video.

    One more exam tomorrow and i can finally go home and be absorbed by Skyrim's majesty.

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