The PlayStation Vita's Case Is Surprisingly Kick-Ass

This is an eight-minute video, featuring Sony engineer Atsushi Watanabe, about the official carry-case for the PlayStation Vita. Eight minutes! What's surprising is not the length, but the fact it's actually worth watching.

The case looks classy. It's no hard plastic shell; instead it's a soft flip-around thing with some neat touches like the fact you can completely remove it from the Vita but it'll still hang off straps underneath while you're playing, and move it around so it acts like a stand.

Interview with Sony engineer Atsushi Watanabe [Tiny Cartridge]


    Those earphones look pretty sweet.

    So what's the point of this? It doesn't work as a proper protective case because it lacks sides and they've added the ability for it to hang off your vita like a pain in the ass and a stand that almost nobody will use. Not even sure what the deal is with headphones unless of course it's Sony's way of saying "we're actually making high quality audio products again".

      If it protects the screen and back pad thing that is good enough. Plenty of phone cases only cover the front and back and they work completely fine.

      I agree about how the front hangs below the vita when you have it open. That seems like it would be really annoying while you're trying to play. And the stand does seem kind of useless.

      Sony have some of the best "high quality audio products..." and they always have, in fact they are one of the few remaining companies that still manufacture propitiatory earphone speaker parts, not even something like Shure does this anymore. The design of these Vita ones are just off-shoots of some of what Sony has done over the last few years, just that as Australians we hear nothing about them.

    case looks sweet but I will wait until the extra battery life case and game bundle towards end of next year.

    Those head phones are similar to a Sony Ericsson phone head phones, and because of that those ends will come off and you will lose them.

    Turn on Japanese transcribed captions, select translate to English. Surreal.

    The most important part is we get a proper look at someone handling the psv up close and personal lol. Damn its one sexy little portable console. DO WANT.

    hehehe, seems like there is more research gone into the case that vita!!!
    just kidding, there was no research!!!

    Well it looks nice but since I have huge hands, I'm not sure the case is right for me.

    I'm still hoping the PSV version of Bioshock releases with a custom case called the Vita Chamber

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