The Portal Themed Kiddy Room Is So Cute And Somewhat Creepy

Vector doesn't only have a customised bedroom, he has a Portal bedroom, complete with Companion Cubes and an Aperture-branded toilet. Ah, to be a kid!

There's also GLaDOS watching over Vector's room, which I'd say is totally creepy if Vector didn't seem so deliriously happy about his room.

Vector Farr - The Portal Bedroom [YouTube]

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    His name is vector and that makes me sick

      I think he likes his room

        Um, general reply rather than re:

        Not too worried about the name, he'll grow up in the same world as Dovahkin anyway.

    That would be awesome for a 15 y/o or something. Still cool now... but yeah creepy as :S

    I think the weirdest thing about this article is the kid's name, not his bedroom...

    2 Toys in the whole room.
    Seems to be forced by the parents to win some internet cred.

      He could have them stored away in a box like I did or maybe keeps them in a spare/family room or something.

    So what's creepy about the room exactly? :S

    Vector is in the same ballpark as "Apple" , "Bronx Mowgli" and "Bandit". His name is in trend for their gen. That said, awesome room.

    Vector is a terrible name, my son Raster agrees.

    But Vector's a meaningful name. His life will have direction. It will have magnitude. He'll be... um... straight?

    OK. It's a little bit dumb.

    Holy crap, its a REAL-LIFE VECTOR-MAN!!!!! ...or boy, whatever!

    right so Vector is a horrible name. But also, with so much portal stuff in that room... i didn't actually see any portals.

    also, the toilet is crap-tacular...

    He will grow up to become a evil master mind and invent a PIRANHA GUN! OH YEA!!!!

    Vector is a cool name

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