The Secret Lives Of Nuns. Wait, What?

The concept behind this live-action APB: Reloaded trailer is that people are able to assume new identities in the game and shoot guns. So one lady can morph into a schoolgirl. A business guy turns into a thug. And a nun?

Watching this, I have no clue how the people at the end got their stupid hair in the car.

APB is now free-to-play as APB: Reloaded. In its previous version, the online multiplayer game lasted a mere three months, but the reboot has registered over 100,000 players.

APB: Reloaded - Live Action [YouTube]


    Didn't they watch the Mythbusters episode where they showed how bullets can penetrate through cars easily? But seriously who fantasizes about being a feral executing police in urban chaos? And dammit where are the statistics proving that these corny live action trailers are an effective means of marketing because i'm really getting sick of them myself.

    hrrm id prefer be the fancy suit guy

    I don't think Brian has noticed, but SEANANNERS :D

    That was a pretty good ad. It's shame that APB itself didn't get the same treatment. The concept for the game is great but by goodness was the execution lacking.

    Kinda creepy. Not sure I want to watch pretty girls kill guys :S

    Anyone else notice "Seananners" from Machinima Respawn at 2:46 lol what a legend!

    APB in the arcade had me and mates lining up to play it. Of course it was the best game to use a clicker on for free credits but it certainly was the original Grand Theft Auto in my opinion.

    I'll be checking this one out.

    Good concept ruined by awful community with no love from developers.

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