The Simpsons' Latest Episode Spoofs Video Games

When a show's been around as long as The Simpsons, it'll periodically touch on the cultural ripple effect generated by the video games industry. Last night's episode of the long-running cartoon, "The Food Wife", took Homer and art to a fictionalised version of video games' biggest trade show, with pitch-perfect parodies of some familiar franchises.

One really dead-on bit has a developer lamenting the months he's lost on a game that Bart manages to finish in a few minutes. A GameTrailers interview about the episode with Simpsons writer Matt Selman appears above and you can head over to the Simpsons official site to watch clips from the episode.

GT TV: The Simpsons: Teaser: E4 (E3 Parody) [YouTube]


    Are the Simpsons still relevant? It stopped being funny since Season 9.

    that episode was horrible

    The Simpsons went from being the cultural barometer of our time to The Wacky Adventures of Homer: Starring Bart.

    It hasn't been relevant or even close to the quality it was since Season 10 and was completely unwatchable and irrelevant after season 13.

    Let me guess: They didn't have enough script to fill the episode so they either did a musical montage or had a completely unrelated tangent story thrown in. Then they couldn't figure out how to tie up the loose ends in the episode, so they blatantly said "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO LOL WE ARE SO META".

    I feel so damn old.

      There was a good one back in like season 21 that harkened back to the first 2-3 seasons. The one with the whale.

    I would so play Assassins Creed: Summer of Love. Nixon was definitely a Templar

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