The Skyrim Street Date Has Now Officially Been Broken

We've just gotten word that Skyrim has now officially broken street date -- both GAME and EB have announced through their social media channels that the game is now on sale at all stores.

This news comes after mainstream retailers such as Target, Harvey Norman and Kmart have all sold copies of the game early throughout the day.

We had been given tips throughout yesterday and today that the game would be released at 3pm today, instead of the official date tommorow, but now it's official -- the game is on sale and you can now go and pick up your copies. It's very possible that both specialist retailers were waiting until stock had reached all stores before breaking.

It's worth noting that the Steam unlock still remains, so PC gamers will still have to wait.

Regardless -- GO GO GO!


    I can't believe it.
    Another broken street date? This can't be good.

      It's not good. It's freakin' AWESOME

        Pity you cant play it... FFS


          Yeah its stupid that non steam users get to play it if the street date is broken and we dont :/

          At the very least they should let us install and then at 12am we download the exe rather then having to wait to install at 12 :/

            U can preload it on steam.

    Dammit JB HI FI, I reserved a copy of it for tomorrow and all the other retailers broke the street date...

      JB should break too man.

        JB Stores have been told to start selling as well as of 3pm

      JB has broken street date as well... go go go

    So... When will Assassin's Creed break? ;)

    (Trigger a Hulk like rage? Haha)

    i just went and got MW3 from EB damn i wanted skyrim

      The advertising must have been confusing...

        There is now water all over my desk.

          Are you sure that liquid is water...

    Starting to think that midnight launches are the only way to secure a game from having it's street date broken

      Even then it would be a dicey thing.

        "Dicey", Battlefield - I get jokes.

      Battlefield 3 had midnight launches and I got it 2 days early so even then the game isn't safe

      It's a good idea, but midnight launches have been cancelled due to street breaks recently, so it's no guarantee

        Which is really bad because some places organise special midnight launches and when the street date breaks they have to cancel them, which includes cancelling any security or mall openings and such.

        Guess I hadn't noticed :S

        When you import everything to save yourself $30-40, you become oblivious to the retail market and their shenanigans.

      Battlefield 3 says Hi.

      It seems the non-games specialist stores need to be thwacked by Distributors. Their staff need to be informed that these games have dates that need to be adhered too.

      EB and GAME only seem to break when other outlets do. Which is fair enough, they dont want to lose sales for the sake of sticking out a couple more hours.

      Now lets see if ACR and SR3 break on Monday...because I wants :D

        Why the street date is largely irrelevant it doesn't really cost any store money unless they adhere to the release date after a release break.

        Games been available to pirates for a couple of days now. The only reason street dates exist is to allow everyone an equal chance at getting sales and when companies want to aim for a first week/day sales record(or a decent number for shareholders) having it release late the day before the sales week starts means they lose precious copies of there sales total


        But hey, shows how much of a damn retailers really give about the marketing and hype. All about the dollars!

    shocking :O

    Sucks for Steam users like me as well...unlock wont happen till 12 tonight while others are enjoying tonight! What can be done bout this? Seems like its getting pretty silly.

      Retail are Steam locked too.

      I'm laughing. I really am.

        It's bullshit. I bought the product and they won't let me use it :(

        Can't help but feel something like that should be brought to the ACCC

          Jesus Christ are you serious? It's ONE day. Less than that, it's like what, five hours now? Calm down. Take your ADD medicine. Think about rainbows or something

          "I bought the product but they won't let me use it"

          So, if I prepurchase a game on Steam, and it comes out in a few days and has already downloaded, it's bullshit if I can't play it prior to the release date? Shut up. Just because machines aren't capable of being faggots, breaking dates and RUINING Australia's retail credibility for video game releases doesn't make it bullshit. Grow up.

            ruining? what the heck are you talking about. breaking release date in no way hurts anyone, except old mate above who can't wait a few hours for steam to kick in.

    PC version is steamworks, so that's likely to be locked out until midnight anyway. But at least you won't have to download it and still get the midnight play if that's what you really want.

    I have to work tomorrow, so won't get to play until Friday night, but I can wait that long (as long as I ignore the internet tomorrow ;) )

    just called gamesmen in wollongong, and they said they arn't breaking, and that the local EB/Game haven't broken the date either... =?

    Just picked my copy up from Game Maroochydore after checking their Twitter feed. The lady there wasn't exactly in the best mood upon checking it ;) the other clerks started cheering and dancing bahahhahah

    I *knew* I should have gone out today rather than wait until tomorrow.. buggerbuggerbugger.. lol


    Off to the shops and then home for a nice long (sky)rim job!

    You can buy the game..but you can't read the reviews yet..

    down under..

    they should call us back to front..

    am i right? i right?..*crickets*

      lol that made me laugh, almost made me forget about my preorder arriving later now

    so when can expect user 'choc's' rant about how this is bad for the industry?

      if only you knew buddy, if only you knew what this means. 90% of games have broken this year. I can tell you that many publishers are having serious meetings recently about the problem.

        yeah they got the IGEA involved....Big deal

          2012 things will change. YOu will see. Expect not being able to walk in at 9am on release and buy something to be the norm. Just like USA

            They better keep their hands off my beloved Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite release dates. ;)

            looking forward to reading your your essay choc; clearly this is a bigger embargo breach than the Battlefield 3 debacle as it seems to have been a 'calculated' retailer breach (eg 3pm-sell).....

              I'm with Choc on this one, publishers are going to do something about this and it is likely to lead to lack of stock.
              From a retailer perspective any form launch, campaign or event will not happen.

              Just think of what the reaction would be from Fox studios if village started breaking the street date on a new release movie. The industries are about the same size, so consider the response to be similar.

                The solution is pretty simple - just distribute to the dept stores (Target, Kmart etc al) a week after the boutiques - that way there's no opportunity for those chains to muck around with the dates

            Just wait five years when everything is digital and retail are screwed anyway.

            I really don't see why publishers have to be nazis to Australia. Marking up our games by 50% for no reason at all (they decline to explain why time and time again) is bad enough and now they want to punish us just because we get a game some 12 hours early?

            And better yet, why do publishers make a huge deal over this? They had no right at all to make a big deal over the Zelda OoT 3DS break because Gametraders didn't have an agreement with Nintendo. As for Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, the street dates were broken within 12 hours of the official release. Its not like they're losing sales over a street date being broken less than 12 hours before release.

            "o no shop x is selin our gam 10 hrs early ): ):
            we'll lose milions ): ):
            brb filin 4 bankrupcy :'("

              in fact they lose no money, because the publishers already have their money. only people losing money are the stores themselves, by sitting on stick they can't sell.

    11/11/11 is such a Badass date though. Should've kept it out of respect!

      I'm sad.
      Release was my birthday.
      Now its not.

      Forever Alone...

    We need bookies now to take bets and gather odds on when/if they'll break street date.

    Just spoke to EB Games in Glen Waverley. They are selling skyrim. Time to pick up my collector's edition!.

    I just picked up 2 copies for EB Hobart!

    Just called Jb Hi fi frankston and told them about this. The guy was hesitant but said if I gave him an hour to sort out their stock, they will be selling it today too. If you pre ordered from jb, give them a call and ask them because they will most likely concede! :D

    *squeal* Hell yeah! Bout to race out the door to go pick up this bad boy


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:44 pm

      I just got it from EB, they price matched Big W price, didn't even check to see if I was lying.

        yeah i tried price matching it with big w at my local EB. He wouldn't do cos big w arent selling it yet. I hate my EB and is there anyone that can afford to pay $109.95 for a game

          I used a vpn and bought it form the UK Steam for $53. Significant drop in price.

    Called Game Warringah Mall, guy told me they weren't selling, this is what happens when I take too long and don't preorder at JB.

    God damn Steam lock!

      yea i got mine and was hit with that too meanwhile the consol peasants are happily playing thier inferior versions enjoying the muddy textures

        Dry your eyes mate.

          i know im just a butthurt PC gamer like a jilted ex after ive seen my former partner with a new guy

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