The Sounds Of The Show Come From The Minor Leagues

The Sounds Of The Show Come From The Minor Leagues

When Sony San Diego Studio needs to build a new major league ballpark for MLB The Show, they go to that ballpark, take hundreds of measurements and images, and spend about four months constructing it in the game. When they need new sounds you hear at that ballpark, they go to a minor league field.

In search of “quality-sounding hits” and “thwacky, meaty catches,” the San Diego team headed to Lake Elsinore (in neighbouring Riverside County, Calif.) to get new action audio, meaning hits, catches, slides and the like. Ambience was taken care of a while back, at the same stadium on a sold-out night.

This time, the team wanted professional players involved with the audio grabs, for greater authenticity on a clean hit, or extra velocity behind a fastball. The game has taken a great deal of pride in the accuracy of its gameplay and simulation, but has needed a coat of polish in some presentational aspects lately. If they’re punching up the game audio, I hope they’re giving some attention to the booth commentary and broadcast presentation, too.

MLB 12 The Show arrives March 6; Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox is the cover star.

‘MLB 12 The Show’ video game to feature sounds of the Storm [Southwest Riverside News Network]

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