The Titanic Rendered In CryEngine 3 Like One Of Your French Girls

The Titanic Rendered In CryEngine 3 Like One Of Your French Girls

This looks quite incredible, a complete rendering of the Titanic using CryEngine 3. The attention to detail is incredible, all it needs is a skinny Di Caprio drawing Kate Winslett like one of his French girls…

It’s a great advertisement for what CryEngine 3 is capable of, and another reason why I’ll probably be beefing up me PC pretty soon.

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  • This makes me want to play that old adventure game ‘Titanic: Adventure Out of Time’ — a game with amazing atmosphere.

    • Ha! I remember that one. the moonlight sonata music playing at the intro was a cool almost creepy intro to the game. I never did finish it though 🙁

    • I loved that game, and also Dust: A Tale Of The Wired West. Imagine Titanic:AOT remade with the CryEngine, awesome. Shame it’ll never happen though. 🙁

    • I was thinking a Heavy Rain style adventure… maybe with L.A. Noire interrogations and Uncharted-like action set pieces. 😀

      • The gameplay should clearly be centred around the iceberg and the boat sinking. In real time too. Hard mode could have you starting as one of the poor passengers in the lower hold. Easy mode, you’re a rich white guy who kicks poor kids out of the life raft. Educational and entertaining!

      • I think having it as an RPG would be pretty cool. Just going around and meeting the guests, hearing their stories, maybe helping with a task here and there and forming relationships with the different characters.

        There could be a timelimit to the game and when it reaches the end the ship hits the iceberg and sinks. You’d then have to try and escape onto a life raft before you die. You’d also be able to try and rescue other people who are on the ship.

        It would be the sort of game you’d have to play through multiple times because there would be so many characters and stories you’d never be able to do it all on one character before the ship sinks. Everyplay through would be different depending on which characters you get to know and the game would have many multiple endings depending on whether you escape and who else escapes.

    • Or like a 3D 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors! That would be awesome (though not really anything to do with the typical Titanic story other than both being on a sinking ship :P)

  • The new engine is amazing but still jerky in places, no doubt this will be ironed out as they continue to work on the engine. The lighting looks like it still needs work as well, I’m not sure but it looks like it does.

  • So you spend the first half of the game stalking unwary passengers and throwing them through doors…

    and then Aliens show up and it just sort of fizzles out.


  • I kept waiting for the punchline – either soldiers to come out of the woodwork, or water to come rushing in. >_>

    Looks amazing though. I really need to save for a new PC.

  • Leo and a naked Kate mixed in such a gorgeously rendered environment?

    Reminds me of a quote by Jack Benny: “Give me the fresh air, a beautiful partner, and a nice round of golf, and you can keep the fresh air and the round of golf.”

  • I loved the part where the player walks into a room with a mirror in it, then quickly ducks out of the mirror so we don’t see the…Crysis guy (sorry I don’t know what he’s called!), as if that hulking shadow doesn’t already give that way =P

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