The Unsung Hero Of Skyrim: Super Horse

Where would the Dragonborn be without his or her faithful steed, carrying them up the steepest mountains, under the deepest lakes, and disappearing into thin air on a whim? Super Horse, we love you.

It's good to see our four-legged friend finally get his due. My own 1000 gold piece Skyrim horse lasted all of 15 minutes before I accidentally set him on fire, so I never got to get to really know him. Maybe he would have been super too.


    *Minor Skyrim Spoiler*
    Shadowmare is the best horse in the game. He fights for you, he looks cool and best of all, he's free!

      Mare... He's a she.

        Never lifted the tail to check. I think Shadowstallion sounds lame. So as far as i'm concerned, it's a he.

          Mare means its a she.
          Stallion means its a he.

          It's called Shadowmare, so that means its a she.

            Lucian also referred to her as a her if I recall. I just bought a new horse. My first one was killed in the mages plot-line. Anyhoo I got it from the stables near Solitude. Every time I get off the stupid thing it starts walking in going back home to it's stable. I miss Mr Spanky, he was a good horse.

    i have frost at the moment, I think my original horse is still at the manor I stole frost from.

    But yea Horses are super, they can climb mountains, fly, swim across frozen water and fast moving river, can kill wolves, kill bears, kill people, and kill dragons as well. During my glitch fest that is the battle of white run, fly 20 meters into the air and stay there.

    I was walking up a mountain trail when I noticed a horse just sitting there and a dead dude beside it. Hopped on the horse and the first thing I did was scale the mountain side at a near 90-degree inclination. Tried to get back down and we both died in the process. About, 2 minutes all up I think?

    Actually saw more bodies up the road too with some Wanderer dude just standing over them. Not sure what happened haha.

    Ah, poor Allie. We travelled all of Skyrim together. We faced wolves, bandits, bears, vampires and dragons together, but she was finally brought down by a bunch of ragged foresworn. RIP, Allie, RIP. She will be missed.

    I was able to find Bad Horse the Thoroughbred of Sin roaming the planes south of Winterhold. He is now my trusted accomplice in all things horrible.

    P.S. Don't question my statement I am smarter than all ye simpletons, I have a PhD in Horribleness.

    If only you could attack things while on your horse, or at least trample's a pain in the ass having to dismount any time I want to fight some random wolf or something.

    My horse runs away after every fight, every single one, leaving me to walk the rest of the way.

    He is not a total pussy though, he always attacks the enemy before legging it.

    I have played 32 hours of Skyrim and I just realised I have never ridden a horse.

    The only unowned horse I've encountered fell out of the sky almost right on top of me and died on impact. I have no idea where it came from. Maybe a dragon flew by and lost its meal or something. >.>

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