The Vita Is Beautiful. The Vita's Case Is Not.

The PlayStation Vita is a lovely-looking machine. It's case looks like something my eye doctor would give away to keep my eyeglasses in. Which means it looks durable and not-so-pretty. Take a look yourself in this image that popped up on the PlayStation Blog as part of the promotion for the week-early $US299 Vita bundles that will be available in North America on February 15.

Those bundles include this case. For the record, I always used to soft case that shipped with the original PSP to house that system. It was like a mitten for that thing. I loved it.


    I think the biggest reason for such a case would be the two analog sticks. The old snug PSP slip on case wouldn't work so well.

    Post articles at the right times ;)

    That's why I like the DS, having a fold over cover..

    any word on the pack being availble here btw?

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