Theft Won't Set Back Release Of Hybrid Gaming Laptop

The theft earlier this month of two of Razer's prototype Razer Blade gaming laptops shouldn't impact the expected release of the device, the company tells Kotaku.

Razer discovered the theft of the Razer Blade prototypes mid morning on Saturday, November 5, after an alarm went off at the company, Heathcliff Hatcher, Razer's director of global product marketing, said.

Someone had managed to get into the lobby of the building that houses Razer's research and development offices Saturday morning, Hatcher said. The thieve or thieves then pried open the door to the office and methodically picked through the desks picking up two of the prototypes from different parts of the office as well as a laptop and digital camera. The rest of the computers and electronic equipment in the office, where roughly 30 people work, were untouched.

One of the prototypes was undergoing a weekend-long thermal test, Hatcher said. The thief disconnected the prototype from the tracking equipment before stealing it.

The chief reason that Razer decided to make the theft public was because the company is hoping to recover not just the devices, but that testing data. The prototypes are not fully functional, he added.

While police are looking into the break-in and theft, they don't yet have any suspects. Hatcher said that police were waiting to look into the log that tracks the security cards used over the weekend to gain entrance to the building's lobby. Whoever broke into Razer did so without needing to break into the lobby, he said.

The company is hoping that someone will spot the Razer Blade at a coffee shop or bar. Its long, thin form-factor and glowing green, snake logo should be easy to spot, he said.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact the company at [email protected]


    some hardcore techo lovers would go all the way to get there hands on what is a pretty sexy machine. Too bad its 2500 dollars.

    For some reason I have trouble believing stories like this these days. Sure it may have actually been stolen but really it wouldn't be the first time something near release has been "stolen". Especially when the media release by the director of global product marketing gives a perky description of the laptop.

    "The thieve or thieves then pried open the door to the office and methodically picked through the desks picking up two of the prototypes from different parts of the office as well as a laptop and digital camera."

    Thieve is the verb that describes the act of stealing.
    A thief is a noun that describes someone who steals..
    Thieves is the plural of thief.

    C'mon Kotaku, simple mistakes like that are even picked up by Microsoft Word!

      Grammar Nazi

      - Someone who believes it's their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe.

        this guy is a journalist, writing a professional article. its his job, he can at least do it right!
        its not a comment or a post on a forum. so i dont think the whole 'grammar nazi' thing really applies.

          It's like every post I click on has someone correcting the Journo's.... or whinging that it's some US article that hasn't been regionalised to AU.

          Unfortunately I agree with you though, it is pretty shit. They should be checking all this stuff, but at the same time.... just so sick of seeing people point out every minuscule error.

        Fair enough. But on the other hand, I hate reading articles that have simple mistakes in them. i'd rather be proactive in pointing out mistakes and getting them corrected than just letting them slide. As Spizzaza pointed out, this is a professional website; it derives revenue from the content that is published.

        As you were advised in the article, "...Heathcliff Hatcher, Razer’s director of global product marketing, said."

        One can only assume that Brian is quoting someone.

        If anything, it's a total lack of correct punctuation, but no less heinous a crime.

      Defs a Grammar Nazi. No point correcting someone when you know exactly what they meant. I'm sure you have never made a mistake when slightly tired or during the rush to finish an assignment.

        Probably not the best analogy to use since poor grammar and incorrect spelling in an assignment will get you marks deducted.

    pity this thing is so expensive it looks really good and by really good i mean it looks likes a black mac pro but without OSX.

    Maybe they should look in the same bar that Apple keeps losing iPhone prototypes in.

    Jokes aside, the fact that the person seems to have had card access and that they seemed to know exactly what to take smells a little of corporate espionage.

    Surely the real thieves here are Razor for trying to pass off a 17" laptop with only a GT 555M at $2500 as 'The only true gaming laptop'...

    For that price I can get a Metabox P170HM with a GT 580M that would annihilate this overpriced piece of garbage. Good to see more brands taking leaves out of Apple's playbook ;)

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