There Are 3 Game Of Thrones Games Coming

One game based on George RR Martin's Song of Fire & Ice series of fantasy novels was released this year. It was a PC strategy title, and it was a bit rubbish. Next year, though, there will be three more games.

We knew about one of them. It's an RPG that's based on the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones, which will feature clips from the show and will be published by Atlus. It's due for release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This is one that I'm very excited for.

The other two, not so much! One is a browser-based MMO developed by Bigpoint, the people behind the Battlestar Galactica online game, while the other is a "social networking game". Which USA Today described as "FarmVille comes to Westeros".

Back to the RPG, and quickly before we all lose interest, George RR Martin is actually mildly involved in the project, helping craft things like some of its characters, including "a member of the Night's Watch on the frozen Wall and a Red priest".

Speaking of the Night's Watch, click the video up top for some badassery from The Sword, rocking one out to the guardians of the wall like it was nobody's business.

Coming soon: The video games of 'Thrones' [USA Today]


    Littlefinger is the name of my punk band

    I have low expectations for all of those titles... However that track by The Sword is one of my absolute favourite :D

    I just clicked this link to listen to The Sword hahaha

    Cha-ching! That's the money train pulling into the station.

    The Sword!!! Metal!!

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