There Are More Copies Of Angry Birds Than There Are Humans In The United States

Most games are happy selling 1-2 million copies. For mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds, 1-2 million is but a grain of sand upon its beach of money.

The game's creator, Rovio, announced yesterday that Angry Birds has sold half a billion copies. Sure, it's cheap, but still. Moving 500,000,000 copies of a game is one hell of an achievement, regardless of the cost.

Angry Birds usually costs around $US1, and is available on platforms as diverse as mobile, PC, Mac, and PlayStation 3. It involves birds and...ah, who am I kidding, you've all played it by now.


    Damn that is impressive

      Were you talking about the half a bil or Neo-Kaiser's lack of having played the game at all yet :P

    Considering the app doubles up on devices this doesn't surprise me

      Yeah that's what I thought as well. Most people I know have all 3 versions of Angry Birds on their phones.

      Still, half a billion is mighty impressive.

    Ugh, its not even that good.

    Probably the most overrated game of all time.

      exactly, got the demo for my phone played for 10 mins went straight back to PVZ. Very dull with broken physics

    I wonder if "sold" includes chrome apps etc? Still impressive and I'm one of 500 mil

    I have it myself and was quite addicted to it for a while but then sort of got stuck and never really bothered again. Doesn't really hold a candle to the Kairosoft or Half Brick games either way. ;)

    Along with this overrated boring game, comes the overrated word of "addictive" in every second "review" on iOS App Store or Android Market. Playing a game for an hour, or as people seem to openly say "in the bathroom" is not addiction. Playing an RPG to the point where you pass out from lack of water or food is addiction.

    I feel awful for the developers of 'Crush the Castle'. >_<
    And I feel the same way about Sauerbraten and Minecraft :/

    Is that copies sold or downloaded?

      I know it says sold but really? Half a billion...SOLD?

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