There Will Soon Be Two Hitman Games In Development

A new Hitman game will begin development next year in Montreal, according to the game's publisher, Square-Enix Eidos. The game will be made by a new studio opening in 2012 called Square-Enix Montreal, a sister to Square-Enix Eidos, makers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The new Hitman shouldn't be confused with Hitman Absolution, which is in development by series creators Io Interactive in Copenhagen.


    I hope this doesn't mean we'll be getting a Hitman game every year soon... but it feels like they're setting this new one up to come out probably the year after IO releases theirs...

    hmmm... this is worrying, if the first one completely bombs, there isn't much hope for the second then.

    Very much hoping that it doesn't though and the game is secretly Blood Money 2! :)

    I hope this does mean we'll be geting a Hitman game every year. It's way too long between cyanide laced drinks for this series.

      Why so they can drive it into the ground like call of duty and assassins creed?I don't know about you but I've got franchise fatquige.I think no more than a game every 2 years is more than enough.

    The thing is when you think about how much innovation there is between the Hitman games compared to say Assassin's Creed --- which has come out every year --- I think this might be the only series I'm ok with annualising. Story is half the game in Assassin's Creed, whereas Hitman has a decent and effective story presence but is mostly all about the awesome situations they put you in and the targets you must find your way to. The point is, it's much more of a gamey-game than something like an AC.

    It's also one of those games where "adding a few maps and few changes" actually works in favour of the franchise, because the maps are huge and are sprawling with different outcomes and possibilities, compared to other games which evoke more of a 'been there, done that' reaction.

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