These Hand-Made Video Game Statues Are Works Of Art

Slovenian toy builder Samo Kramberger has a gift. He sees a video game he likes, he takes some clay and recreates the characters, down to the finest detail. And his work is incredible.

Using absolutely nothing but wire, clay and paint, Kramberger has built a range of statues that would be the envy of companies that have machines and full-time artists doing this kind of work for them.

Some of the games he's based statues on include Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Island and Heavenly Sword, while there's also some Star Wars and horror movie stuff in there for kicks.

123samo [DeviantArt, via Insanely Gaming]


    Oh man, the money I would pay for the fallout ones...

    These are so amazing I feel like kidnapping him and forcing him to create for me forever.

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